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Masters Monday + I’m Done Walking

Yesterday morning, Maddux and I got ready bright and early. We had an exciting event on the agenda: The Masters! Practice rounds started yesterday and we were jacked to get to go in. Side note: I just bought a new camera and I totally haven’t figured out the timing. My #selfie game is not on point these days.


We met my dad over at the National, and the weather turned out to be even worse than I expected. Check my hair out, y’all. Woof.

This is Maddux’s “third” year at the tournament. I went when I was pregnant and he got to go in as a baby. That kid thinks he owns the place.

masters 2014

Obligatory Masters shot.

masters 2014

Hi, Jason Day. Fancy seeing you here.

masters 2014

It was a little too early for the cheap beer. Oh well, maybe next time.

masters 2014

Around 11, as we were heading out, we heard the sirens. They ended up canceling the rest of the day because of the weather. Lightning + golf = no bueno. I’m glad we got a chance to walk around for a while! In related news, I am done walking for, like, forever. After a theme park and a golf course, I’m ready to take a break.

Get ready for the blogging segue of your life, folks…

How can I go buy myself birthday clothes without walking around the mall, you ask? I know you didn’t really ask that, but let’s all pretend you did. Well, STITCHFIX, duh. They send the clothes directly to your house. Boom.

Okay, but seriously, I basically hated the thought of this service. I mean, I have to pay $20 for someone to send me clothes and then I have the option of buying them. Um. Right. Anyway, I know that the twenty bucks would go toward the clothes I chose to purchase, but what if I hated it all? I’d be out twenty bucks. I try to be nothing but honest on here, and I have to say I would never have tried this out on my own. Like, legitimately never in a million years. I pretty much cringe at the thought of wasting even a dollar.

Then, randomly, a few months ago I got a Klout perk for a $20 Stitchfix credit. Well played, Stitchfix. Well played. That credit means I wouldn’t have to pay for the clothes to be shipped to me, and if I wanted something out of the fix, it would be twenty dollars off. Way to reel me in. My fix came in yesterday.


Now here’s where I need some help. I am not really that great at picking clothes out for myself. I’d live in running shorts if I could. Ryne usually helps me shop (really), and we argued over a few of these items. Actually just the shirts. So instead of being an adult and choosing for myself, I’m deferring to y’all. You choose the shirts I keep. You spend my money. Ah, it feels good to take the pressure off of myself.

Let’s start off with the definitely yes. I love, love, love these pants. From the fit to the color, they are perfect. Keeping these.

stitchfix pants

Then let’s all laugh at the definite no. Kidding. I actually think this is a really pretty dress, but the fit isn’t right for me. A different style with this fabric would have won me over.


Finally, the maybes. I seriously just can’t decide which shirts are worth keeping. I love the idea of each of them, but I can’t tell which ones work for me. Heeeelp. PS: Sorry for putting my face in these.

stichfix shirts

So, there you have it. My first fix. It was semi-successful I’d say. I don’t know if I’ll order another box from Stitchfix. I mean, I have to figure out what I’m even going to keep from the first one. And in all seriousness, I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Thanks for your help in advance. I’m lost here.

I better go get ready, though. I have a day-date with my friend Aubrie for lunch, celebrity-stalking, and then the gym. Perfect day if you ask me. :)

Magic Kingdom: We Came, We Saw, We Rode The Train For Four Hours

Happy Monday! Today is the first official day of my Spring Break and it’s currently pouring buckets outside. Fantastic. Anyway, I thought I’d quickly recap our Orlando trip since I have a few minutes while Maddux is napping.



We ate at the Tropical Smoothie Café for lunch, worked out at the hotel, and had a blast at the Hoop Dee Doo Revue. Then we went back to the hotel for happy hour. Babies were totally invited.





Maddux woke us up in the wee hours of the morning just to make sure we headed into the Magic Kingdom on time.

DSC00247 - Copy

While we were there we saw a couple of characters,


ate a few million times,


caught a glimpse of the castle,


hopped on several rides,


got soaking wet,


and rode the train just shy of forever. Honestly, he loved that thing the most.


