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Perfect Run + My Arm Has a Pocket {Giveaway}

Yesterday morning I decided to put some of what I learned about running into practice. I didn’t track my miles and I went totally by feel. I swear it was one of the best runs I’ve ever had. I mean, could a running route be more beautiful? I think not.

boone, nc

I definitely wasn’t fast, but I was out there doing my best at that particular moment. It was a good time to practice this new “style” of running since I was going up and down a freaking mountain. If I had been watching my pace, I could have easily tried to push it a little too much. Then I might have 1) tripped and fallen to my death, 2) not paid close enough attention to cars, or 3) never wanted to run ever again in my life. I think I made a smart choice.

boone, nc

While I didn’t need my smartphone for tracking purposes, I still wanted to carry it with me for safety issues. I was running in an unfamiliar place and I am famous for my lack of navigational and decision making skills. I needed a lifeline. Luckily I had my new running buddy with me.

armpocket giveaway

I was recently sent a new armband to test out in exchange for my honest feedback, and it’s safe to say that I’m a fan. The Armpocket is more than just a traditional armband. It’s like the Cadillac of armbands, y’all. Is that still a relevant phrase? Are Cadillacs still a thing? Whatever. I’m not known for being cool.


The band is crazy durable, machine washable, seriously comfortable, and absolutely does not slide around. My favorite thing about using the Armpocket, though, is the ability to carry more than just your phone. There is a credit card/ID slot, a storage strap for your headphones, and room for a house key or three. You can also store your race medal in there, but I’m not sure that recommended. Or normal.

armpocket review

Armpocket has several different band types. I went with the Aero™ i-10 in the brightest possible colors, but you can check out all of the styles on their website. In addition to allowing me to test one out, they are graciously allowing me to give one away! (The winner may not receive the exact model I have. It just depends on size, availability, color, etc. Just a head’s up!) If you’re on the hunt for the perfect armband, make sure to enter via the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end on 11/2 and a winner will be announced the following day. Good luck! I’ll see you guys tomorrow with a weekend recap. :)

Runner’s World Half Race Recaps

I struggled with how to begin these recaps, because there was honestly no racing going on. There was a lot of dancing. There was a lot of laughing. There was a lot of running. There just wasn’t a whole lot of speed.  I’m clearly only speaking for myself. Oh, and for everyone who was kind enough to party on the course with me.

10k dance break

Let’s back it up a bit, though. The Runner’s World Half & Festival is a weekend-long event. There are shake out runs, multiple races, speakers and seminars, delicious dinners, and a whole lot of amazing people to meet.

runner's world rw half ambassadors

I was fortunate enough to attend with the blogger group (full disclosure: they sponsored my involvement in the races), and I left with more memories than I did speedy miles under my belt. I signed up for the Hat Trick, and I had plans to really nail it this time. When I attempted the Hat Trick at Heartbreak Hill, I took it easy. I was bound and determined to actually race something this time. Well, life happened. I’d bore you with the list of excuses, but to sum it up: there was fun stuff to do and I did that stuff instead of training. It is what it is. This is why I run similar half marathon and 5k paces. Apparently it takes work to run fast. Luckily for me, I just enjoy running for the sake of running. Most of the time.


The most awesome part of the races was having three bestfriendsforlife to run with throughout the weekend. I met Dani and Matt in June, but Doug got thrown into the mix to round out our special little racing foursome. We share an affinity for awkward dancing, dumb jokes, and bad karaoke. The four of us ended up hitting the town of Bethlehem hard. I’ve never stayed out so late and had so much fun the night before a race. Much less before multiple races. We’ve obviously got this whole running thing down.


So, about those race recaps. I would be faking it if I sat here and posted the elevation changes, my splits, and “how I felt” throughout each race. I’m learning that I’m not that runner right now and that it’s totally okay. Having fun isn’t a crime, am I right? I will share a few photos and thoughts for each one, though, because I like to hear myself talk. I guess in this case, it’s see myself talk. You get the point.



I really liked the 5k course and I got to see some beautiful fall colors and run on some crunchy leaves. Besides the ability to run faster, what more could a girl want?


The four of us danced our way through Bethlehem and finished in 30:28, which happens to be my current post-gambling PR. I’ll take it. We had about an hour break between the two races, so we checked out the expo, chugged water, and laughed about the miles we just ran.



