Thursday Thoughts: Life Lately

1. I am now addicted to SnapChat. I was pretty sure I was never going to like it, and now I have to talk myself out of posting every random thing that we do or say. I’m trying to limit myself to just a few Snaps a day, because if I don’t I will turn into a social media monster. I must spend less time on my phone. I just must. That being said, let’s be friends on there. I made my username “PresleyEmma” and I have no recollection of doing that. Apparently I made an account way back when it first came out and then never used it until recently. Whoops. 


2. While we’re on the topic of time wasters, I feel like I should tell y’all that I scored some dollar easy reads from Goodwill. We have some beach trips coming up, so I’ll need something to read in the car on the way there. Because, you know, taking a toddler and an infant anywhere will be super easy and I’ll have plenty of time to follow intricate plot lines. Kidding. That’s why I picked up three books I know I can half-read, half-skim. Thank you, thrifting. You rock.

cheap books

3. I found a “healthy” ice cream that I actually like. I’ve tried Halo Top in the past, but I totally forgot about it until I saw that they came out with a Birthday Cake flavor. Y’all, I’m hooked. It’s so good if you let it thaw out for a minute or two. I’m working on learning how to eat based on my macros or whatever they call it, and pretty much all I’ve learned so far is that I don’t eat near enough protein. I feel so much better since I’ve tried to up my intake. Well, crap, I really was only going to talk about the ice cream but I guess I got a little distracted just now. My bad. I’ll delve deeper into my eating plans in another post. I’ve clearly got a lot to say.

protein ice cream

4. Speaking of birthday cake, I turned 28 this month. I haven’t really been blogging much lately, so I don’t have a recap of what we did to celebrate. In a nutshell, I ate too much cake, thought about buying things and then didn’t buy them, and practiced doing my nails but still can’t get them right. And, come to think of it, that last sentence sums up my entire adult life.

birthday cake

5. Tomorrow, I have to get my entire family cleaned up, fed, and out the door in the morning for a quick photoshoot for two of our brands at work. This is going to either be awesome or awful. I love including my the kids in things I do related to my job, but it’s also extremely stressful because if any of us screw up, it’s all my fault. However, if it goes well, then I can brag on how cute and well behaved my children are, right? Right. What I’m saying is, please pray for us. Please.

Search Terms: Hey, You Asked for It

Sometimes, when I get bored, I browse through the search terms that lead to this blog. Many of them make sense. Some of them make me laugh. A few of them are inquiries that totally must be explored further. I just picture people typing some of this stuff in while looking like this. (And, yes, I just wanted to use this picture again because it cracks me up.)

just google it

“sam’s happy birthday workout”

Are you Sam or do you just want to awkwardly sweat on his birthday? Either way, try this workout. Then eat some cake, because sprinkles.

“how does two months baby look like”

Grammar aside, I’m still not sure how to answer this. Are you looking for sonogram photos or two month old babies? I’ll need more information.

“i am spoiling myself day by day”

High freaking five. I’m not sure if you were saying that in a negative or positive sense, but I commend you. Spoil away.

“meaning of fit in pregnancy”

Easy. Fit dis pizza in my mouth. But, seriously, here are my thoughts on that issue. Warning: I have a lot of them.

“birthday boards for classrooms”

I miss the being in the classroom a little bit, so excuse me if I get a little misty eyed over this one. That being said, I was pretty horrible at making great birthday boards, so I’ve got nothing for you. I was awesome at dressing up as random characters or decorating my door, though.

“wine glasses with 5 oz line”

The older I get, the more I realize that wine portion control is for the birds. But if you’re still searching for help with that endeavor, read this post.

“why home gyms suck”

Hey now, they don’t all suck. I happen to like mine. Am I using it much? Nope. So maybe you have a point. Touché, master Googler. Touché.

“life twists and turns”

Oh, sister. I feel you. Life is wild.


