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Happy Thanksgiving + Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all of you are having a great day with the people you love the most. So far, we've made a late breakfast, watched the parade, and napped. Solid turkey day if I do say so myself. We'll be heading to my grandparents' to eat pretty soon, but I have a few minutes to pop in and share how my little "work out in the morning" experiment has been going. Tuesday morning I ran 2.5 miles and Wednesday I did some squats. I thought about getting up this morning to work out, but my … [Read More...]

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Weekend Recap + Morning Workouts

Yet another Monday is in the books, y’all. Last night, I decided that I would get up this morning and work out. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to fit a run in, so I’m going to have to start making that happen right when I get up. Unfortunately, my first early morning […]

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Can We Make Saturday Favorites a Thing?

Did yesterday even happen? Friday flew by for me, y’all. I had every intention of actually accomplishing something after work, but we went to dinner and watched dumb tv shows instead. I feel like that’s my excuse most nights. We should probably cancel cable again, because I should not care about the things I’m watching. […]

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Thursday Thoughts + Vegetarian Thanksgiving Ideas

The “Vegetarian Thanksgiving” portion of this post is sponsored by 1.) We finally moved the treadmill into the garage, so I have no excuse not to work out in the early mornings or late evenings now. I’m sure if I think really, really hard I can come up with something though. I have faith […]

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Beginner Resistance Band Workout

I didn’t get a chance to check in last night, because I was busy screaming over multiple country singers like a thirteen-year-old. When it comes to celebrities, I’ll never grow up. I went to the Guitar Pull with my friend Aubrie, stayed out past my bed time, wore heels for the first time in forever, and […]