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Supposed To Rest + Girls Gone Glamping With Skinny Cow

Last night I headed to the gym on what was supposed to be a rest day. I went to TRX and almost died. No big deal. It’s all fun and games until you’re hanging from your feet.


Like I said, yesterday was technically a rest day according to my training plan. Since I haven’t been running as much as usual, I don’t even want to overdo my cross-training. I happened to skip a workout on Monday, though, so I’m still on track. It worked out perfectly, because I really wanted to go to the gym. I got to have my cake and eat it, too. Is that too cheesy? Maybe.

gym selfie

Speaking of sweets, there really are some amazingly delicious things you can tear into without feeling guilty about it. Y’all know I’m a huge proponent of eating everything in moderation, but no one can deny that those calories can add up quickly. One brand that knows how to satisfy your cravings (without feeding you cardboard!) is Skinny Cow. Remember when I told y’all I had some fun news to share? Well, I am in love this stuff. Yep, we’re making it official.

ice cream

Kidding. Well, sort of. I am totally in love with those things, but I also have some really cool contest news regarding Skinny Cow. To really show that you can have it all with their brand, they are hosting a HUGE contest. I mean, legitimately huge. Not some “Oh, that’s nice” contest but a “OMG, how can I win that?”contest.

Skinny Cow truly believes in living in a paradoxical paradise. That means doing things like pairing wine with yoga, wearing Target with Tory B, or camping in a luxurious setting. Whoops. Totally just gave away the contest prize with that last one. The winners of the Skinny Cow contest will be going glamping, aka glamorous camping. What better paradoxical paradise could even exist?

skinny cow

The “Girls Gone Glamping” contest held by Skinny Cow will result in NINE women taking their best girl friend for the ultimate weekend glamping experience at the Paws Up Resort in Montana.

paws up resort

All 18 women will also be treated to the best camping cuisine I’ve ever heard of, Skinny Cow treats on the reg, resort amenities and activities, and spending money. Y’all. Just from browsing the website, I can tell you this place is insane. I’ve never seen tents like this.

glamping paws up resort

The contest is really just getting started, so stay tuned. For now, let me get to the exciting part for me. Eight bloggers and their best friends have been chosen to head to Montana next weekend to experience all that Paws Up has to offer prior to the contest. We will be your official “Glamp Counselors”, so to speak. We’ll be sharing pictures of our digs, our meals, and our activities while we are there so you can get a sense of what you might be winning! I mean, how gorgeous is this?

paws up resort

I am over the moon excited about this trip. I’ve never been glamping, I’ve never been to Montana, and I’ve never had unlimited access to the best ice cream and candy on the planet. Basically, my mind will be blown. I am incredibly fortunate to get to go, and I can’t wait to see who wins the next trip!

Question: What is your idea of the perfect paradoxical paradise? The comforts of home while in the middle of such a beautiful, natural setting sounds great to me!

“You can truly have it all with Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy – incredibly delicious and indulgent yet ridiculously sensible! This summer, Skinny Cow is inspiring our girlfriends everywhere to have it all again by going glamping! Think camping with all the glamorous resort frills – bubble baths, candlelight dinners, feather pillows and so much more. Skinny Cow’s Girls Gone Glamping Sweepstakes is taking 9 lucky winners and their besties on the glamping getaway of a lifetime!”

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Skinny Cow via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skinny Cow.

Augusta Area Workouts: Oxygen Fitness Studio

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Propel. I was compensated and all opinions are 100% my own.

Recently, Propel asked us to share the best ways to stay fit locally. I think it’s such a cool idea, because between the five ambassadors, you’re going to see a wide range of workouts and locations.

Two weeks ago, I bit the bullet and tried a new fitness class with my friend Aubrie. I don’t know why I put it off, because it’s held at my favorite studio.

oxygen fitness studio augusta

Oxygen Fitness is owned by great people, includes a wide-range of classes taught by amazing instructors, and is seriously the prettiest little gym you’ve ever seen. Any gym that appreciates the fine art of chalkboard design is a gym I will gladly stand behind. But, seriously, though. Take any old quote and put it in rainbow chalk, and boom, you’ve got my attention.

oxygen fitness studio

We arrived at the gym a few minutes early, mainly because we timed our drive terribly. But it worked out because we got a few pointers before class. I love it when instructors care enough to put in that kind of effort.

shockwave review

I mean, I’m going to fumble around no matter what but I guess every little bit of practice helps. That face. Wow. rowing


The class we took was basically a high-intensity total-body circuit workout. While the moves might change from class to class, the concept is always the same.

