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Lately, I’ve Been…

I totally stole this survey from someone that I can't remember, and I probably did it forever ago. I don't know why I fill these out, because my answers are never as good as the responses of the people I take these daggum things from. Oh, well. It's too late to turn back now. I'm also going to use Instagram images to illustrate my points, because finding actual pictures sounds hard. Lately I’ve been… Making: anything with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. I would even consider dipping cookies in … [Read More...]

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One Year Older and None The Wiser

Hey guys! I turned twenty-seven yesterday, but I’m still 100% more likely to act like a child than an adult. I feel like other bloggers typically share “27 things I learned in my 27th year” type posts around their birthdays. That’s not my thing. Mainly because I wouldn’t be able to think of anything. I still make […]


Running Update + Rockin’ Refuel Atlanta Warrior Dash

Update: Congrats to TRISH & JENN for winning the entries. Good luck at the race! Look, y’all, I still exist! But, seriously, it’s been a little while since I last checked in. The biggest thing I’ve learned from taking time off from blogging is that I am putting slightly more effort into other areas of my […]

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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I’m still not ready to post regularly again, but I thought it would be fun to check in really quickly. I swear I have actually done some stuff other than embarrassing myself on a daily basis. I guess I just want to prove that, y’all. Indulge me? Family My toddler is now a full-on kid, and I don’t […]

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Day in the Life: Two in a Row

Fridaaaay! This week has been a freaking doozy, y’all. Not bad, per se. Just unusual. I originally wanted to share a fun “day in the life” type post this week, because I haven’t done one since I changed jobs. Then all hell broke loose and I had two days that were unlike any typical day. I’m actually starting […]