Thank you so much for searching this. You’ve made my day. Now that I’m done giggling like a thirteen-year-old, I’m going to pretend that you are talking about stability balls.

“meal prepping and avocados”

Those don’t really go together. I don’t know if you are some sort of wizard, but no matter what I do I can’t get an avocado to stay nice and green for longer than five minutes after I cut it. Tips are appreciated. Wait, maybe need to Google that.

For more answers to your extremely random queries, just head here, here, and here.

If you have a blog, what is the weirdest search term that led to you? If you don’t, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve Googled. C’mon, be honest. We’re all friends here. ;)

Weekend Recap: The Luckiest

We are legitimately the luckiest parents ever. Through some small miracle, both of the boys behaved themselves the entire time last weekend. We were out of the house more than we were home, and yet there were no meltdowns. I seriously considered etching this weekend’s dates into a stone to commemorate them, because I doubt we can ever repeat such a feat. Instead of boring you with all of the mundane behavior details, I thought I’d recap the weekend sentence-per-picture style. Since it’s already Thursday and I’m just getting around to this, I’ll hit the highlights and we can all move on with our lives. Fair?

 You know it’s going to be a good weekend when it starts with soft serve, y’all.

ice cream

It’s obvious my child doesn’t understand the value of money, because he treats it like literal dirt.


One of our favorite weekend spots, the Augusta Market, is finally back open for business.

augusta market

When your child only wants a blue Italian ice for lunch, you argue and then eventually cave and let him have a blue Italian ice for lunch.

augusta market

After discussing healthy lunch options with my toddler, I ordered a plate of fried food covered in what appeared to be heaven in a squirt bottle.

augusta market fried green tomatoes

This weekend marked a mom-of-two first: the sometimes awesome, sometimes awful double car nap.

car naps

In this awful car napping case, it meant that our actual nap time ended up looking a lot like this.

no naps

Sunday we headed into the Augusta National to watch kids that are way more talented than Ryne and I will ever be.

masters 2016

Maddux’s favorite part of the entire day was picking anything he wanted from the concession area.

masters concessions

I’m not going to lie, that was also my favorite part.

masters georgia peach ice cream sandwich

Poor Hudson didn’t get any food, but he did take one super sweet nap.

baby at the masters

Luckily for us, my mom was there as the official baby holder.

masters 2016

I almost mowed Condoleezza over, and then we did an awkward dance around each other for about 10 minutes before she headed out there to the putting green.

condoleezza and bubba

To make myself feel better for being a total loser, I ate a pizza pan full of pretzels.

pretzels mellow mushroom

But don’t worry, I ended the weekend with a salad because I told y’all I had been working on eating my veggies.

mellow mushroom greek salad

And that’s about it. I hope your weekend (and following week) were just as wonderful!

Body After Baby #2: Two Months

Monday really got away from me, y’all. We’ve been going non-stop lately, and today flew by as well. I’ll recap our weekend soon, but the best part was definitely taking Hudson to the Augusta National for the first time. He slept through the excitement, but it still totally counts.

baby at the masters

I may not have time to recap our weekend, but I most certainly have time to discuss my postpartum fitness adventures. That’s primarily because there isn’t much to report. Without further ado, here’s how I’ve been doing lately.

Mind: I really can’t complain about the current state of affairs. I’m getting decent sleep right now, I’m making some time for myself here and there, and I have had some awesome outings with my boys. Honestly, the only thing that has affected my mood lately is the stress that comes with trying to accomplish all the things while at home with a baby. I’m working from home for a while, and it’s been difficult trying to find time to get things done. It’s a daily struggle to prioritize my time, but it’s definitely getting better every day. He’s napping more predictably now, which is huge. It’s like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you guys. Who knows, I may even get the dishes done tomorrow. Maybe.

