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Twenty-Minute Total-Body Kettlebell Circuit Workout

Thanks for dealing with my small panic attack last night. Today I actually haven’t sat down to study at all yet. Go figure. I had big plans to try to make time to sit down and study after I ran. Both of those things didn’t happen, but I did eat dinner tonight with my boys. Shrimp nachos can get me to skip a lot of things.

Earlier today, M and I went on an all-day adventure buying school supplies. I got him a book bag and some lunch containers and I snagged a few small things for my classroom, too. I still can’t believe it’s almost time for him to go to daycare and for me to go back to work. Did summer even happen? Not so sure about that one.

Anyway, since I don’t have much else to say, I thought I’d share the kettlebell workout I completed on Monday.

kettlebell circuit

It was super quick, a ton of fun, and required minimal equipment. I’d say that it was definitely a huge success, considering time for fitness has been pretty limited lately. Oh, and remember, I’m no M.D. so check with your doctor before switching up your routine too drastically. Have fun!

total body kettlebell circuit

And now for a breakdown of the moves:

Side-Step Swings: Grab the kettlebell with both hands and perform a basic kettlebell swing. When the kettlebell is heading down towards your feet, step the to the left; then, when the bell is heading up, bring the right foot to meet the left (standing up straight). Continue swinging and side-stepping for 20 total reps, 10 reps each way.

Windmills: Hold the kettlebell in your left hand and stand with feet a little further than shoulder width apart. Raise the kettlebell overhead and turn your right foot to about a 45 degree angle. Keep your eyes on the kettlebell as you shift your weight and begin hinging at the waist. Keep the left arm extended overhead as you bend forward and reach toward the ground by your right foot with your right hand. Continue for a total of 10 reps before switching sides.

Deadlifts: Stand with the kettlebell between your feet on the floor. Squat down and grab the handle with both hands while keeping your back flat. Make sure you squat as low as you can while still ensuring your shins are vertical and your hips are higher than your knees. Keeping your core engaged and your glutes tight, lift yourself back up to standing. Continue for a total of 10 reps.

Half Get-Ups: Grab the kettlebell with your left hand. Lie on your back with your left leg bent and your right leg straight. Hold the kettlebell straight up overhead. Without taking your eyes off the kettlebell or bending your left arm, roll onto your right side and prop yourself up on your right elbow before straightening it completely. Reverse the move to return to the starting position. Continue for a total of 10 reps before switching sides.

Spider Drags: Position yourself into a forearm plank with the kettlebell resting next to your right arm. Lift yourself into push-up position, one arm at a time. Reach your left arm under your right arm, grab the kettlebell, and drag it to the left side. Return to the forearm plank and repeat for a total of 20 reps, 10 for each arm.

I tried to do that circuit as quickly as I could and was sweating up a freaking storm by the end. I love how kettlebells turn every workout into a true cardio session. Makes me feel less lazy when it comes to skipping runs. Right now I’m being super productive by watching that movie about talking Legos. Hopefully you’re doing better at life than I am tonight. ;)

Two Weeks

Only two weeks left until I take my NASM CPT exam. To say that I am freaking out would be an understatement. I definitely had a solid overall understanding of it all, but it’s time to really knuckle down and get the specific terms and definitions imprinted into my brain. Cram session, anyone?


I haven’t worked out tonight, and at this point it’s pretty clear that it just might not happen. I did get in a fun kettlebell workout last night, so at least I’ve done something so far this week. I’ll post the workout tomorrow, so keep a look out for that.

kettlebell workout

Anyway, my brain is fried. If I continued to talk tonight, I would probably end up saying something ridiculous. See y’all tomorrow!

Question 1: What was the last major test/exam you took? Did you feel totally prepared? Please just say no so that I’ll feel better about myself.

Question 2: Any last minute study tips for me? Chewing gum is the only thing I can think of, because I just want some gum. I could use the help, y’all!

Work Out With Friends: #PropelFit Stair Circuit Workout

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on Behalf of Propel. I was compensated and all opinions are my own.

Good morning! As y’all may remember, I’ve been working to complete monthly fitness challenges chosen by Propel. This month was all about getting sweaty with people who love you enough to ignore how gross you are. That’s right, your friends are there for you no matter how much you smell. A few weeks ago, I went on a trail run with a few of my favorites. This time, I chose to tackle a stair workout with my husband.


That’s right. I suckered him into a morning workout just like I suckered him into marrying me. I’m getting really good at this. The one thing I haven’t mastered? Getting him to be enthusiastic about selfies. One day, old man, one day.


Our workout history is totally hot and cold. We ran together for a while, but I tended to want to run longer distances while he wanted to whoop my butt with speed workouts. We tried lifting together, but our home gym is just too small for two people to comfortably move around. The one thing we always agree on is a new challenge. He came with me for a SUP workout, because it was totally new to both of us. I think that’s the key for our fitness relationship to work: excitement. We are much more likely to enjoy ourselves when it’s difficult or new for both of us. When one of us can clearly beat the other, it’s not as fun. We might be a tad too competitive and I might happen to be a sore loser. Yes, that was me willingly admitting that I always lose, Ryne. Mark that one down because it will never happen again.

