One Year Older and None The Wiser

Hey guys! I turned twenty-seven yesterday, but I’m still 100% more likely to act like a child than an adult. I feel like other bloggers typically share “27 things I learned in my 27th year” type posts around their birthdays. That’s not my thing. Mainly because I wouldn’t be able to think of anything. I still make poor choices on the reg. Case in point, I accidentally wore heels to the Masters. In my defense, I left work and headed straight there. But, man, what a dumb move.

masters 2015

And my child definitely takes after me, because he kept asking where “the tiger in the woods” was last week. Um. At least the kid’s good looking, right?

tiger woods

One brilliant choice I made, though, was buying both of these bad boys. I haven’t had an actual birthday cake yet, y’all. I obviously had to buy all the sprinkles. Had to.

smallcakes cupcakes
I guess I should also mention the fact that I never get on here, but that probably makes me sound like a broken record at this point. I’ll get back to it soon, but I haven’t had the time or energy lately. In the meantime, we better follow each other on Twitter and Instagram. I still live on those. ;) Have a great week!

What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I’m still not ready to post regularly again, but I thought it would be fun to check in really quickly. I swear I have actually done some stuff other than embarrassing myself on a daily basis. I guess I just want to prove that, y’all. Indulge me?



My toddler is now a full-on kid, and I don’t know how or when it happened. He recently told me what an Octagon was and then proceeded to explain to me that if I added red and yellow, I would get orange. He knows so much new stuff everyday that I seriously can’t keep up. The only thing I can’t get him to remember is that some special occasions are once a year. Last weekend he said, “It’s never my birthday, Mama.” Tough life isn’t it, kid?


running weather

It’s no secret that I’ve been in a terrible workout slump for the past few months. That being said, I’m actually optimistic that things are really going to improve this time. I’ve started running outside again, thanks to the later sunsets. <-Who else is excited about it? I also went up in my squat weight, which is insane since I haven’t been doing them at all lately. Rest clearly does you good, y’all.


small cakes augusta

Um, I’ve been hitting the sugar hard to say the least. Instead of letting it get me down, I’m just going to remember that it always comes in waves for me. Pretty soon I’ll be bored and be begging for a change. Or, you know, a veggie. But, right now, I have Smallcakes on speed dial. I’d say it was an issue, but it’s been pretty freaking delicious. Get the salted caramel ones and thank me later.


pendulum appliance

I know. I need to cut back on the sweets. Other than that, I’m feeling great. In related news, I’m working on my dental health. I can’t believe I didn’t mention this last month at all, but I got a pendulum appliance (that hideous thing up there) put in the roof of my mouth. I sound ridiculous when I talk, but it won’t be long until I switch it out for Invisalign. Which, as I’ve heard, will continue to make me sound ridiculous. All in the name of healthy, pearly whites, am I right?



I feel like I never properly recapped Vegas and then I was immediately flying to DC. Instead of trying to recap them both now, I thought I’d just touch on how much I appreciate the experiences I’ve had lately. Heading to DC was especially amazing, because we were able to lobby for things I’m passionate about: health, fitness, and children. It’s official, I Love. My. Job.

So, that’s pretty much it. Thrilling, right? Pick and topic and update me on your life now!

Day in the Life: Two in a Row

Fridaaaay! This week has been a freaking doozy, y’all. Not bad, per se. Just unusual. I originally wanted to share a fun “day in the life” type post this week, because I haven’t done one since I changed jobs. Then all hell broke loose and I had two days that were unlike any typical day. I’m actually starting to wonder if I ever have those to begin with, or if I was lying to myself when I thought I had some sort of routine. I started off tracking Wednesday and then I ended up not getting home until 9:30 PM, and I was kind of embarrassed that I never made time for a workout. Then I tracked Thursday, so that I could redeem myself. Nope. Thursday was wild. I’ll get to that later, though. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Wednesday – 7:30 AM

I woke up, showered, drank my coffee, ate breakfast, and even played on my phone before my little man got up. And I actually had to wake him up, because he decided he didn’t want to go to bed until midnight. He’s such a party animal. We were equally as nuts in the morning.


Wednesday – 8:00 AM

After I dropped him off at school, I stopped by Whole Foods for fruit and chocolate for the all day meeting I was heading into at work. I told the cashier it was my breakfast, but she didn’t even bat an eye.

whole foods fruit and chocolate

Wednesday – 9:00 AM

Breakfast number two happened shortly thereafter. That cinnamon bagel was ridiculous. Panera, you impress me daily.