The 10k was really similar to the 5k just, you know, longer. In case you were wondering, I think all the fun we had the night before really hit me around mile four. I probably said “Just leave me here to die!” and “I’m going to puke!” about 3,000 times. I’m a blast to run with, y’all. We finished in 1:01, and I was very happy to finally cross that finish line.

runner's world 10k

I have never devoured a bagel faster than I did after that race, and I now know that I’m not 21 and invincible anymore. Going to have to remember that in the future.



The third and final race was the following day. We went to bed at a decent hour before the half, so at least I went into it knowing I wouldn’t want to die. That was a plus. The half was pretty freaking hilly for the 7 or 8 miles, so if I were doing a real race recap I would probably share that piece of information with you. Once again, we took it easy and laughed our way through the entire 13.1 miles. My abs ached afterwards and it certainly wasn’t from sprinting.

runner's world half

There were dance breaks, porta potty stops, outfit changes, candies from strangers, and statue kisses. All normal and expected things, of course.


We finished in 2:10, which means we ran at almost exactly the same pace as the previous day’s races. Consistency counts for something, right? Honestly, I would probably be embarrassed of my times if it weren’t for the memories I got to walk away with. Is that supremely cheesy? Yes. But it’s also the absolute truth.

If you’re looking for actual recaps, these people might have more intelligent things to say: Aliah from The Get Fit Diva, Matt from No Meat Athlete, Katie from Ms Fit Runner, Kristen from Fit Bottomed Girls, Doug from Rock Creek Runner, Sarah from Picky Runner, Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders, Ali from Ali on the Run, Katie from Runs for Cookies, Jamie from From Couch To Ironwoman, Beth from Shut Up And Run, Lauren from The Foodie Runner, Charlene from FAB Running, and Dick from Better Cheaper Slower.

In addition to thanking Runner’s World for inviting me, I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who came out and supported the runners during each race. I was blown away by the amount of crowd support there was on each course. It’s crazy how there was such a small-town feel yet there were people cheering us on at almost every turn. Bethlehem, you rock. Hope to see you again sometime!

Weekend Recap: Bethlehem, Bart, and Besties

Get ready for some honesty, y’all. I ran out of time today and I don’t actually have a real post ready for you in regards to the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival. Runner’s World has graciously allowed me to tag along to their events twice now (full disclosure: they sponsored my involvement in the races) and I don’t want to forget anything important. Instead of recapping the races tonight, I’m just going with one of my favorite types of posts: sentence per picture. I’m getting a little too used to writing these, aren’t I?


What “Team Wombat” lacked in scavenger hunt skills, we more than made up for in enthusiasm and general awesomeness.

team wombat rw half


I was more than excited to receive this new yoga gear, but man was it embarrassing trying to “gracefully” use it all.

yoga essentials


They fed us the best food this weekend, and I really don’t know how I’ll cope with having to cook my own mediocre food again.



A very important lesson was learned this weekend: cheap beer does not make you better at blackjack or faster during races.

sands casino


There is clearly no better way to prepare for a race than to pull a Taylor and just “Shake It Off”  at the start.

10k dance break


I love, love, love meeting new people and these were some pretty awesome ones.

runner's world rw half ambassadors


  Golden is now known for three equally important things: running a 2:45 marathon at age 12, founding Altra, and throwing sick gang signs.



No big deal, just an altercation with an elderly woman who happened to have an abnormal amount of road rage.

runner problems


I had trouble adding multiple layers to my ensemble and apparently that lady can’t really relate.



It’s not a Runner’s World race without forcing Bart Yasso to take multiple pictures with you.

bart yasso


No worries, y’all. I will post an actual recap soon. In the meantime, just know that I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to head to Bethlehem this weekend. I always come back from trips like this feeling a mix of appreciation and inspiration. Now let’s just see if I use that motivation as momentum to actually do something else soon. I said after the last Hat Trick that I might run a marathon, but maybe this time I’ll actually do it. ;)

Question: If you run races, what was the best one you ran all year? I’m looking to form a little game plan for next year and I’d love some input!

Fitness Meets Fashion: Target® C9 Collection

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

Today’s post is one of my favorites of the week for two reasons: I got to go shopping at Target® and I got to pose awkwardly in the clothes I found before writing it. I never need an excuse to shop at my favorite store, but embarrassing myself is icing on the cake. Luckily for me, the clothes steal the show so you don’t notice my insanity quite as much.
target c9 collection

During my little fitness shopping spree, I chose the C9 by Champion® Paisley Legging and Cowl Neck Layered Tank. I’d be lying if I said it was an easy decision. I mean, I wanted to try so many different outfits on. Is this not the typical Target® problem or what? So much good stuff, y’all.