  • The class lasts approximately thirty minutes, including a “practice” round to get a feel for the day’s workout.
  • The group is split into four groups, who then rotate around the stations in the room.
  • The amount of time spent in each station is determined by how long the rowers take to complete their specific distances, usually between 100 and 400 meters.
  • The stations include: rowing, legs, core, and arms.


Rowing: Those machines look so innocent but they are so brutal. I’ve only used legit rowing machines a handful of times, and I always forget how hard it is when you do it correctly.



Legs: We did unstable squats with weights for this portion of the circuit. You had to jump up on the ball, squat and press twice, and jump off. It was so much harder than it seemed, because getting your initial footing right was key.



Core: To work our abs, we used the straps for tucks and pikes. When you got tired, you could just hold a plank until the rower completed his or her distance. Tough stuff.



Arms: The final station included t-pushups and shoulder presses. Again, it seemed easy at first but by the time you were on the second round it became my worst nightmare. I have got to work on my push ups, for sure.


When time was called for the last round, I was beat. The class took less than thirty minutes, but it was definitely time well spent. Hi, floor. Let’s hug it out. And, PS, this is the exact moment I realized I needed to rehydrate immediately. There may or may not have been a sweat angel on the floor when I got up.


Luckily for me, I always have Propel on hand. If you haven’t grabbed a few of the liquid water enhancers, you really should. I keep one in my gym bag for emergencies. The gym has ice water, so I had my Propel. Perfect.


Anyway, the class was such a great mix of cardio and strength, which means it’s perfect for people trying to squeeze in a tough workout in a short amount of time. One of the best aspects of it, though, is the mix of teamwork and competition. Since no one can leave each station until the last rower finishes, it really motivates you to row well. No slacking off or you’re basically torturing everyone else by making them work longer. You’re also racing the other rowers, so you want to win anyway. I love how much energy and excitement that creates, you know? I can’t wait to take this class again.

Tonight, though, I’m heading to the gym for a similar class. It’s still has stations, but there is no racing involved. I’m not on my A-game today (no coffee!!), so I’m pretty happy there’s no competition aspect. See y’all later!

What’s the best way to stay fit in your area? Why do YOU love it? 4/23 at 9PM Eastern time, @FitFluential and @Propel_Water are hosting a Twitter chat on outdoor and hometown workouts. One randomly selected participant will *win a GoPro Camera*! Those things are seriously awesome. To join the chat, follow the hashtag #PropelFit. Remember to share all of your #PropelFit moments on the hashtag every day, though!

Weekend Recap: Oh, There’s Candy In These Things?

This weekend flew by, and I’m kind of depressed about it because it was such a good one. It was so good, in fact, that I even got all my workouts in. I know. I’m shocked, too. Can I get a sticker or something?


After work on Friday, I ran some speedwork while Maddux played on his new train. He’s obsessed with Thomas, and he’s tried to take this thing up the stairs several times now.

thomas the train

I know I said I got all my workouts in, but that’s fudging the truth a little. I worked out when I should have, but I didn’t work out as much as I should have. Technicalities. Whatever. Friday I was supposed to run 4 miles, but I only had time for 2.5 miles of HIIT. I had to hurry up and get to dinner. I would skip any workout for Japanese food. Let’s be real.

While we were there, Maddux tried to fight his cousin with chopsticks and dumped an entire salad on the floor when he should have been posing for a picture. Good times. You know he’s done something terrible, because he never smiles in front of the camera.


After dinner, we had cupcakes and ice cream and I got a few belated birthday presents. Can’t say I’m mad at that.


Saturday was a rest day, and you can bet I took full advantage of that. We ended up doing nothing all day until we finally got dressed and headed to the mall. We ate dinner and then played putt-putt. I’ll never tell Maddux that this isn’t the real thing, because it’s freeeeee.


