Hudson: Month Three Baby Update

Happy three month birthday to my littlest dude. Words cannot express how much we love this kid! I guess it’s time to fill y’all in on how he’s been doing lately.

three months old

Likes: Hudson is honestly the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. There isn’t much that he doesn’t like to see or do. What he loves more than anything in the world, though, is talking to people. He absolutely lights up when you strike up a conversation with him. Other likes include watching his big brother, maintaining a death-grip on your hand, taking baths, staring at random items like sconces and fans, and sticking out his tongue.

Dislikes: He still really only dislikes being tired or hungry, and even then he usually keeps his cool. He is definitely our mellow child at this point, and it’s really cool to see that side of his personality develop more and more every day. He just seems to go with the flow. We don’t call him “Smiley” for nothing, y’all.

Sleeping: He’s still sleeping like a champ in the Rock N Play, which makes me so incredibly nervous to have to ditch it in the coming months. Can they just make a toddler sized version, please? Right now he usually sleeps between 4-7 hours at a time. The most typical wake up times for him are around 3 am and then again at 7am. It’s not a bad little schedule he’s created for himself.

Eating: Yesterday I had to go into the office for a full day of work, which meant he had to take multiple bottles for the first time. I’m happy to report that he drank two full bottles without fussing, which is a huge improvement for him. The next step is to get him to take a bottle during the evening. He’s not a huge fan of that, but I assume it’s a comfort thing. Cross your fingers for us!

three months old

Playing: Hudson hasn’t changed much in this department. He still likes to kick his chubby little legs, laugh at Maddux, and watch the fan spin around. He’s still working hard on being more mobile and recently did his first mini sit up. Being a baby is rough. He just wants to stand up and run around, you guys.

Firsts: This month included one of my all-time favorite baby firsts: the big chuckle. He had been giggling here and there for a while, but we finally got a big belly laugh from him. It was freaking adorable. Apparently, he is super ticklish under his little chin. I can’t even handle it. He also sat up for the first time in his Bumbo. Also adorable. I sense a theme here.

This weekend will be another first for Hudson: his first vacation! I’m so excited, y’all. Is there anything sweeter than a little baby at the beach? Nope. No there is not.

My Baby Totally Has a Tablet

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It’s no secret that my life is currently focused on all things baby. When I’m not holding the baby, I’m worried about his safety. With a bigger kid running around like a madman, the struggle to keep the little one out of harm’s way is pretty freaking real. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I need permanent surveillance in every single room of the house. When I had the chance to review a new baby monitor from AT&T, I jumped at the chance. I’m trying to have this house monitored as closely as the White House, y’all.

The very first thing I noticed about the Baby’s Journey Smart Sync baby monitor was how nice it looked. Seriously, this thing looks more like a fancy-shmancy tablet than a baby monitor.

att&t monitor review

After turning it on, I realized it worked like one as well. The touchscreen, with its clear picture and bright display, is easily the best I’ve ever seen. I love being able to see everything in crisp, colorful detail. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see this cutie up close and personal all day? Pro tip: don’t sit and stare at your child all day, because you will accomplish nothing.

mhealth baby monitor review

The true test of a great monitor, though, is how sharp the picture is at night. I can say, once again, that this is the best performing one I’ve found. Our other monitor always made Maddux look like a blurry little alien at night. Hudson still looks human. Such a win.

digital baby monitor review

In addition to looking like a tablet, this monitor also functions like one. It has multiple features that provide instant and intelligent information about your baby’s health and wellness. My favorite aspects of the monitor are the baby tracking and photo sharing capabilities. It’s like they read my mind and built a monitor based around everything I wished my previous one could do.

Baby Tracking: With the Log & Track function, I can keep track of his feedings, current weight and height, sleep, and diaper changes. You can also download the AT&T Smart Sync Mobile App, making it even easier to monitor and track things on the go. I used to have a separate app for tracking those things on my phone. If I didn’t have my phone, I couldn’t track it. Now it’s all perfectly synced between the monitor and my phone, making it possible to do it from either one.