Ultimately, I decided to go with a combination I didn’t have much of: printed leggings and a bright tank top. I really, really love the pieces I ended up with. They even inspired this emo-style selfie, so you know it’s real love.

target c9

I told Ryne this was my “bae caught me slippin” look but he didn’t get it. He’s getting old. Anyway, back to the clothes.

C9 by Champion® Paisley Legging: While the look of these leggings initially caught my eye, the fabric’s feel and fit is what ultimately won me over. They are extremely comfortable yet tight enough to stay put during even the toughest of workouts. I run in these and they are perfect. Not to thick and not too thin. Plus, hello, they’re paisley.

C9 by Champion® Cowl Neck Layered Tank: I cheated a little on this one and chose a tank that I already owned, just in a different color. Why? Because it’s amazing. The built in bra is actually thick and supportive, which is usually not the case with these types of tanks. The top layer is flowy but very flattering. Definitely a keeper.

target c9

One of the best parts about my new outfit is that it’s perfect for fall evening runs. Right now it’s not quite cool enough to bring out the winter running gear, but the slightly cooler temps mean that my legs are loving a little covering. When it does finally get chilly, all I’ll need to do is grab a jacket on the way out the door.

night run

And with skies like that, I hope I’ll be outside more often than not. What about where you live? Have you busted out the cold-weather gear yet? We’re in this weird “60 degrees one day, 90 degrees the next” phase which means it’ll be 30 degrees before you know it. ;)

Thursday Thoughts + A Question For Y’all

1. I’ve been spending more time running outside lately, and I have definitely developed a fondness for certain songs. I know this is going to sound cheesy, but “power songs” totally exist. And they work. Any time “Boom Clap” comes on, I swear I can sprint like a cheetah. It’s weird for two reasons: 1.) I don’t even like the song that much and 2.) the tempo is not particularly fast. My love for this song while running will just have to go down as one of life’s little mysteries.

2. Speaking of running, I’m at the point where I’m torn between outdoors and the treadmill again. While I’ve had some beautiful runs lately, I’ve also encountered way more wildlife than usual. Apparently I’m not the only one enjoying the slightly cooler evenings and pretty sunsets.

beautiful sky

Last night, I almost had a heart attack on three separate occasions. First, I almost smashed a toad under my shoe. Second, I almost tripped over a cute little bunny. Finally, a few feet from my house, I was attacked by a bat. Fine, attacked is a stretch but he did look like he was flying directly toward my face. I don’t know if running at dusk is my thing.

3. Sugar is another thing I go back and forth on a lot. One day I’m all “Oh em gee, Bojangles Bo Berry Biscuits!” and the next day I’m like “I’m never eating sugar again, ever!” Well, I actually never say the second one. I do randomly think about cutting back, though. I feel better overall when I limit the sweet stuff, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard for me.


I have a serious sweet tooth, which is weird because I wasn’t a huge fan of sweets growing up. Pregnancy brought on my candy addiction and I still haven’t kicked it two years later. Yeah, I’m blaming my kid for this one. Anyway, I don’t really have a plan or a goal here, I’m just rambling. Sugarrrr.

4. I love, love, love going on “dates” with my kid. He’s at the age now where we can sit and have discussions, and they are hilarious. He is turning into quite the little comedian. Sure, most of his jokes right now are about poop and boogers, but I swear they’re really funny. ;)

5. I’ve been posting workouts with step-by-step pictures lately, and I’m having a blast putting them together. I’ve done a few based on specific equipment and a few based on certain themes, but I would love to have input on what you guys would like to see next.

playground workout

If you have any suggestions for workouts you’d like to see, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to try to put them together in the future.

6. This week Ryne mentioned we should take one last beach trip this year while it’s still warm out. You don’t have to twist my arm. I think that’s my favorite thing about my husband. He’s always down for some fun. We are opposites in a lot of ways, but being spontaneous is the one thing we have in common. I dig it.

Hilton Head Beach Walk 5

So, long story short, tomorrow after work we’re heading straight for the coast. I told Maddux where we were going today and he is so excited. I can’t wait, either! I hope to check in while we’re on the road, but I might just be back Monday. If I don’t “see” you tomorrow, have a great weekend. :)

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