Happy Thanksgiving + Running While Pregnant

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are enjoying the family time, because we definitely are. I mean, we clearly took our dessert making seriously today. 


(PS: cooking with a toddler is way less stressful when you do it in someone else’s house. Just saying. Thanks, Mom!) 

In addition to hanging out with my boy, I’ve also been doing a little thinking. I’ve primarily just been listing off the things I’m thankful for, because I’m an awful person and only do that one day out of the year. Being pregnant was obviously one of the things that popped into my head, but it also came with a “but”. While I’m grateful for this experience and for the tiny person that will make his debut soon, I’m also not the best pregnant woman one earth. In fact, I’m kind of a crappy one. There are days when I just want the whole thing to be over with, and I want that to happen as quickly as possible. The main complaint I have is that it’s just hard to feel like myself. The biggest issue this time around is the fact that running is impossible. Honestly, I liken my feeble attempts at jogging around the block to a walrus attempting a marathon. It just ain’t gonna happen. It’s also not very pretty. That being said, I am extremely thankful that a lack of fast-paced cardio is my only pregnancy issue. I’m actually crazy lucky, you know? 

While I haven’t been running around the neighborhood like I had envisioned, I have been:

  • running after a toddler (while a cliche, it really is a legitimate workout)
  • running my mouth (it’s the hormones talking, I swear)
  • running on empty (what is with me and the cliches today?)
  • running all the errands (the holidays are no joke, you guys)
  • running the world (okay, fine, I just wanted a fifth thing to list)

See? Tons of running going on around here. Take that, negativity. I win. Totally a glass half full kind of gal now. But, seriously guys, I hope y’all have a great night and that you can recognize the positives, too. :)

Your turn: What are YOU thankful for?

Second Pregnancy: Weeks 28, 29, 30

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Does everything feel a little more festive than usual this week or is it just me? It’s probably just the impending carbo-loading that has me all excited. Mac and cheese, here I come. Anyway, I’m a little late posting this update but I must do it for posterity’s sake. This is obviously my glorified journal that I happen to put on the internet (to ensure as much embarrassment to myself as possible, of course).

30 weeks pregnant

What’s baby up to? According to BabyCenter.com, the baby is “about 15.7 inches long now and weighs almost 3 pounds (about the size of a large cabbage). His eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen; even after he’s born, he’ll keep his eyes closed for a good part of the day. When he does open them, he’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means he can only make out objects a few inches from his face.” So he won’t be able to see me clearly after birth? What a relief. I won’t have to wear makeup for a while.

Weeks: 30 Weeks (and about five days, but who’s counting?)

Total Weight Gain: The grand total is about 24 pounds, which means I gained four pounds in three weeks. Back to gaining like a champ, y’all.

Fitness: I should probably remove this from the list, but I think it’s important to stress that “fitness” looks different for everyone. I’m moving around, I swear. I’m just not sprinting up hills or slinging weights around like a beast. I do think I’m going to force myself to do a little bodyweight training again, because I’m feeling the weight gain and I think stretching things out once and a while couldn’t hurt. If I get real ballsy, I’ll sign back up for Pure Barre. I miss taking classes!

Symptoms: Um, I just feel large. When I bent over to paint my toes the other day, I could barely breathe. I’m running out of room at a rapid pace. Along with that growth comes back pain and heartburn. Blech.

Sleep: Yeah, that is pretty much nonexistent.

Cravings: Everything. It’s ridiculous. I would love a margarita, by the way.

Maternity Clothes: I live in leggings and sweaters. Being pregnant in the fall and winter is basically the best thing ever.

Baby Items Bought/Received: I don’t think we’ve gotten anything recently, but I honestly can’t remember. I’m still compiling my list of “must haves” before the baby arrives and it’s pretty much just new bottles and new carriers. Keep it simple.

Goals: I will stop shoving sugar down my throat 24/7. I think it’s my way of staying awake since I’m limiting caffeine to one (freaking large) cup a day. Hold me to this. If you see me posting multiple sweets a day on Instagram, call me out. I’m totally serious.