Photo Sharing: With the Camera function, I can take and share photos directly to social media from the monitor or the app. It even date stamps the photo for you, which is awesome. I snapped one the other night when Hudson was smiling in his sleep in the middle of the night, and now I won’t have to struggle to remember when on earth that happened.

Other Features: The monitor also includes a built-in rechargeable battery, Wi-Fi connectivity, easy night viewing with infrared LEDs, and compatibility with any service provider.

There were only two downsides I noticed: the camera doesn’t automatically pan and there isn’t a two-way speaker situation going on. The first one would be a pretty big issue once the baby transitions into a toddler bed and has freedom to move around the room, but the second one isn’t a deal breaker at all for me. The one time we actually spoke to our older son through the monitor, he absolutely freaked out. I mean, it is pretty creepy when you think about it. Honestly, you’d just have to weight the pros and cons for yourself. To learn more about the Smart Sync monitors, head to the Babies “R” Us website. You can also check out Baby’s Journey on their websiteFacebook, and Instagram.

Happy Bum, Happy Baby {Giveaway}

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Hey, y’all. We’re halfway through the week! Let’s celebrate with a quick post on the health of my infant’s butt. I’m totally kidding, but we are going to talk about rear ends. Babies have super sensitive skin, and their bottoms are no exception. Hudson has had a few long stretches of sleep at night recently (now that is something to celebrate), but there is a negative aspect to that. Hours of sleep sometimes means hours in a wet diaper, and wet diapers can do some serious damage.

weleda review

Thankfully, I have a new secret weapon. Weleda’s Calendula Diaper Rash Cream, made with organic calendula extract, has been a lifesaver for us. It reduces inflammation, soothes redness, and allows his skin to breathe leaving it feeling, soft, smooth, and protected.

I started using it about a week ago when I noticed some redness after what I thought was a great night’s sleep. As a mom, I immediately felt a little guilty. I had almost convinced myself that I should start waking him up to check his diaper when he slept longer than a few hours. I realize that’s a pretty strong (and totally crazy) reaction, but I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to keep him healthy, happy, and comfortable. Thankfully, the creme worked almost instantly and Hudson’s bottom was back to normal the next day. I’d say he was pretty happy about that.

Seriously, this stuff is Weleda’s best-selling baby product for a reason. Need more reasons to love it? It’s a winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved award, is made from organic and fair trade ingredients, contains no chemical fragrances or preservatives, is safe to use on babies from birth on, and provides a safe and natural way to treat skin irritation and diaper rash.

I know, you’d rather just try it than listen to me talk about it anymore. Luckily for you, Influence Central has 15 Weleda prize packs (each valued at $70!) up for grabs. You can enter by choosing a social media sharing option from the tool below. The contest opens on Friday, March 18, 2016 and closes on Friday, April 8, 2016.

Weleda Giveaway

I-C will randomly select 15 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes. Good luck!

Hudson: Month Two Baby Update

How on earth has it been two months already? I’m going to blink and his infant days will be over. Someone come rock me, please. I can’t handle this.

two months

Likes: Hudson likes being outside, being bounced, and looking at himself in the mirror. He thinks it’s hilarious when I blow air through his (almost nonexistent) hair. He loves being held and watching his big brother be ridiculous.

Dislikes: Honestly, the only times he truly fusses are when he’s hungry or tired. It’s pretty easy to calm him down, considering it’s always one of two options. Of course, there have been the occasional tummy aches as well, but those are getting less and less frequent as his little belly matures.

two months

Sleeping: This is the area that has shown the most improvement since last month. Most nights he gets 3-5 hour stretches at a time, only waking up to eat. He’s even had a few 6-7 hour stretches thrown in there. We purchased a Rock ‘N Play and I’m pretty sure that has made all the difference.

Eating: He’s still continuing to eat like a champ, although he really doesn’t enjoy it when he has to take a bottle. I think he drinks just enough to hold off his hunger until I get home. I’m sure he’ll adapt when he has to take them more frequently in the future. I’m hoping so, at least!

