Favorite Family Dinners: One Pot Wonders

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I really cannot move on to any other topics before I share what might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I realize that I might be partial since it’s my child, but is this not the best school picture you’ve ever seen? I’m pretty sure (fine, absolutely sure) that all of mine were terrible.

school picture

Anyway, while we’re on the topic of school, I just wanted to remind you all again that it’s coming up so freaking soon. I mean, I blinked and summer was over. The hardest part about going back to work each school year, in my opinion, is trying to keep on top of things at home. Between yard work and household chores, we get off track pretty easily around here. Add in meal planning and dinner making, and you’ve lost me completely. Plus, I just hate washing dishes.

Luckily, quick meals with few pots to wash do exist. And they are lifesaving, y’all. I compiled a list of meals I love and meals I want to try soon in the hopes that I will remember to use them on busy nights. Hope you find something you can use, too!

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I really, really want to try the broccoli quinoa casserole first. Might need to add that one to next week’s rotation if I get around to meal planning before then. See? I’m already screwing up and I haven’t even gone back to work. Ridiculous. What makes it even worse is that I’ve been sitting around for four hours staring at a blank screen and waiting on a DIRECTV installation appointment.


They never showed, so I twiddled my thumbs all morning for nothing. Totally should have been working on something, huh? I better go get M from school now, because they said they’ll be here this afternoon. I didn’t really miss having TV for the past three years, but I’m still a little excited about getting it back. Ryne decided that we couldn’t survive another season without college football, but I’m sure I’ll also find a ton of other stuff to mindlessly watch. I better clear my schedule for the next month or so, which I guess means I’ll certainly be needing some quick meals after all. I mean, TELEVISION. I don’t even know what to do about it.

medicine ball workout

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