Wednesday Rambles + COVERGIRL Giveaway

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We’re over half way through the work week, y’all! I don’t know about you, but my brain is a little fried right now. We’re leaving on Friday for Disney, and to say I’m unprepared is the understatement of the year. Lately my life has been all about wingin’ it, so I guess this is no exception. Instead of a full-blown post, I just wanted to check in and ramble a bit. I know. That’s all I’ve been doing on here. I’ll get back into the swing of things soon, I hope. In the mean time, I’m just going to start talking.

1. This morning I got up a little early a ran on the treadmill. Are you as shocked as I am? I don’t know if morning workouts will become a daily habit, but I’d like to incorporate them at least once or twice a week if I can. Sleep is just really nice, though, y’all.

2. We just paid over twenty dollars for a Redbox movie rental and Ryne has decided we aren’t allowed to get them anymore. We always forget about those things. A few more days and we would have owned that sucker. We should have just stuck with it.

3. My sister actually did have to buy one recently. We are now the proud owners of How to Train your Dragon, thanks to her generously gifting it to Maddux. I keep wanting to call it How to Lose a Dragon in Ten Days, which is proof that I’ve watched too many chick flicks.

4. I’m guessing that the little accidental movie purchase was my sister’s Christmas gift to my child. Which reminds me that I still need to go shopping for gifts. My dad’s side of the family decided we were doing homemade gifts only. It should be interesting, to say the least. Any ideas?

5. I may not have all of my gifts ready to go, but at least I know I’ll look put together during the holidays thanks to COVERGIRL and Rent the Runway. SheSpeaks and Walmart sent me a fun little package that included a Colorlicious Lipstick and a gift card to rent a dress for a holiday party or night out. The new COVERGIRL lipsticks come in 36 different shades ranging from smooth nudes to rich reds. I’ve seriously just started wearing darker lip colors, so I’m excited to add to my collection.

Reds No Cap_12082014135521

I love that I can afford to grab a few more colors and that I can find all of them at Walmart. Avoiding the mall this time of year? Huge plus. The same goes for renting a dress. Truth time: I don’t have  New Year’s plans yet but I am about to change that since I found the perfect dress to rent. No big deal.

Rent The Runway Giveaway

Oh, one more thing. Y’all have a chance to win the same package I received! SheSpeaks will provide and ship a COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lipstick and a $50 Rent the Runway Gift Card to one lucky reader.  Enter via the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to US residents only. It will end Saturday night at 11:59 pm ET and a winner will be announced first thing Sunday morning. This is a quick turnaround because they want you to be looking smokin’ hot in time for the New Year! Good luck!

So, About that New Job

I kept planning on hopping on here to talk about switching careers, but I never really had the time to sit down and get started. I wanted to find a way to convey my excitement for the new job while still stressing how much I enjoyed my time teaching. There wasn’t really an easy way to do that. So, here it is: I loved working with children but teaching wasn’t a good long-term fit for me. It is what it is. I’ll miss watching them learn. I’ll definitely miss watching them play. I’ll sort of miss being 100% ridiculous at all times. Okay, fine. I’ll really miss that.

embarrassing As far as the new job goes, I’m currently still in that awkward phase of figuring out exactly what my role is at the office. Some days I feel like I’m putting myself out there too much and other days I’m practically hiding in the corner. That being said, I know this is where I should be right now. That is such a great feeling, y’all. And, I know I said I missed being ridiculous, but I still get to be a little weird here. And that’s pretty awesome.

So, where is here? Augusta Sportswear. I’ll be mentioning them again, I’m sure. But until then, just know that there are big things coming for this company and I can’t wait to be a part of it. If you have a chance, follow them on Instagram and Twitter. You can be our pal on Facebook, too, if you want. 2015 will bring exciting changes for Augusta, so I hope you’re around when they happen!

PS: I tried to keep the cheesiness levels down on this post, but I struggled with that. My bad, y’all.

PPS: If you are contemplating making a change in your life, I totally support going for it. You’ll never know until you try. Dang it. The cheesiness is back in full force.

Weekend Recap: 10 Random Facts

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How is everyone’s Monday going? I just had lunch at Whole Foods, so today’s been a good one for me. Those rice bowls, man. They are pretty perfect. Anyway, instead of my usual weekend recap, I thought I’d throw some facts at y’all today. I’m pretty smart, so you should learn a lot.