Thankfully they let you just ride and ride and ride, because that’s exactly what we did. Kids. I swear you can never guess what they’ll like the best at places like that. I’ve read a ton of “Disney with a Toddler” posts, and all I can say is… just wing it. Seriously. Freaking wing it and don’t look back. When all else fails, just buy all the toys.




We debated going back in to the parks on Saturday, but we were all way too tired. One day of Disney was enough for this trip. Next time we’ll man up and do more, but we chose a relaxing pool day instead. Those are always better with nachos, by the way.


So, we realized that Maddux doesn’t hear the difference between /dr/ and /tr/ right now and it’s pretty entertaining. He asked what the drain was, so we told him. He kept going over to it and doing “choo choo!” with his little train motion. Over and over again. We didn’t correct him. Does that make us bad parents? Whatever. He’ll figure it out before college, right?


That was pretty much the entire day. Pool, eat, pool, eat, etc. I better go, though, because there is no way he’s going to be asleep much longer.

Fill me in… how was your weekend?

Kids Are Gross + Clorox Ick Awards

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

Tracking Pixel
Hey, y’all! We’re finally back from Orlando. I’ll get to recapping our little adventure around the same time I get around to unpacking. Hopefully. Suffice to say we hope to be back to Disney sooner rather than later. It was so much fun!

While our vacation was awesome, it definitely didn’t go perfectly. There were a few, um, icky moments to say the least. But, hey, that’s what happens when you take a teething, newly paci-free toddler in public. Basically: “Hi, Germs, meet Mouth.”


You never really understand just how many things kids will try to chew on until you witness it first hand. When I heard that there were actually awards celebrating disgusting behavior like this, I was totally intrigued.

clorox ick awards

Okay, fine, so Clorox isn’t technically going around rewarding any kids for licking the bottoms of shoes or eating archaic candy out of the hotel couch. If they were, Maddux would win because he totally pulled both of those moves yesterday. Side note: how do toddlers go from bumbling, tumbling kids to masters of stealth maneuvers when they are doing something they shouldn’t be? Something’s up with that. I’m on to them.

Since Clorox knows how gross life can get, they created the Ick Awards to help you laugh through the mess. Yep. When life throws you a poo-splosion, just laugh and grab your disinfectant spray.

They are cracking me up with their new Ick-tionary. Y’all. Bum nuggets. I’m extremely immature and I may or may not have found that to be the funniest thing I read all day.


Anyway, I know everyone out there has an icky story to tell. Let’s be real here. With kids or without, life gets messy. In honor of that fact, Clorox is hosting the Ick Awards on Wednesday, April 9th to celebrate those disgusting moments. It will all happen live on Twitter!

They will be working with The Second City Communications, an awesome Chicago improv troupe, to create what will definitely be the messiest virtual awards show ever hosted. There will be real-time comedy inspired by your real-life moments. Yep, they’ll be “acting out” your gross stories by turning your tweets into video skits. Votes will be cast for favorite icky moments, and they will be handing out $2,500 in prizes!

You don’t have to wait until the show to enter, either. You can nominate your own icky moment in advance by sharing it with @Clorox using the hashtag #ickies. Then “tune in” to the first hour to see if it is featured in the opening number with a surprise celebrity guest! Exciting stuff, y’all.

Seriously. Mark your calendars for the Clorox Ick Awards Twitter Event on April 9 from 6-10 p.m. ET. Be there or be square. Or something like that.

To learn more about how Clorox can help you laugh through the mess, head on over to their website and sign up for their newsletter.

Question: What moment would you nominate from your life? I have so many baby poop stories that it’s hard to even choose… Is that bad?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

And Now I Hate All Metal Bed Frames Forever

Well. We made it through one of the major parenting rites of passage: the emergency room.


Let’s just say Maddux handled the whole thing better than we did. I could definitely learn a thing or two about keeping my cool from that kid.

He’s going to be absolutely fine, but it was better to be safe than sorry. He cut the inside of his mouth pretty badly, but luckily the bed frame missed his teeth. We’ve got medicine, a blanky, and ice pops on deck, so we’re good to go.

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