Playing: Hudson’s favorite pastimes are smiling at himself in the mirror, staring his brother in the face, kicking his little legs like he’s running in place, and trying repeatedly to roll over. He wants so badly to be mobile like the big kids. Soon enough, dude. Soon enough.

two months

Firsts: This month, he celebrated his first St. Patrick’s Day and first Easter. He didn’t get any green beer or chocolate bunnies, though. Bummer. Notable milestones included his first huge grin, his first time in 3-month clothing, and his first time technically sleeping through the night. He had a pretty big month!

Weekend Recap: Getting Out & About

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This weekend absolutely flew by, and that’s definitely because we were out of the house for what seems like the entire time. It feels really, really good to start getting back into our normal routines. I didn’t truly realize just how much time we’d been spending in the house until we finally started getting out of it. I will be honest, though, one baby-related item has made it much easier to get back to livin’ our lives. I recently received the GB Lyfe Pram Travel System, and I am now basically obsessed with it. It’s a car seat, bassinet, and both a forward and rear facing stroller. You guys, this thing is legit.

gb lyfe review

It single-handedly ensures that the baby stays happy, safe, and comfortable wherever we go. Can’t beat that. If you’re interesting in learning more about this system, I’ll share more details at the end of this post! Until then, check out some of our weekend happenings, sentence-per-picture style.

After dinner at Sole, we hit up Metro Market for dessert and drinks with a view.

metro market

That view just happened to be of a red velvet funnel cake stand, so dessert number two clearly had to happen.

red velvet funnel cake

In what is totally unrelated news, we signed up for the gym the following morning.

sign up

We also ate avocado egg salad wraps for breakfast, because they’re delicious.

avocado egg salad

Saturday afternoon we all hit up Airstrike for a Paw Patrol birthday party.

paw patrol

I spent the better part of the afternoon tossing a toddler from one obstacle to another, because I’m a helicopter mom.

airstrike augusta

Ryne spent his afternoon practicing to win American Ninja Warrior, because that’s obviously an attainable goal.

airstrike augusta

Pro tip: order Diablo’s to go with guac and sour cream on the side because it microwaves better that way.

diablos augusta

On Sunday, I let Maddux help me shop for groceries and immediately regretted it after he just completely took over.


We took a family walk with the pram, and I’m calling it that because I’m fancy.

gb lyfe travel system review

Hudson clearly enjoyed being able to sprawl out in the bassinet.

gb lyfe bassinet

We stopped halfway and Maddux helped Jake and Kayla with yard work, or something like that anyway.


We got home, popped the bassinet out, and put the base back in the car for another to-be-determined adventure.

gb lyfe

It was an awesome weekend, y’all. I loved getting out of the house, and I guess it’s pretty clear that the car seat, stroller, or both were with us the entire time. From the minute this thing arrived, it has been a breeze to use. It was even easy to assemble! Pop on the wheels, unfold, and snap on the stroller seat or carseat. After using this travel system almost daily for the past few weeks, I can tell you that the ease of use continues to be a huge selling point for me. I can’t be fussing around with a finicky stroller. For walks around the neighborhood, I leave it as a pram. While we’re out and about, I keep the base in the car to use with the carseat (which is awesome in its own right). I love having options, and this travel system definitely gives me plenty of those. I’m excited to continue using this system as the baby grows and our needs change.

Here are some quick facts about the travel system:

  • Stroller converts into European-style pram
  • Pram, stroller seat, and car seat are forward or parent-facing
  • Seat offers four-position recline
  • Canopy is expandable for extra shade and airflow
  • Includes: removable arm bar, parent cup holder, five-point harness with covers, and spacious basket
  • Ease of use thanks to two-hand, one-step fold, two touch brakes, and rear suspension
  • Five-point harness with covers
  • Stroller holds up to 50 pounds and car seat holds babies from 4 pounds to 35 pounds

You can purchase one for yourself at Babies ‘R’ Us. And if you’re pregnant or recently gave birth, I highly recommend that you check it out soon!