Anyway, our workout took place at the amphitheater by the river. Such good scenery, don’t you think? Ignore the stairs of death.

stair workout

We were sweating before we even got started. It was ridiculously hot out, so we took a Propel break before coming up with a game plan for the workout. Any excuse for a delicious hydration break, am I right? I just tried the Cranberry Lime for the first time this month and now I’m hooked. It’s like a little party in a bottle, complete with house music only I can hear. Don’t worry about it. It’s normal.

Once we settled on a workout, we were ready to get started. Our plan was one person sprint up and down the stairs twice while the other did a body weight move on the ground. You couldn’t stop until the “runner” was back down for the second time.

Photo Jun 22, 10 18 27 AMphoto(86)

We started with push ups, which cracks me up because I pretty much just had to plank the whole time. My push up game is weak, y’all. I would have done “girl” push ups but the ground grinding into my knees wasn’t all that pleasant.

push up

Next up was different crunches and sit up variations. That one seemed so easy, but I swear I was so tired that anything would have been difficult at that point.


Finally, we busted out some air squats, which may or may not be the most embarrassing thing ever. When families would walk by, I felt like I was droppin’ it in the club. Only, you know, without being able to actually dance. I have no rhythm, but that’s a story for another day.


I can’t really remember how long it took us, but I remember sweating like a beast so I guess it was long enough. I thought we would end it with a Propel chugging selfie, but Ryne said that was lame. He will cave one day, just wait. But really, nothing has ever tasted so good in my life. Work hard, drink… hard? Eh. We’ll work on that.


So there you have it. I worked out with my husband and we didn’t kill each other. I ran stairs and I only tripped a few times. I drank my favorite drink and only took one or three embarrassing pictures while doing so. Basically, it was a lot of fun and I have a feeling we’ll be back pretty soon.

Question: Do you enjoy working out with your significant other? I’d love to say “Always!”, but it usually doesn’t pan out. We end up working better together when it’s mutually challenging or we have our personal space. We’re five-years-old like that.

Friday Favorites: 7/11

Happy Friday! We’ve been taking it pretty easy this morning. M had to get some shots at the doctor today, but I think I took it worse than he did. He’s pretty much a champ. I bought him a coloring book and a donut because I felt so bad about it all. Sprinkles fix anything in our house, and they might be his favorite thing right now. Speaking of favorites, it’s time for another round of ‘em today! (Did I just go overboard on the cheesiness? Probably.)


Skechers Sport

A few weeks ago, I received a pair of Skechers Women’s Equalizer Oasis shoes from the company in exchange for a little bit of feedback. A blog post wasn’t required, but I definitely ended up liking these enough to chat about them on here. My absolute favorite thing about them is that they are totally different than all of my running shoes. And that’s because they aren’t running shoes. They had to explain that to me because I don’t catch on quickly.

skechers sportThese are a sport sneaker, and I found out they are absolutely perfect for group fitness classes. They are built with Skech-Knit Mesh one piece uppers, shock absorbing and lightweight midsoles, Gel Infused Memory Foam insoles, and flexible rubber traction outsoles. They are built for comfort, and are meant to be used for a ton of movement! I prefer pretty minimalist running shoes, but they don’t offer enough support for me when I’m dancing around in class. The Equalizer Oasis sneakers are the perfect addition to my little shoe collection. I’m glad I finally have a shoe made specifically for my favorite workouts outside of running. It doesn’t hurt that I think they’re really pretty, too.


PiYo Strength

Speaking of my favorite workouts, I think I have a new one to add to the list: PiYo. I attended a class while I was in Orlando and I’m pretty sure I fell in love. It definitely breaks my heart that there aren’t any classes located close enough to me to be able to go regularly. I guess that means I need to get certified, right?

PiYo LivePiYo is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that blends Pilates and yoga. If you’re like me and “regular” yoga makes you zone out a bit (not in the Zen way), then you’d probably love PiYo. It builds strength, improves flexibility, and makes you sweat more than you ever have in your life. For real, y’all. I was disgusting when I left class. It was awesome. If there is a class near you, I hope you check it out!


Buffalo Wing Goldfish Puffs

While we were on vacation, I snagged a bag of these goldfish from the gas station and my mind was blown.

goldfish puffsI wouldn’t say I’m a huge snacker, but these things have me singing a different tune. Hand me ALL the snacks, please. As long as they are puffy and buffalo-flavored. I bought the big grocery-store-sized one when we got home. I’m an addict.


Born to Run

While I was at FitBloggin, the lovely folks at the Health Warrior booth saw me staring at some book they had propped up on the table. After we chatted about chia seeds and running, they let me take Born To Run home with me. They rock for that.

born to runI’ve only just started reading, but I can already tell it’s going to make me want to run longer races at some point in my life. I’m stressing “at some point” because the thought is still overwhelming to me right now.


Patio Life

We finally got a patio built in our backyard and it has totally changed our evenings. I used to hate going outside to play back there because we just had weeds and dirt. Now we have stones and sod.

patio Basically, it’s a million times nicer and I don’t have to wear shoes out there anymore. Oh, and it’s less likely that I’ll die of a venomous snake bite now. I guarantee you they were lurking in the jungle we used to have.

Question: Do you use different shoes for running, lifting, and group fitness? I used to only have different shoes for different runs (terrain, length, etc) but my new training shoes are a game changer. Lesson totally learned.

Disclosure: Some Friday Favorite posts may contain affiliate links. I seriously appreciate any and all support for Run Pretty!

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