Worries: I don’t have too many fears right now. Of course I have the general birth fears, but that’s probably normal. Other than that, I’m trying to just enjoy these last few months with the first born.

Best Moment: At my appointment last week, the doctor said he was head down based on where she was picking up his heartbeat. I don’t know why, but this is the one constant fear for me. Sure, he could flip again. But I’m going to assume everything is perfect. Stress free is the way to be. She also told me I’m measuring ahead, so I was like “I get it, lady; I need to lay off the sweets”. Kidding. Well, except about the measuring ahead. I’m not surprised, though, because I did last time as well. I grow big bellies and big babies. I can’t help it.

Well, I better go. We’re heading out to see Maddux’s cousins and they freak out when they get together. Three wild boys under five in public? Terrible yet awesome idea. Have a great one, you guys!

Second Pregnancy: Weeks 25, 26, 27

Happy Halloween! It’s nap time around here so I thought I’d hop on and discuss how the past few weeks have gone in the pregnancy department. Long story short, not much has changed. Exciting stuff, right?

27 Weeks Pregnant

What’s baby up to? According to BabyCenter.com, the “baby weighs almost 2 pounds (about the size of a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with his legs extended. He’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes, and perhaps even sucking his fingers. With more brain tissue developing, your baby’s brain is very active now. While his lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning — with a lot of medical help — if he were to be born now. Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few moments, and they don’t bother him, so just relax and enjoy the tickle.”

Weeks: 27

Total Weight Gain: I’m still hovering around the 20 pound mark, which means my weight gain has slowed a little at this point. I honestly think I’m just losing muscle mass, because we’re both definitely still growing. Either that or my body is just adjusting to my “new normal” when it comes to activity levels.

Fitness: Speaking of activity levels, it’s taking a lot for me to come to terms with how much less I’m doing this time around. I’m trying not to stress about it. I just honestly don’t know how it will play out for the next few months.

Symptoms: The only things that have been bothering me are lower back pain and random heartburn. Tums taste better than they used to, FYI. I think I bought the smoothie flavor, because I’m fancy like that.

Sleep: Let’s not even talk about it. It’s elusive right now. Some of it’s me and some of it’s the toddler.

Cravings: After not wanting sweets that much up until now, I’ve definitely turned a corner. I blame the funnel cakes from the fair.

Maternity Clothes: I think, at this point, what I have will just have to last me. I really don’t feel like spending more money for these last few months. I will, however, probably splurge on something totally unnecessary for what are probably equally unnecessary maternity portraits. It’s just going to happen, y’all. PS: I am in no way saying that taking maternity pictures is ridiculous. I just honestly feel like I’m going to end up doing them just because I did them the first time. Any other second time moms feel a little pressured to do the exact same daggum things all over again? Like, “see I love you just as much!”

Baby Items Bought/Received: I’m sure we’ve gotten something for the baby in the last few weeks, but I honestly can’t remember. What I can remember is the most adorable little book I ordered for Maddux to receive when he meets his brother for the first time. It’s a personalized book from I See Me! and it might have melted my heart just a bit. I can’t even handle it, you guys.

Goals: I should probably finish the nursery at some point. Yikes.

Worries: I was worried earlier this week about my glucose test but I finally got the news that I passed. Whoop! Mark that one off of the list.

Best Moment: There isn’t really a single best moment, but I do love every singe time that Maddux tries to interact with the baby. He tries to scare him, tickle him, and teach him how to make toot noises. It’s mildly irritating because he’s really doing those things to me repeatedly, but I can’t help but laugh at how serious he is about it. He’s going to be one hilarious big brother.

Well, we’ve got to get ready for some legit toddler Trick-or-Treating (<- hitting up about ten houses and then going home, of course). I also need to get some last-minute supplies for s’mores first. We can’t break that tradition!

