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Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

I know. My birthday was almost a week ago. I should probably move on with my life like any other self-respecting adult. I swear I will after I fill y’all in on a few of my favorites from my “birthday week”. Wait. Am I too old for an entire week? Nah…

Favorite Meal


Travinia is probably one of the only chain restaurants that I actually love. Like love, love. Everything they have is perfect. My birthday dinner consisted of wine, bread with dipping oil, antipasto, crab cakes with spinach orzo, and scallops with artichoke-pesto risotto. And those are just the appetizers they offer. I need to be there right now.

Runner Up: Chick Fil-A waffle fries. I’m totally serious, but I do need Chick Fil-A sauce to dip them in. So, make sure you order extra if we ever go there together.

Favorite Drink

pine ridge

The Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier is one of my all-time favorite wines. I love white blends in general, but man, this one is good. Bonus points is that it’s totally affordable. Also, can you tell I’m not a connoisseur? I legitimately don’t know how to describe a wine except for just saying “Yep. Pass me another glass.”

Runner Up: Everything else. What? Drinks are delicious and make life better. We all know it’s true.

Favorite Gift


My new camera is definitely my new favorite thing. It’s like a tiny little DSLR. Well, I mean, technically that’s exactly what it is. I got the Sony Nex-5T in white and I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Now I just need some lenses. I guess I’ll be waiting until April of next year for those.

Runner Up: Lightweight Kettlebells, for the win. I got two small, colorful ones from TJ Maxx, but I wish they had these adjustable kettlebells there. So cute. I just referred to kettlebells as cute. Who am I?


Favorite Shoes


I wore these Aerosoles Brightora Leather T-Strap Wedge Sandals out for my birthday and I am now convinced they are the most comfortable wedges ever. They are definitely simple-looking, but they are so ridiculously padded that I want to wear them for the rest of my life.

Runner Up: These Carlos by Carlos Santana Kaila Wedge Sandals were also thrown into the birthday week rotation, but they are cuter than they are comfortable. Still easy to wear, but nothing like my grandma-like Aerosoles.


Favorite Workout

birthday workout

I will never tire of dorky themed circuits. This one is quick, effective, and requires no equipment. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be your birthday to complete it, so let me know if you try it out!

Runner Up: Chasing Maddux around the house. That kid is getting fast. It’s a problem.

Well, I better go. If I’m going to get my run in today, it needs to happen right this second. So, obviously, I’ll be reporting back tomorrow that it didn’t. ;) Just kidding. I’m going to try.

Disclosure: Friday Favorite posts may contain affiliate links from time to time. I seriously appreciate any and all support for Run Pretty!

Not Even A Week

Well, I’m not even a week into my half marathon training plan, and I’ve already switched it up. I was supposed to run four miles tonight, but I took a class instead. I’ll run tomorrow on what was supposed to be a cross-training day. Hopefully. I am the worst.

Back to that class. Tonight I went to Barre. Y’all, I have missed that class so much. No one missed me and my uncoordinated poses, though. I need a quick lesson in all things eloquence if I’m going to keep attending. You’d think I’d get the hang of it, but I swear I never do.


Tomorrow I’ll run and hopefully continue getting my life back on track. I still have plans to actually schedule a NASM test date for June, but I’m trying to pick a good time. You can definitely wait longer to choose a date, but I think having it set in stone will motivate me to read more than a paragraph of information at a time.

PS: If you’re also studying to become a CPT through NASM, please check out this legit study guide Kim made. It’s so perfect and organized, it makes me want to marry it. Actually, for anything smart and informative, head to that blog. I’m serious. Go now.

Anyway, I better go shower since I’ve yet to do that all day today. Yep. Today was a dry shampoo and headband kind of day. Days like this make me thankful those two things were invented. Did I look good? Nope. But did I at least look like I tried a little bit? Maybe. Close enough for me.


My appearance is similar to everything else I do in life: mediocre at best. Just kidding. I actually try a lot of the time, okay? I swear.

