I Actually Ran + A Bit About The Blogger Survey

I feel like I’ve let running fall to the wayside lately. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to run or anything. I just haven’t had the time to get a really good run in, you know? Tonight I decided it was time to end this madness. I waited until Maddux went to bed and then I headed straight up to the gym. I’m kind of over running on the treadmill but knowing I was just running some sprints helped me get up the courage to hop on.


I ended up running 3 miles, which included a warm up, sprints at 10 mph, jogs at 6mph, and a cool down.


I’m hoping to really amp up my miles in the coming months. Slow and steadily, of course. Since I have a few races on the horizon now, I know it’s time to buckle down and take it more seriously again. I can’t wait to tell more about the races I have coming up, but I really want to finalize the plans before I go blabbing about something that could potentially fall through. That would be my luck.

Since I can’t ramble on about that, how about a survey? I know. So middle school of me. I just love them and I’ll probably never resist the urge to fill one out. Because I know that deep down you guys want to know every little thing about me. Kidding. I know you don’t, but I’m still going to fill this out pretending that you do. Humor me, folks.

I saw this particular survey on Julie’s blog recently and decided tonight was as good a time as any to fill your brain with pointless facts about yours truly. The questions are so random, which means I obviously love them.


A Bit About The Blogger Survey

  • What was your go-to food or snack as a child?

I’m going to have to recreate my dream meal as a kid: under-microwaved Bagel Bites, Potato Sticks with thirty packets of ketchup, a big ice-cold sweet tea, and vanilla Dunkaroos for dessert. It didn’t get much better when I a teenager, either. Hand me a Cosmic Brownie and a Fruitopia and I was set. I was obviously very health-conscious growing up.

  • What got you interested in health/fitness?

Originally I wanted to be more like my then boyfriend (now husband). He could walk up a flight of stairs without passing out, pick up heavy stuff and move it around, and look good in a bathing suit. I pretty much wanted to not be embarrassing. Now I’m more interested in the right way to be “healthy”, because I certainly did it wrong in the beginning. Lesson learned.

  • You’re stuck on an island for a month and can only eat three foods. What would they be?

Easy. I’d eat pizza covered in cheese and every vegetable ever grown, French Toast with gallons of real maple syrup, and fresh-cut mixed fruit. Who am I kidding? I don’t need to be on an island to only eat those things. That’s pretty much what I already eat any given week.

  • Favorite and least favorite body part to train?

I go back and forth on this all the time, but right now I’m loving hamstring workouts. So random. My least favorite thing to train is definitely my back. I know it’s important, but bent over rows bore me to death. I wish we had the funds to grab a rowing machine, because I love those darn things.

  • Favorite and least favorite health or fitness fads?

I’d have to say that my favorite thing is definitely the idea that every little bit counts. I love articles that break down all the little ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday life. My least favorite fads are all the new ways to eat. People are getting so focused on the “rules” of gluten-free, Paleo, or dairy-free, that they are totally forgetting the why. Half the time I feel like people can’t really explain why they are eating the way they are, other than repeating some things they’ve “heard”. Seems silly to me. I’m not going to stress over rules and restrictions for the sake of giving my way of eating a name.

  • What is the hardest workout you have ever done?

I’ve tried a ton of classes, but the thing that never fails to make me hate my life is spinning. I don’t know what it is about that class, but it kills me. I think the mechanics of riding a bike just throw me off. That could be because I haven’t ridden a real bike since my was stolen as a kid. Yep, I’m blaming the thieves for my inability to complete a spin class. Don’t let this pose fool you. I probably cried like a baby.

spin class

  • What is the first movie that made you cry?

I can’t remember the first movie to make me cry, but I vividly remember what novel did. Where the Red Fern Grows made my elementary-school self sob hysterically. I’m a sucker for an animal story. So, honestly, the first movie that made me cry was probably something like The Fox and the Hound.

  • Your #1 pet peeve?

Sounds. OMG, sounds. Smacking gum, tapping pens, or any other repetitive sounds send me into a blind rage. I really wish I could control it better, but I swear I’ve tried everything. While we were watching Frozen the other day, I almost got into a brawl with the guy next to me because of his noisy popcorn eating. That would have been one for the baby memory book, huh?

  • Your dream job?

I really love my job. I get to work with hilarious kids who think I know everything. I try to explain it to people, but I really don’t think they get it. Basically, in my classroom, they make me feel like a movie star. However, I really would love to be an actual movie star. Acting is probably something I could never do, but it’s so interesting to me to see people change their entire personality at the drop of a hat. I do get my hair done at my job, so there’s that.


  • Hairy arms or hairy legs?

Does this mean like extra hairy or just regular hairy? Because, I mean, I have hair on my arms all the time and hair on my legs some of the time (and I’m not going to admit to just how often…). If we’re talking, like, where would I rather have a surplus of hair then I’ll choose legs since I get rid of that anyway. This is a weird question.

Your turn! Pick a question or three, and fill me in. Seriously, though, how would you answer the hair question?


    • Presley says

      OBVIOUSLY. I’ve seen them at our Walmart occasionally. I need to just buy them. Dunkaroo giveaway on the blog? ;)

  1. says

    Great questions – your responses make me laugh (and relate!). My three picks:
    1) Hairy arms or hairy legs (because you requested a response to this): Hairy arms, because I already have em’ , the hair gets really light during the summer, and you can’t even tell there is hair.
    2) The first movie that made me cry was Ghost. Patrick Swayze made me melt.
    3) If I were stuck on an island I would crave pizza, popcorn (my go-to snack), and margaritas (because islands are often hot).
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted..BEHIND EVERY GREAT RUNNER…My Profile

  2. says

    I’m not sure whether I could deal with the growing in stage of hairy legs that make my legs feel like those of a grasshopper, so hairy arms for sure.

    My dream job would be being a lawyer for neglected and abused children or a physical therapist for wounded warriors.
    Jenn@ Mark My Miles! recently posted..FREE breakfast!My Profile

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