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Jinxed + Disney in July

Well, I did it. I jinxed myself. After basically bragging about how good I felt the week before last, I spent the majority of last week trying not to die. While I am certainly being dramatic, it definitely wasn't any fun. I've made a few more tweaks to my diet (hello, baked potatoes and ginger chews), which seems to be helping a little. Luckily, I felt pretty daggum good the whole time we were in Disney. That would have royally sucked, so I appreciate the pregnancy gods for looking out for me on … [Read More...]

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Second Pregnancy: Week 12

Hi from Disney World! We got in really late last night, but this morning we accomplished riding every “important” ride for a three-year-old. We rock for that. But today isn’t just a regular old vacation day; it’s also the 12 week mark for this second little person we’re growing. I guess we have a lot more […]

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Making the #ParentLife a Little Bit Easier

This post is brought to you by the Publix Baby Club. All opinions are my own. I think the one thing all parents can agree on is that parenting isn’t always easy. In fact, some days it can be a pretty freaking daunting task. When Maddux was first born, I remember being blown away by how […]


Key West + Ponte Vedra: The Longest Trip of My Life

Happy Friday! It’s been a week since our vacation, but I randomly felt like recapping it today. It seemed like such a long trip, but I don’t mean that in a negative sense. It definitely didn’t drag on, but it was for sure the longest we’ve been gone with Maddux. We got lucky with a great […]

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The Impossibly Good Life + Lying to Your Child

The following post is sponsored by Skinny Cow®. I’ve already shared that I like to take time for myself every so often, but here’s another secret: I don’t always have to be alone. Sometimes the most relaxing moments of my day are the ones when I’m hanging out with the fam. The only struggle with that is […]