Focusing on Health + Filling in the Gaps

Can you guys believe January is almost over? I’m still reading a lot of “New Year’s Resolutions” posts, and I hope y’all keep them coming. It’s always so motivational to see people making big plans and then tackling them over the course of the year. While I haven’t set any real measurable goals for 2015, I do want to make sure that I focus on a few things. Like I mentioned the other day, I want to treat myself well and worry less about things that don’t matter. One thing that definitely matters to me is my health and well being.

I was recently asked if I would like to work with Centrum® to try out some of their multivitamins while sharing my goals for the year. I quickly agreed because I trust the brand, I like to incorporate multivitamins into my diet, and I’m always down for a chance to talk about myself. I’m kidding. Sort of.

centrum coupon

Just like I supplement my daily physical activity with organized workouts, I add multivitamins to my diet when I think I need a boost. A complete multivitamin like Centrum® delivers a combination of key vitamins and minerals to help me fill in the gaps in my diet. Just check out that rainbow, y’all. Even though I definitely know that they don’t, I like to think that they match up perfectly in this diagram to each fruit or vegetable they might come from.centrum

As much as I try to “eat the rainbow” every day, there are times where I fall short. I’m getting so much better at sneaking vegetables into my breakfasts, but it definitely doesn’t happen every single day. And I’ve noticed that when I don’t eat them then, I’m even less likely to eat them the remainder of the day.

veggie scramble

A multivitamin is a great thing to have around for the days where your diet consists primarily of bread and cheese. And, if you’re like me, that’s more often than you’d like to admit. I mean, I could legitimately live off of grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s a problem. But, in all seriousness, I think most of us can admit that our diets are not always the picture of perfection. Centrum® multivitamins include the six essential nutrients many people don’t get enough of from food alone: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Calcium.


To better understand why these dietary gaps exist, Prevention and Centrum® conducted a national survey to assess how Americans perceive key vitamins and minerals.

Nutrient Intake Perception vs. Reality

Over three quarters of Americans (78%) still believe it is fairly easy to get the recommended daily values of vitamins and minerals by eating a healthy, balanced diet, nearly half of those polled (48%) are concerned they may not be getting enough of one or more key nutrients from their current diet.

Looking Beyond Calories and Fat

Three in four Americans look at the nutritional content of the foods they eat and buy (76%). Among these, nearly twice as many look at calories (72%) and fat content (61%) compared to vitamin and mineral types (33%) or amounts (30%).

Nutrient Emphasis is Limited

Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C top the list of nutrients Americans feel are absolutely needed, while Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D top the list of vitamins and minerals Americans are most concerned they may be lacking, among the 48% who are concerned.

Unwilling to Change

Even if they are concerned their current eating habits are not delivering key vitamins and minerals, Americans do not appear to be changing their eating habits to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet. 60% of Americans have not changed their diet in the past year to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals they get. 74% agree it’s a lot easier to eat unhealthy.

Some of what they found is disheartening, but I’m not at all surprised. Even as someone who claims to care about my health, I’m sure I still make poor or uninformed choices all the time. It happens. I don’t excuse those choices by saying I’ll take a multivitamin, but I’m still glad that I have them around when I eat differently than I should. While I was able to try out the Adult multivitamin, I have my eye on the Women’s as well. They both look like they would work well for me. There are several different formulations, so there’s something for everyone.

Visit the Centrum® website to find the multivitamin that’s right for you and to receive a $4 coupon off your next purchase.

Question: Do you incorporate any multivitamins into your routine? 

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Centrum®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Centrum® as a product or its effectiveness.

Life is Not a Series of Workouts

I’ve been meaning to get on here and talk about the fact that I’m back to skipping workouts and eating like a drunk college student. I cannot get it together, y’all. I’ll get on a decent kick for a few days and then, bam, something knocks me off-kilter. The most recent event was my household coming down with what I’ll kindly refer to as the plague. Let’s just go ahead and add that to the list of excuses. I’ve blamed the following things so far: the weather, changing jobs, toddler wake ups, sicknesses, and probably several other things I can’t recall now.

running quote

Inevitably, I go through a series of emotions each time I fall back into this rut. I’ll break it down for you, so you can really understand my crazy.

First, I feel lazy because I’m choosing to skip workouts regularly. I could make time for them if I really made it a priority.

Next, I feel guilty because I’m opting out when I’m healthy enough to get up and get moving. Not everyone is that fortunate.

Then, I decide that a month or two of skipping workouts won’t change anything. I should totally relax. I’ll be fine.

Finally, I feel ridiculous for even thinking about any of this that much. It’s not the end of the world, either way.

See what I mean? I’m nuts. The one thought that keeps coming back up, though, is that there is so much more to life than making sure you drown in a pile of sweat every day. Shocking, right? Life is not a series of workouts. And yet, here I am, letting my workouts dictate how I feel about my life. Embarrassing.

life quote

I need to start thinking of more things outside of myself. Find new things to focus on, you know? I’m not saying I don’t want to make my health come first. In fact, I’m saying the opposite. I’m putting too much emphasis on the workouts and too little on my general well being. I should eat more vegetables, move enough throughout the day, and work out when I feel like it. Aside from that, I need to chill out. I’m spending entirely too much time thinking about my fitness levels.