Wednesday – 12:00 PM

Before I knew it, it was time to break for lunch. Pass me the sugary salad, please. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much fruit before noon.

chick fila salad

Wednesday – Lost Track of the Time

Yeah, so at this point I’m not even really sure what happened when. Although I do know that I got chocolate from this cookie all over my white pants. It’s not that great of a look.

cookie break

Wednesday – 6:30 PM

We headed straight from work to Bees Knees, which is like the best reward ever. I’m pretty sure one of literally everything on the menu was ordered.

bees knees

Wednesday – 9:30 PM

I had big plans to work out when I got home, but that clearly didn’t happen. Bed, meet face.


Thursday – 7:00 AM

I woke up the next day ready to work out, eat less sugar, and just be an all-around boss. It started off well. I had veggies and eggs, coffee, and a multivitamin. I even drank some water. Yeah. Bring it, Thursday.

veggie eggs

Thursday – 9:00 AM

I realized immediately that I should have had carbs or something at breakfast because I was starving two hours later. I ate a bunch of almonds and moved on with my life.


Thursday 11:30 AM

This is where things started going down hill. My coworker, Molly, brilliantly suggested that we go give blood. I told her I was terrified of needles, blood, and any kind of medical environment. I went anyway. I really and truly wanted to tackle my fears head-on. I mean, what could actually go wrong, right? We called everyone that declined to go with us wusses on the way out, which in retrospect was a terrible call.

Thursday 12:00 PM

We arrived at the blood center, and I felt like a million bucks. Needles? Blood? Whatever, I got this. I joked that I was going to pass out when it was my turn. We laughed. I signed up, got my free t-shirt and coupons, and headed to pre-screening. My blood pressure was good, my iron was fine, and they told me to hop up and head across the room.

I stood up and walked toward the line of chairs, but I started to veer off course. I got really hot, but I brushed it off because obviously no one is as tough and awesome as me. I made eye contact with a volunteer and mumbled that I probably shouldn’t be dizzy already. She tried to understand what I was saying, but I started to turn away… and scene.

I was out like a freaking light. I don’t remember anything after that but apparently I went down like plywood and tried to latch on to a lady giving blood on the way down. Nice. Real nice.

I woke up a few minutes later in the middle of the room, covered in ice packs, with my feet straight up in the air. Not embarrassing or awkward in the slightest. My first words were, “DID I JUST PASS OUT?” I’m an idiot. Apparently I’m the first person in history to pass out before giving blood.

Thursday 2:00 PM

I returned my t-shirt because I was too ashamed to keep it, but I still cashed in my “free sno cone” ticket. Then I chugged an orange juice and ate an Oreo cupcake. So much for watching my sugar intake that day. I had to go back to work without a cool bandage on my arm and without saving any lives. If anything, I slowed down the process for everyone else. But, I lived to tackle this fear another day.


Thursday 5:00 PM

After work, I picked up my boy and headed to Walgreens. According to him, we needed Play Doh and we needed it now.

play doh

Thursday 5:15 PM

Before I opened his new toys, I made him dinner. He requested carrots and apples. I am so impressed that he managed to eat better than I did, but I’m not surprised. He’s pretty smart. After he ate, he went to his grandparents to spend the night. He was jacked.

healthy toddler dinner

Thursday 6:30 PM

Ryne brought me dinner, because I totally played up the invalid card. I asked for a salad or cold sub. He brought a grilled wrap. He felt bad about it, so I pretended to be stoked. Unfortunately, it looked as if they coated the entire outside of the wrap with ranch dressing. Gross. I ate it anyway.

too much ranch

Thursday 8:00 PM

We went out to run some errands and this song came on. Clearly my luck was beginning to change. Pump it up, y’all.


Thursday 8:15 PM

And then I wasn’t as lucky as I thought. Oh well. It was worth a shot.



Thursday 9:00 PM

I could have worked out, I guess. But that seemed like a crazy idea at the time. Plus, Scandal was on.


