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Recently, Propel asked us to share the best ways to stay fit locally. I think it’s such a cool idea, because between the five ambassadors, you’re going to see a wide range of workouts and locations.

Two weeks ago, I bit the bullet and tried a new fitness class with my friend Aubrie. I don’t know why I put it off, because it’s held at my favorite studio.

oxygen fitness studio augusta

Oxygen Fitness is owned by great people, includes a wide-range of classes taught by amazing instructors, and is seriously the prettiest little gym you’ve ever seen. Any gym that appreciates the fine art of chalkboard design is a gym I will gladly stand behind. But, seriously, though. Take any old quote and put it in rainbow chalk, and boom, you’ve got my attention.

oxygen fitness studio

We arrived at the gym a few minutes early, mainly because we timed our drive terribly. But it worked out because we got a few pointers before class. I love it when instructors care enough to put in that kind of effort.

shockwave review

I mean, I’m going to fumble around no matter what but I guess every little bit of practice helps. That face. Wow. rowing


The class we took was basically a high-intensity total-body circuit workout. While the moves might change from class to class, the concept is always the same.

  • The class lasts approximately thirty minutes, including a “practice” round to get a feel for the day’s workout.
  • The group is split into four groups, who then rotate around the stations in the room.
  • The amount of time spent in each station is determined by how long the rowers take to complete their specific distances, usually between 100 and 400 meters.
  • The stations include: rowing, legs, core, and arms.


Rowing: Those machines look so innocent but they are so brutal. I’ve only used legit rowing machines a handful of times, and I always forget how hard it is when you do it correctly.



Legs: We did unstable squats with weights for this portion of the circuit. You had to jump up on the ball, squat and press twice, and jump off. It was so much harder than it seemed, because getting your initial footing right was key.



Core: To work our abs, we used the straps for tucks and pikes. When you got tired, you could just hold a plank until the rower completed his or her distance. Tough stuff.



Arms: The final station included t-pushups and shoulder presses. Again, it seemed easy at first but by the time you were on the second round it became my worst nightmare. I have got to work on my push ups, for sure.


When time was called for the last round, I was beat. The class took less than thirty minutes, but it was definitely time well spent. Hi, floor. Let’s hug it out. And, PS, this is the exact moment I realized I needed to rehydrate immediately. There may or may not have been a sweat angel on the floor when I got up.


Luckily for me, I always have Propel on hand. If you haven’t grabbed a few of the liquid water enhancers, you really should. I keep one in my gym bag for emergencies. The gym has ice water, so I had my Propel. Perfect.


Anyway, the class was such a great mix of cardio and strength, which means it’s perfect for people trying to squeeze in a tough workout in a short amount of time. One of the best aspects of it, though, is the mix of teamwork and competition. Since no one can leave each station until the last rower finishes, it really motivates you to row well. No slacking off or you’re basically torturing everyone else by making them work longer. You’re also racing the other rowers, so you want to win anyway. I love how much energy and excitement that creates, you know? I can’t wait to take this class again.

Tonight, though, I’m heading to the gym for a similar class. It’s still has stations, but there is no racing involved. I’m not on my A-game today (no coffee!!), so I’m pretty happy there’s no competition aspect. See y’all later!

What’s the best way to stay fit in your area? Why do YOU love it? 4/23 at 9PM Eastern time, @FitFluential and @Propel_Water are hosting a Twitter chat on outdoor and hometown workouts. One randomly selected participant will *win a GoPro Camera*! Those things are seriously awesome. To join the chat, follow the hashtag #PropelFit. Remember to share all of your #PropelFit moments on the hashtag every day, though!


    • Presley says

      I have to drive a while, too, but I just try to zone out and enjoy some alone time. haha That sounds like I hate being home, buuut you know what I mean.

  1. says

    My studio has a class like this and I looovveee it. Honestly the rower is my absolute favorite cross training activity. If they didn’t cost a million dollars, I would absolutely have one in my house.
    Runner Girl Eats recently posted..WTF?! WednesdayMy Profile

  2. says

    Oh wow! I would be in the floor after the first 5 min! I do love new things that challenge me like that though! My gym actually has a pretty good variety of class. I mix it up with body pump, combat, yoga/Pilates, zumba and running :)
    Esther recently posted..BostonMy Profile


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