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Focusing on Health + Filling in the Gaps

Can you guys believe January is almost over? I'm still reading a lot of "New Year's Resolutions" posts, and I hope y'all keep them coming. It's always so motivational to see people making big plans and then tackling them over the course of the year. While I haven't set any real measurable goals for 2015, I do want to make sure that I focus on a few things. Like I mentioned the other day, I want to treat myself well and worry less about things that don't matter. One thing that definitely matters … [Read More...]

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Weekend Recap: My Favorite Exercise is Lunch

Monday kind of got away from me, y’all. It’s not Tuesday night and I’m just getting around to posting about the weekend. We’ve had a solid chunk of relaxing, lazy weekends and I’m happy to report that I’m not tired of them yet. In honor of my lazy weekend, I’m going to do some lazy […]


Life is Not a Series of Workouts

I’ve been meaning to get on here and talk about the fact that I’m back to skipping workouts and eating like a drunk college student. I cannot get it together, y’all. I’ll get on a decent kick for a few days and then, bam, something knocks me off-kilter. The most recent event was my household […]

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Who is Your Celebrity Style Icon?

Am I the only one who had a hard time staying up to finish the Golden Globes? I think I crashed about 30 minutes before it actually ended, but it’s all good. I was still able to see what everyone was wearing. Isn’t that the point, really? I also got to witness¬†George Clooney’s painfully boring […]

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Favorites + Healthy Smoothies that Actually Taste Good

The “Healthy Smoothies” portion of this post is sponsored by Foodie.com. Happy Weekend! I totally forgot to post my Friday Favorites yesterday, and I’m bummed because Saturday favorites just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Without further ado, here’s the stuff I’m digging right now. Smashbox CC Creme My skin has been on the […]