See y’all later! I have a fun birthday-themed favorites post tomorrow. Fun for me anyway. Not so sure how entertaining it will be to everyone else. Have a great night!

Birthday Workout

Hey y’all! Ready for some not-so-exciting news? Tomorrow is my birthday! The older I get, the more I realize that I’m the only one who actually cares about that. In honor of my ever-increasing age, I thought I’d pop in with a mostly fun/ridiculous birthday-themed workout.

If you’re like me, you just want to party and eat cake. What? It’s true. If I work out on or near my actual birthday, you can bet I want to get it over with quickly. Some people run their ages in miles and some people throw parties at their favorite fitness class. I do burpees and call it a day. To each his own, right?

birthday workout

There you have it. The only workout I’ll be completing from now until Sunday, I’m sure. See y’all later. Hope you have a great weekend!

Question: Do you/would you work out on your birthday? I do if I have some spare time. If not, I don’t even give it a second thought!

Rest Day + Puma Fitness

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.


Happy Saturday! We’re still in Orlando, so we’ve definitely been keeping busy. Today, though, was all about the pool and relaxing. You can bet I took full advantage of a rest day. Even though I’m not up and moving right now, I still wanted to pop in and talk about some workout gear I’ve gotten to try out recently.

2014-03-30 001 011[5]

A few weeks ago, PUMA sent me an outfit to review. It included shoes, a tank, running tights, and a jacket. This is what happens when you ask your husband to take pictures of you in them when he just wants to go watch golf or something. Seriously, this was the winning picture last week. Lesson learned? Buy a tripod so I can do it all myself and get someone to come handle the jungle that is our backyard. Yikes.

2014-03-30 001 008

Let’s break this outfit down. First up, the Gym Tank and Gym All Eyes On Me Jacket. They both are made with coolCELL technology, which means that they are made from materials that draw sweat away from your skin. They are also designed to allow air to flow through keeping you cool and dry. Basically, they make you less gross when you’re sweating like a beast. Oh, and the tank has sweet straps and the jacket has thumbholes. SOLD. It’s all in the details, folks. Let’s be real.



I also got to try out the Gym All Eyes On Me 3/4 Tight. They’re made with LYCRA® SPORT yarns. That means they fit well and help you move freely, as well as provide exceptional recovery power. Comfort comes from the flatlock seams and diamond gusset and the ability to keep you non-disgustingly-sweaty comes from the dry CELL moisture-wicking properties. These tights are perfect for running, lifting, and shopping for groceries. What? It happens.



Now for the grand finale: the Mobium Elite v2 Beta adaptive running shoes. They are designed especially for women and adapt to your feet as they move. Essentially they change during your stride. It’s like magic or something. PUMA is in a class of its own in the running world because of these three components: the Mobium Band, Expansion Pods, and the Windlass Chassis. Together, these three create a system that “move the foot through an entire gait cycle and may increase efficiency during a run.” Yeah, must really be magic because those are some legit fancy running words. Plus, hello, they’re pink.



My thoughts on all of these products: “Yeah, what PUMA said.” But, really, I like them all a lot. The tank is amazing and the jacket is extremely comfortable. For the tights, I’d probably buy a size smaller than usual. They seemed a bit looser than my other running tights and I full on RELY on the tightness of those things. Seriously. The more they suction-cup to my skin, the more flattering and non-butt-crack showing they are. Just keep that in mind if you buy those. The shoes are also great, but they do take some getting used to because of the “bump” (<- my word, not theirs) in the middle. That being said, would I purchase these things on my own? Absolutely.

I hope y’all are having a BLAST this weekend. Let me know what y’all are up to! I haven’t had much time for social media or blogs these past few days. We have a long drive home tomorrow, so I might have some time to catch up then. Or just a really long nap. One or the other. I swear I’ll get back in the game soon, though. :) I’ll check in when we get home. See y’all later!

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