Around My House

HAPPY WEEKEND! Once again, I let the entire week go by without remembering to post anything on here. Then I logged in and realized that I still have nothing truly interesting or helpful to share. Did I ever used to post workouts and recipes? That seems like such a long time ago. I’m sort of embarrassed that I haven’t just shut this whole thing down now that it’s nothing more than a glorified diary. I’m giving myself one month to get it together. If I don’t, I’ll pull the plug. Deal? Until then, I’ll do weird things like ramble about being lazy and fill out random surveys. I found this “Around My House” survey on Heather’s blog, and decided it would be fun to do while I wait for Netflix to load on the TV (because Comcast internet is awful). Here we go…

• Household chore I actually enjoy:

By far, my favorite chore is organizing. That’s probably because I don’t like actually cleaning anything. Hmm. But seriously, the happiest you’ll ever see me is when everything is put away in an orderly fashion. The toddler does not understand this concept, but he’ll catch my OCD eventually.

messy room

• Our biggest house disaster is…

The pantry. Oh, the pantry. For someone who loves food and organization as much as I do, I’m not proud of the set up in there. I think the problem is that when I want food, I want it now. I always pretend I’ll worry about the mess I’m creating while looking for ingredients later. But then I get hungry again before I can work on sorting all of the junk. It’s a vicious cycle.

• Before company arrives, I hide…

Nothing? I mean, I don’t lead a double life. Who has stuff to hide? And why would that stuff just be lying around to begin with? I have so many follow up questions for this. Actually, now that I think about it, I probably hide any really good snacks. I’d just toss ‘em in the panty… Oh, that’s the problem, isn’t it?

• Most recent music download:

I don’t really download music. I love my Spotify. I wish I could claim otherwise, but the last station I listened to was Disney. Rockin’ out to Frozen, y’all.

• The last thing I bought online was…

I found some new blouses and a pair of pumps from thredUP. I saved like 80% off of retail, so it’s like I didn’t even go shopping. I’m addicted to that site. The key is learning how to create shops on there, because they’ll send you messages when the items you’re looking for come in. And I’m a sucker, so I purchase them every time.


• I hate to shop for…

Anything that takes time. I like quick shopping trips where I can run in, grab what I need, and head out. Except for when I’m at Target. I’ll spend all day at Target. I don’t even care.

• Favorite family ritual:

I wouldn’t say this is a full-on ritual, but I love that we let our son pick most of our dinners out. It’s hilarious that he has such a strong opinion about meals. Right now, his two favorites are Chick Fila and Miyabi. I can’t complain about either of those.

• I sleep in…

Outfits that don’t match. If it matches, I don’t want to sleep in it. Conversely, I always want M’s toddler pajamas to match and it annoys me when Ryne doesn’t pair them up correctly. I’m a peach. Side note: I don’t always wear my pajamas on the beach, but when I do… I’m drinking.


• I have a style crush on…

I don’t even know enough about fashion to have a true style crush, but I’ve said Jennifer Anniston in the past. I’m sticking to that. Also, I like her arms. And abs. Yeah, I want to be her.

• I’m currently reading…

These questions. Isn’t that an obvious answer?

• How did I ever live without…

Dark chocolate. I blame my coworkers, but now I’m obsessed. I swear I thought I hated it. I was so wrong. What else have I been wrong about in life?


Okay… Your turn! Pick a question and answer it in the comments section below. I have officially given up on being able to watch House of Cards tonight, so your answers an entertain me until I go to bed. :)

Weekend Recap: Dips, Donuts, & Dancing

Somehow it’s already Tuesday, guys. I sort of remember Monday happening, but at this point I’m not entirely sure it did. Since the week has definitely gotten started, I guess it’s time to recap the weekend. That also flew by. Two sentences per picture works for me.

Oh, you have a salad bar? Great, I’ll take one of everything.

jasons deli salad bar

He couldn’t stop looking at himself in the mirror during his haircut. He really is mine.


Free coffee for mom. Playground for the kids.

free chick fila coffee

I started out doing one workout, quit, and then started another. I quit that one, too.

workout mat

I forgot what it was like to go out with “the girls”. Can that happen more often?

girls night out

Bonefish has make your own donuts as an appetizer. You’re welcome.

bonefish donuts

I swear every single time we leave the house, we come home with a new Thomas toy. We are suckers.

tj maxx

Mom tip: blow dry the paint between colors so they don’t mix. I’m OCD, I know.

mom tricks

Get ready for another broken record: I am still lacking motivation to complete my workouts. I keep thinking I’ve snapped out of it and then it somehow gets worse. I think it’s 75% due to time-constraints/stress and 25% the crappy weather. I’ll just cross my fingers that, through some miracle, everything goes better in March. That’s a lucky month, right?

