Run Pretty is a place for me to share all the little details of my life. I blog about my adventures in fitness, family life, food, and other fun things. (The teacher in me clearly loves alliteration.)

Run Pretty?

Why “Run Pretty”? Well, my first year of teaching, I had the pleasure of helping coach our school running club. One decidedly hot day, I decided to “race” the boys around the track. After I whooped their tails, one of the boys laughed and said “You don’t run pretty!” Ouch. I should have fired back, “IT’S RUN PRETTILY!”, but I wasn’t on my A-game.

I bet I smelled pretty, too.

Then I got to thinking about it… he was right. Sweating. Snotting. Chafing. The list goes on. Running is not the most attractive thing in the world. Especially when you consider I have all the eloquence of a baby deer. But when I run, I feel pretty. I’m alive, my legs are (somewhat) working, and I am having fun. And, in my opinion, nothing is prettier than a huge (albeit dorky) smile. So I’m gonna run on & run pretty!


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      We aren’t exactly sure what he is… The shelter said his mother was a Griffon Vendeen, but I don’t see that! I guess we’ll see what he ends up looking like!

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    Found your blog today. I’m trying to get out of my head enough to learn to run. I can’t even do more than 1/2 mile at a jog yet. However, your blog is inspiring even if you are 20 years younger than I am! =) And financial advice? Compound interest, baby. Sock it away now..save, save,save. That is what I would tell my 23 year old self. Good luck to you!

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      Thank you for the advice! We are trying to build our “safety net”… but it’s so hard. I swear every month there is something that eats away at our paychecks! And I wish you could have seem me try to run in the beginning. It was awful! You’d feel a lot better about your skills, I promise.

    • Presley says

      Thank you! Can I just say that “beanie bumbles” is probably my favorite blog name in the world… How cute!

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    Hi! I just discovered your blog! We have so much in common: running, teaching, early twenty-somethings. I am not married or pregnant yet though! Congrats on the baby…so exciting!! I am officially following you too :)

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    I so wanted to dislike you when I saw your one month post partum picture. I destroyed all evidence of me post partum until about 6-10 weeks. Even then, I cringed. You think posing solo is weird, try trying to suck in 10 months of guilt free eating! yikes! Your blog and you are great. Thanks! I’m glad I found you through HTP! You look amazing and your posts are so engaging and sweet. And I kind of want to borrow your highlights look and I have an appointment tomorrow, would that be OK?

    • Presley says

      I bet you looked just fine! I’m wearing THE tightest tank top ever haha I think it holds me together. I wish I had a hair appointment! I need to schedule one ASAP!

  4. Reese Runs says

    I love your blog name! I know how you feel because I always feel so great after a run, until I get in the house and my boyfriend tells me to stay away and not touch him haha.

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    Hey there Presley. Not exactly sure how I got here; I was blog-tripping through the health and fitness blogosphere and ended up on your page. No matter, I just wanted to drop a note and say I’ve read a few of your blog posts and you’re hilarious. I’ll definitely be adding you to my follow lists – even though I DESPISE running! =)
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