Health: Other than my eternal battle with pollen, I’m pleasantly surprised by how good I’ve felt the past month. I’ve been experimenting with eating a little cleaner throughout the week, and it’s made me realize just how much room for growth I had in the veggie-eating department. I’m trying to eat some sort of plant at every single meal now. It doesn’t always happen, especially when I’m shoveling oatmeal into my mouth while trying to wrestle a three-year-old into socks and shoes. Oh well. I’m a work in progress.

Fitness: This is probably my biggest fail of the month. I cannot get into any type of workout routine to save my life. I’ve worked out five times the past month, and one of those was a quick fit-test just to see where I stand. I’m hoping to turn a corner in this department soon, but I’m not quite sure when it will happen. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. Apparently there isn’t enough time to brush my hair, either. My bad.

two months postpartum


Weight: 132 lbs (-4) Waist: 28.5 in (-1.5) Hips: 38.5 in (-1.5) Right Arm: 9.5 in (-.5) Right Thigh: 21.5 in (-.5)


1 Mile Run: 8:16 min (-47 sec) Push Ups: 4 (+.5)  Pull Ups: Ha! Maybe like 1/2 of one Plank: 1:10 min (+9 sec)

While I haven’t improved all that much in most areas, I am excited to see what I can do when I finally force myself to put in the effort. I’d love to be able to do pull ups again, but these shrimpy arms need some serious work. I can’t be too upset, though. It’s only been two months! I’ll grow a muscle somewhere eventually.

Now if you want to see a much cuter two month update, go read Hudson’s. See y’all soon!

Thursday Thoughts: Pure Randomness

Today I had a minute to hop on the computer just for fun, so I decided to write down my thoughts and share them with the world. Because that’s totally normal, right? I mean, it was either that or start re-watching the Mindy Project from the beginning. Trust me, that was a very close second.

1. I have passed down all of my worst traits to my firstborn child. We are both bossy, always in need of attention, never wrong, and borderline obsessive-compulsive. On the plus side, he makes killer Lego shapes. Notice the symmetry. And yes, he was livid that he didn’t have the “right colors” to make each side match perfectly. Welcome to my world, kid.

threenager ocd

2. One thing that I do truly appreciate about Maddux is his ability to eat snack plates all day, every day. Cooking dinner is not my favorite activity right now, so this is a huge win. But, really, who doesn’t like snack plates? It’s like being at a party every time you sit down to eat.

toddler meals

3. I like to text Ryne play-by-plays of our days, and I’m sure he totally appreciates it. I haven’t gone back into the office full-time yet, so I need some adult interaction. Literally everything I send him about Hudson, he acts as if we’re talking about me.

husband jokes


4. Seriously, Ryne is turning into the stereotypical dad with his dorky jokes. He also finds the most ridiculous ways to make Maddux laugh, like hiding Easter eggs in and around the baby’s pants. I swear my kids have no chance in being normal.

egg hunt

5. We make new sweets every week, thanks to Maddux’s obsession with cooking and baking. For Easter, he made birthday cake fudge, otherwise known as one big sugar bomb. Be right back, I’m off to Google “healthy dessert recipes for kids”.

birthday cake fudge

6. Next week is my favorite week of the year, you guys. It’s Masters time! We’ve taken Maddux every year, so I hope to continue the tradition with Hudson. Cross your fingers we get some good pictures in the National. I need some framers up in this house.

masters 2015

7. I have a very serious question for you. Answer honestly. (For what it’s worth, I like taco salads with the hard taco shells broken up on top. Why eat a small, basic taco when you can shovel the ingredients into your mouth all at once like a lady?)


8. When Ryne leaves me notes in the morning, he only ever leaves them one place: right next to the coffee maker. He knows it’s the one place I will definitely visit. I won’t tell you if this is a love letter or a tyrannical to-do list. Could be either, really.


Well, I better go get ready. Ryne and I are heading out to a work event. With drinks. ON A WEEKNIGHT. I may even wash my hair and put on makeup. I know, we are so wild. Have a great night, y’all!