Friday Favorites: The Ultimate Round Up

Prepare yourself for the laziest Friday Favorites post ever, you guys. Honestly, though, I kind of wanted to share some old ones that I had forgotten about. Each of the following FF posts made it into my top five for a reason. If you need some reading material this weekend, check ‘em out.

Beach Essentials: Because I Wish Summer Would Hurry Up & Get Here

Hilton Head Beach Walk 5

Theme Park Fashion: Because I Could Live at Disney World


Favorite Life Hacks: Because I’m Lazy But Pretend to be Creative


Traveling Essentials: Because Sometimes I Go Places


Random Favorites: Because I Got to Try Piyo Live

piyo live

I hate blogging on the fly like this, because I miss actually talking to y’all. I’ll figure this schedule out soon. Hopefully. Have a great weekend! (PS: anyone have any exciting plans? I have a toddler-free night tomorrow and I need some ideas.)

Las Vegas + SMS Summit

Last week I attended a social media marketing conference in Las Vegas. When your job sends you on “vacation” you can’t really complain, now can you? I’m kidding. I worked some, too. I swear. The conference, Social Media Strategies Summit, was a mix of informational and motivational. I think it’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’re in the office all day, so hearing how other brands handle their social presences was pretty much amazing. It also made me want to buy all of their products, utilize their services, and stay at their hotels. Dang, y’all. I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work. I’ve said it time and time again, but I am an easy sell. Before I get into the details of the conference, I thought I’d share a few pictures from the trip portion of the week.

I want this salad every day for the rest of my life. That is chipotle vinaigrette and it is heaven.

chipotle shrimp salad

It would take a much stronger woman to go to Vegas without getting a drink. Strawberry margarita for the win.

strawberry margarita
I was at least wise enough not to attempt to go shopping. That would be more dangerous than gambling, y’all.
las vegas grand canal shops

Oh, hey. We’re tourists.

bellagio fountain

I was basically in a trance at this point.

bellagio fountain views

We ate dinner at Olives while watching the Bellagio fountains. My mind exploded.

scallops olives las vegas

Ryne bet me that I couldn’t finish this cake from Grotto. He’s not a very good gambler.

strawberry cake grotto

Okay, back to the reason I actually traveled to Vegas in the first place: SMS Summit. The speakers included reps from brands from MGM Resorts International to Garrett Popcorn. There were plenty of others, of course, but I happen to love vacations and Chicago mix. Truth. Anyway, I would definitely recommend attending one of the summits if you want to take part in some pretty fun discussions, network your little heart out, learn a thing or two from some great companies, and leave feeling ready to tackle your ever-growing social media task list. I honestly think most of what I learned at the conference will come in handy when I least expect it. I left with a few big takeaways but the real value, to me, are the little ideas that help on a day-to-day basis.

social media conference

Plus, they had snacks and delicious social media themed cocktails at the networking reception. So there’s always that, right?

social media cocktails

Question: Have you ever attended any type of conference? Do you think it benefited you professionally?

Valentine’s Weekend Recap

Because, yes, it should last the entire weekend. I like to over-celebrate holidays, y’all. Since Ryne and I were able to spend some time together while we were in Las Vegas, we made our Valentine’s Day plans all about the toddler. This is still technically a weekend recap, so I’m going to write it in my typical fashion: sentence-per-picture. Ready? Let’s do this.

Usually I’m excited to leave for a trip, but this time I was so excited to get home to my favorite kid ever.


This is the exact moment when he decided that volcanoes are “berry hot and awesome, mama”.


Then later that day, we went shopping for “ballcanoes” because I am a huge sucker.


I went shopping for a few things for myself as well, because that’s totally fair.


Nothing is as romantic as stuffing yourself with pizza and cupcakes all weekend.

veggie pizza

I really can’t complain about my Valentine’s Day. I hung out with my boys, had a few good meals at home, had my fair share of desserts, and made some pretty awesome strawberry bellinis. Now I should probably work on getting back on track with working out and eating semi-decently. After traveling and a holiday, I’m feeling like the button on my pants are working overtime. What? It’s true. But let’s be honest here. I’ll probably just bust out the leggings until I get this sweet tooth under control.

Question: Anyone else feeling like they need to step up their vegetable game? I don’t want to go crazy and try to eat “clean” all of a sudden, but I’d be game for a “somewhat less sugar and junk” accountability group. Or maybe even a “lets move a little more than not at all” group. We could be in this together, y’all. ;)