Happy Fourth!

Hey y’all! I didn’t get around to posting yesterday because I was busy trying to entertain Maddux. Rainy days really are rough. We played in the water table again because our walk got cut short, but I’m quickly running out of good ideas for entertainment. Moms, please help me out with this one!


After Ryne got home from work, we ate dinner and I headed off to hot yoga with Logan. (<-Still overly excited she started a blog.) I struggled to hold a few poses. I think my hamstrings and quads were tight from barre the night before. Certain poses had me wanting to curl up in the fetal position. It wasn’t pretty. I will get a little more flexible, right? If the answer is no, just don’t answer. :)

After yoga, we got down to business. We ate some pizza (AKA dinner numero dos) and made Fourth of July Jell-O shots because we’re still college students at heart. They’re supposed to be layered.

jello shots

They’ll probably just be total mush, but whatever. It’s the thought that counts. Themed drinks are just as fun as themed foods, ya know?

Speaking of following themes, if you’re going to work out, why not try this Salute your Glutes Circuit? I created it for a guest post for Kasey at Well of Health, and it would be a great boost of confidence before jumping into your red, white, and blue. ;)

salute your glutes circuit

Anyway, we’re heading too the lake right now to celebrate. I hope you guys have a great Fourth of July! Thank you to all that serve our country. Whatever you do today, be safe and be thankful. Oh, and if you have a chance, head on over to my last post to share your favorite ways to work out. It’s been so interesting reading what y’all have to say so far.

I know this was the most random post ever, but I’m trying to rush out the door! See y’all soon! :)