1. Christmas and fish go together like Christmas and anything else.

myrtle beach aquarium

2. I love sea creatures. Nature is amazing.


3. Wait, no. I hate nature. Nature is frightening.


4. He is going to kill me for this. I love that we make fun of each other for trying to make our toddler happy.

johnny rockets

5. My toddler poses for photos like a boss. “Say cheese, Mama!”


6. This is healthy.

cheese fries

7. The Deal or No Deal Game is 100% rigged. I won one ticket even though my negotiating skills were flawless.


8. When you have kids, you never get your own food. Ever.

stuffed french toast

9. I ate a vegetable this weekend. This is proof.


10. We are totally making cookies for Santa. I’m Santa.

Check out Santa’s Favorite Treats: 15 Creative Cookie & Bar Recipes

by Presley at

Seriously, though, whoever invented the tradition of leaving cookies out for the big man is a genius. Now, I just have to decide which ones “he’ll” love the most. ;) Are any of y’all baking for Christmas? Comment with your favorite cookie or bar recipe, please. We’ll be best friends for life if you help me find a new favorite. Oh, if you’re curious, I’m still struggling with working out. Maybe I should spend more time collecting workouts and less time collecting dessert recipes. Hmm.

Friday Favorites + Myrtle Beach Bound

It’s Friiiiday! I hope you all had a great week. Right now, we’re on the way to Myrtle Beach. Since I’m stuck in the car listening to Bubble Guppies, I might as well get on here and talk about things I’m actually interested in.

Tacky Office Decor

cubicle decorations
Seriously, is that not the most obnoxiously awesome Christmas decor you’ve ever seen? We had a cubicle decorating contest at work. I don’t think I even need to say which group was the clear winner. We found all of this stuff at Hobby Lobby, and I bet they’re glad someone actually bought it. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Basic Reva Flats

all black reva

I had been shopping around for some Tory Burch Reva Flats for a while, but I wanted them to be super plain. I know, I’m boring. I finally found some all black ones and I’m officially obsessed. I just basically pretend that they go with everything.



I received a Popsugar Must Have Box this month that included a Sparklepop necklace. I rarely wear jewelry, so it’s rare I find something I like. I loved how simple this pendant was, and now I’m on the hunt for more. This one might be next on my list. And, no, I have no idea why I’m drawn to a feather.

Overpriced Juices

evolution fresh
I am a sucker, but this stuff is delicious. I guess that one is really more of a water than a juice, though. I don’t know, I’m not a beverage expert. Whatever it is, I love it. Basically, put something in a cute bottle with bright colors and I’ll buy it without asking too many questions.

Channeling My Inner Jane Fonda


Don’t laugh at me, y’all, but I got really excited about this purchase. I found this step thing at Goodwill and it was worth the entire 10 bucks we paid for it. It looks brand new, but the packaging was definitely from 1989. So vintage.

Enough about what I’m loving. What new things have you found lately? I need gift ideas!

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Fifteen Minute Bodyweight AMRAP

Happy Wednesday! Thank you all for your kind words after Monday’s post. Y’all definitely made me feel a little bit less like a huge loser, so I appreciate that a ton. Moving forward, my plan is to complain a lot less and work out a little more. I’m honestly not sure which one will be more difficult, so maybe I’ll just start with the latter.

One type of workout I should incorporate more often is a good old fashioned AMRAP, which is just doing a certain set of moves for “as many rounds as possible” before the time runs out. I like that you know exactly how long your workout will last and that you have total control of the intensity. I mean, even a toddler can beast out some slow mountain climbers for a few minutes. What’s my excuse, right?

mtn climbers

I chose fifteen minutes for this workout because it was long enough to make it tough but not too intimidating that I wouldn’t get started. Strategy. I also made sure to choose bodyweight moves so that I could do it while watching television or while on a break at work or basically anywhere that I actually have a few minutes to myself. I should probably be doing it right now, but sharing it with y’all is totally more important. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

bodyweight amrap

And now for a breakdown of the moves:

Inchworm Push Ups: Standing with your feet hip-width distance apart, bend at your waist and touch the floor in front of you. Slowly walk your arms away from your feet until you are in push up position. Complete a push up, then walk your arms back toward your feet.

Squat Jumps: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees in line with your feet. Squat down. Immediately lift your arms over your head and jump as high as you can, bracing your core and contracting your glutes. Land and immediately start the process over again.

Bridges: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips away from the floor until your torso forms a straight line, bracing your core to help stabilize you. Lower your hips to return to the starting position, without letting your bottom touch the floor.

Mountain Climbers: Get into push up position and bring your right leg toward your chest. Explosively switch positions of your legs, kicking the right leg back while tucking the left leg under your chest. Count your reps each time your left leg comes forward.

It’s 9 PM, so I better go to bed if I want to actually get up and work out in the morning. I really, really need to get into that habit. I did it for a few days before Thanksgiving but then I got off track. I’m thinking of ordering some workout DVDs just for the simple fact that I could turn one on and zone out. Thinking + the Morning = Nope. That’s just basic math, am I right? Have a great night, y’all!