Then I crashed for the second night in a row. Better luck next week? ;)

Around My House

HAPPY WEEKEND! Once again, I let the entire week go by without remembering to post anything on here. Then I logged in and realized that I still have nothing truly interesting or helpful to share. Did I ever used to post workouts and recipes? That seems like such a long time ago. I’m sort of embarrassed that I haven’t just shut this whole thing down now that it’s nothing more than a glorified diary. I’m giving myself one month to get it together. If I don’t, I’ll pull the plug. Deal? Until then, I’ll do weird things like ramble about being lazy and fill out random surveys. I found this “Around My House” survey on Heather’s blog, and decided it would be fun to do while I wait for Netflix to load on the TV (because Comcast internet is awful). Here we go…

• Household chore I actually enjoy:

By far, my favorite chore is organizing. That’s probably because I don’t like actually cleaning anything. Hmm. But seriously, the happiest you’ll ever see me is when everything is put away in an orderly fashion. The toddler does not understand this concept, but he’ll catch my OCD eventually.

messy room

• Our biggest house disaster is…

The pantry. Oh, the pantry. For someone who loves food and organization as much as I do, I’m not proud of the set up in there. I think the problem is that when I want food, I want it now. I always pretend I’ll worry about the mess I’m creating while looking for ingredients later. But then I get hungry again before I can work on sorting all of the junk. It’s a vicious cycle.

• Before company arrives, I hide…

Nothing? I mean, I don’t lead a double life. Who has stuff to hide? And why would that stuff just be lying around to begin with? I have so many follow up questions for this. Actually, now that I think about it, I probably hide any really good snacks. I’d just toss ‘em in the panty… Oh, that’s the problem, isn’t it?

• Most recent music download:

I don’t really download music. I love my Spotify. I wish I could claim otherwise, but the last station I listened to was Disney. Rockin’ out to Frozen, y’all.

• The last thing I bought online was…

I found some new blouses and a pair of pumps from thredUP. I saved like 80% off of retail, so it’s like I didn’t even go shopping. I’m addicted to that site. The key is learning how to create shops on there, because they’ll send you messages when the items you’re looking for come in. And I’m a sucker, so I purchase them every time.


• I hate to shop for…

Anything that takes time. I like quick shopping trips where I can run in, grab what I need, and head out. Except for when I’m at Target. I’ll spend all day at Target. I don’t even care.

• Favorite family ritual:

I wouldn’t say this is a full-on ritual, but I love that we let our son pick most of our dinners out. It’s hilarious that he has such a strong opinion about meals. Right now, his two favorites are Chick Fila and Miyabi. I can’t complain about either of those.

• I sleep in…

Outfits that don’t match. If it matches, I don’t want to sleep in it. Conversely, I always want M’s toddler pajamas to match and it annoys me when Ryne doesn’t pair them up correctly. I’m a peach. Side note: I don’t always wear my pajamas on the beach, but when I do… I’m drinking.


• I have a style crush on…

I don’t even know enough about fashion to have a true style crush, but I’ve said Jennifer Anniston in the past. I’m sticking to that. Also, I like her arms. And abs. Yeah, I want to be her.

• I’m currently reading…

These questions. Isn’t that an obvious answer?

• How did I ever live without…

Dark chocolate. I blame my coworkers, but now I’m obsessed. I swear I thought I hated it. I was so wrong. What else have I been wrong about in life?


Okay… Your turn! Pick a question and answer it in the comments section below. I have officially given up on being able to watch House of Cards tonight, so your answers an entertain me until I go to bed. :)

Weekend Recap: Dips, Donuts, & Dancing

Somehow it’s already Tuesday, guys. I sort of remember Monday happening, but at this point I’m not entirely sure it did. Since the week has definitely gotten started, I guess it’s time to recap the weekend. That also flew by. Two sentences per picture works for me.

Oh, you have a salad bar? Great, I’ll take one of everything.

jasons deli salad bar

He couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror during his haircut. He really is mine.


Free coffee for mom. Playground for the kids.

free chick fila coffee

I started out doing one workout, quit, and then started another. I quit that one, too.

workout mat

I forgot what it was like to go out with “the girls”. Can that happen more often?

girls night out

Bonefish has make your own donuts as an appetizer. You’re welcome.

bonefish donuts

I swear every single time we leave the house, we come home with a new Thomas toy. We are suckers.

tj maxx

Mom tip: blow dry the paint between colors so they don’t mix. I’m OCD, I know.

mom tricks

Get ready for another broken record: I am still lacking motivation to complete my workouts. I keep thinking I’ve snapped out of it and then it somehow gets worse. I think it’s 75% due to time-constraints/stress and 25% the crappy weather. I’ll just cross my fingers that, through some miracle, everything goes better in March. That’s a lucky month, right?