When we got home, it was time for pajamas and Mad Men. No, Maddux isn’t allowed to watch that with me. I can’t really remember, but I’m sure we watched Frozen again before he went to bed. I act like that annoys me, but I still freaking love that movie. I would start quoting it right now, but I don’t want y’all to think I’m weird.


Sunday was Easter, so we got to dress up a little for church. You can wear jeans there, so yes, this was fancy for us. I wore a watch and everything, y’all.

easter 2014

After church we ate lunch and hunted eggs at my Memaw and PopPop’s house. Maddux actually understood the concept of finding Easter eggs.

egg hunt

Until he found candy in them. “NO ONE told me about the CANDY!”


From then on out, he just grabbed eggs, took the candy out, and tossed them back.

egg hunt

I ended up taking most of the candy from him because I’m a jerk. His words, not mine. Then I gave him a mint chocolate for calling me names. He liked it. I’ll never win.

egg hunt

After he had enough chocolate, he went bug hunting. He found an ant.


Easter was actually the first warm, pretty day we’ve had in a while, so we went down to the river to soak it all in.


Then I ran 5 miles, even though I was supposed to run 6. But, you guys, a bug flew into my eye and I had to quit early. Okay, so the having to quit is a lie, but a bug really did breathe his last breath on my iris, though. Sad times.

Now I have to go decide if I want to lift weights, clean the house, or watch more episodes of Mad Men. Only time will tell.

Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

I know. My birthday was almost a week ago. I should probably move on with my life like any other self-respecting adult. I swear I will after I fill y’all in on a few of my favorites from my “birthday week”. Wait. Am I too old for an entire week? Nah…

Favorite Meal


Travinia is probably one of the only chain restaurants that I actually love. Like love, love. Everything they have is perfect. My birthday dinner consisted of wine, bread with dipping oil, antipasto, crab cakes with spinach orzo, and scallops with artichoke-pesto risotto. And those are just the appetizers they offer. I need to be there right now.

Runner Up: Chick Fil-A waffle fries. I’m totally serious, but I do need Chick Fil-A sauce to dip them in. So, make sure you order extra if we ever go there together.

Favorite Drink

pine ridge

The Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier is one of my all-time favorite wines. I love white blends in general, but man, this one is good. Bonus points is that it’s totally affordable. Also, can you tell I’m not a connoisseur? I legitimately don’t know how to describe a wine except for just saying “Yep. Pass me another glass.”

Runner Up: Everything else. What? Drinks are delicious and make life better. We all know it’s true.

Favorite Gift


My new camera is definitely my new favorite thing. It’s like a tiny little DSLR. Well, I mean, technically that’s exactly what it is. I got the Sony Nex-5T in white and I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Now I just need some lenses. I guess I’ll be waiting until April of next year for those.

Runner Up: Lightweight Kettlebells, for the win. I got two small, colorful ones from TJ Maxx, but I wish they had these adjustable kettlebells there. So cute. I just referred to kettlebells as cute. Who am I?


Favorite Shoes


I wore these Aerosoles Brightora Leather T-Strap Wedge Sandals out for my birthday and I am now convinced they are the most comfortable wedges ever. They are definitely simple-looking, but they are so ridiculously padded that I want to wear them for the rest of my life.

Runner Up: These Carlos by Carlos Santana Kaila Wedge Sandals were also thrown into the birthday week rotation, but they are cuter than they are comfortable. Still easy to wear, but nothing like my grandma-like Aerosoles.


Favorite Workout

birthday workout

I will never tire of dorky themed circuits. This one is quick, effective, and requires no equipment. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be your birthday to complete it, so let me know if you try it out!

Runner Up: Chasing Maddux around the house. That kid is getting fast. It’s a problem.

Well, I better go. If I’m going to get my run in today, it needs to happen right this second. So, obviously, I’ll be reporting back tomorrow that it didn’t. ;) Just kidding. I’m going to try.

Disclosure: Friday Favorite posts may contain affiliate links from time to time. I seriously appreciate any and all support for Run Pretty!

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