Glucose Test + Other Stuff That Annoys Me

This post is primarily for me to express my nervousness about my glucose test. I mean, for starters, I hate those things. The worst part, though, is that I took it on Wednesday and my results haven’t shown up yet in my online chart. I could call the office but I don’t want to be that person. I feel like if I’m going to be a patient I have to also be patient. Oh snap, I went there.

That being said, I did go ahead and live it up today just as if I’d passed. No big deal. Of course, now I’ll probably get my huge FAIL stamp tomorrow. Whatever. I had to get a #Frappula.


PS: It wasn’t my favorite thing ever. I should have just eaten a pumpkin muffin + a latte instead. Lesson learned. I am such a sucker for holiday marketing. This one tricked me, you guys, and I’m slightly annoyed about it.

I can be a pretty easy going person (seriously, I can sometimes!), but there are a few things that just happen to make me irrationally angry. I don’t know what to do about it, but I feel like it’s time to get it off of my chest. It’s also a slow night around the house. Might as well whine a little bit.

Things That Irritate Me But Probably Shouldn’t:

1. The fact that Peanut Butter M&Ms aren’t just Reese’s Pieces.

2. People who still use the term Hump Day. Every single Wednesday.

3. Literally every character on Caillou.

4. When I order a salad and it’s just iceberg, shredded carrots, and a limp tomato slice.

5. Parallel parking. Mainly just that I can’t do it.

6. People who ask to share desserts with me.

7. When anyone but me is driving in the left lane.

8. The fact that Kraft Ranch even exists. I must be on a salad kick here.

9. Pre-made trail mix. The ratios are clearly never right. Except at Target. You go, Target.

10. Anyone chewing anything anywhere in my general vicinity.

Whew, that felt good. I clearly have too much time on my hands today. Now it’s your turn. What somewhat normal thing drives you insane? You’ll feel better if you just let it out.

What We’ve Been Up To Lately: Weekend Edition

I haven’t recapped our weekends in a while, but we’ve been doing some pretty fun stuff. All toddler-themed, of course, because I’m secretly trying to butter him up before his brother comes. I mean, I’m going to need him to understand why his mom all of a sudden looks and acts like a haggard, sleepy wench. It’s just the truth, y’all. Anyway, I’ll keep this short and sweet since I’m trying to recap a month’s worth of weekends in a single post. Sentence-per-picture sounds about right to me. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

When we met up with some friends in HHI, he repeatedly chose Maddy’s daughter over me.

beach babies

I got over it, because I immediately fell back in love with blackened shrimp and chose them over everything else.

salty dog cafe scallops

We tried to take a “brother kissing belly” photo and only succeeded in being extremely awkward, per usual.

baby bump at the beach

Skullcreek Boathouse is the best because they keep your kids quiet, and that’s all you really need in life.

skullcreek boathouse kids' section

This is the moment I realized that Maddux really can’t read a crowd… at all.

hilton head island

The next weekend, we hit up Myrtle Beach for a pirate-themed dinner show, because #bestparentsever.

pirate dinner show myrtle beach

Everyone but me got in the lazy pee pool, because I just can’t trust a pool that people stay in for hours at a time.

myrtle beach lazy river

We may be in a serious ice-cream-and-frozen-yogurt-every-daggum-day routine at the moment.

tutti frutti

We were leaving the mall, and he spotted this “awesome” race from a mile away.

race cars

The kid has got mad skills, but they all involve making his helicopter mom and dad incredibly nervous.

toddler rock climbing

Nothing like some high school football and flirting with older ladies, am I right?

high school football

 I’m not sure if he was getting into his role as a Tiger or just trying to be as loud and wild as possible.

clemson's littlest fan

Obvious rule #1 of papier-mâché tractor riding: No smiling allowed.

clemson homecoming floats

Yeah, that’s about all we’ve been doing for the past month or two. I can’t say that my interests are all that much different than his, so I’m pretty stoked he’s my kid. I can’t wait to have two boys to go on adventures with, because it just means more of everything, right? Right.

PS: I’ll be back to regular posting soon because I’m going to force myself to get back in the habit. Are you laughing? Seriously. It’s happening.