I’ll admit I judge other people when they are hyper-focused on some minute detail of their lives, but I am doing the exact same thing. Newsflash: no one but me cares if I wake up tomorrow completely shredded or having gained a little weight. No. one. cares. You know what people tend to care about? Your health. Your well being. Your happiness. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. As much as this pains me to say, I don’t need visible abs and a nice butt to be healthy. I just don’t. If I could truly get that into my thick, self-centered skull, I’d be a lot better off.

I apologize for this ramble-fest, but it was on my mind tonight. Hopefully, it won’t be on my mind tomorrow. I’m moving on, remember? For real this time, you guys. Don’t even go back in the ol’ blog archives to see how many times I’ve fought this battle. I’ll save you the trouble. It’s a million, give or take a few.

I’ll just leave it at this: Here’s to focusing on being healthy and happy in 2015, whatever that means for you. :)

Eating Cleaner + Urban Remedy Giveaway

Happy Wednesday! I thought I would check in tonight and talk about my plan to eat a few more vegetables and a few less donuts. It’s working out pretty well right now. Instead of going all day eating extremely clean and then blowing it on a oversized dinner and huge dessert, I’m “allowing” myself to have little treats every once in a while. I’m also limiting alcohol to once a week, which is really ruining my daily Netflix + glass of wine plans. I know it’s only been a little while, but swear it’s making all the difference in my energy levels. Eating your veggies is where it’s at, y’all.

Urban Remedy Giveaway

One of the biggest problems I have with eating well all day, every day is the planning. Finding time to sit down and plan meals, prep meals, and cook meals can be a struggle. When Urban Remedy reached out and asked if I would like to try their newest Wellness Kit, I was totally game for it. I’ve mentioned this before, but typical cleanses aren’t for me. I know that some people love them, and that’s awesome. The beautiful thing about Urban Remedy is that they offer juice cleanses, wellness kits, and all sorts of healthy à la carte options. The kit I ended up trying out was the newest one: Cindy Crawford’s Essentials.

I really liked all of the products in the kit, but I absolutely loved the laid-back approach of the plan itself. “Give yourself the gift of 3 full days of the healthiest juices and foods you can find by choosing one item from the breakfast, lunch, snacks, juices and dinner lists. Or, do as Cindy does and follow the sample plan, allowing room for dinners out with family or girlfriends and enjoying the remaining items over the course of the week.” I chose the latter option and grabbed items from the kit as needed. If I needed a quick lunch, Veggie Pad Thai it was. If I was running late for work, I snagged a Mint Cacao Chip shake on my way out of the door. In case you were wondering, those were my favorite meals in the kit and I expected to like them the least. Hilarious. The shake really threw me for a loop, because I was sure they were falsely claiming how good it would be. They are not lying when they tell you that it tastes just like mint chocolate chip ice cream, though. I need more of those in my life, as soon as physically possible.

Urban Remedy Review

Those were just my personal favorites, but the kit definitely has things everyone would like. For a complete list of everything that is included, click here. Seriously, I started writing it all out but it was too much. I ended up spreading the meals and snacks out over the course of about five or six days, because I like eating the same dinner that I cook for the rest of the family. Having healthy pre-made options on hand for when I need them worked better for me, but you can obviously follow it strictly for three days too. It’s up to you!

And now for the awesome part: y’all get a chance to actually try some of this food I’ve been talking about. One lucky winner will receive a wellness kit of their choice.

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This giveaway is open to US residents only. It will run until 1/14 at 12 am. A winner will be announced within 24 hours. Good luck!

Disclosure: This giveaway post is sponsored by Urban Remedy, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Weekend Recap + My Plan Might Actually Work

We survived another Monday! I can’t complain when it comes to work, but it’s still hard to get out of bed that first time each week. I didn’t have coffee this morning, either, which didn’t help much. I’m 99% sure I wasn’t truly awake for a majority of the day. I’ll spare you the play-by-play, but suffice to say it’s a miracle I’m still alive. New rule: no more leaving the house without caffeinating first.

Since it is the beginning of the week, I’m due for another weekend recap. We’ve been home for two weekends in a row, with no set plans to speak of. It’s awesome, but I swear it’s like we don’t even know what to do with real free time. In other words, nothing very exciting happened. We basically just thought about how weird it was to be able to sit around and think. For that reason, we’ll keep this short and sweet. How does two words per picture sound?

Pre-scramble rainbow.

veggie scramble

Legit Fancy.


Movie Night.

movie night

“Me do.”


Puzzle Lunch.

puzzle tradition

The Chang.

vegetarian lettuce wraps

Out Cold.


It was a nice little low-key weekend. We completed an inordinate amount of puzzles, watched Thomas the Train more times than I want to admit, got a few more household tasks accomplished, and had a few great meals. I ate pretty freaking clean the whole time, too, with the exception of some trashed up to-go sushi and whatever goodness is in lettuce wraps. Oh, and I might have developed a raw vegan chocolate mousse problem. Apparently the kind I love has moss in it, though, so that’s probably close to eating a salad. I’ll count it as a vegetable and move right along.

The only reason I’m mentioning how I ate is to stress the fact that I know now that I was feeling so crappy lately because of the crap I’d been eating. Did I just say crap twice? Anyway, I already feel 10x better and I’m pretty excited about it. I even worked out tonight. I know. Shocking, right? I did a lower body workout and then barely made it up the stairs to bed. I missed that jello-leg feeling. My plan to eat well and start working out again might actually work. Now if I could only kick this caffeine addiction, I’d be in business. That’s never going to happen, though. Ever. Well, I better go. My afternoon tea is wearing off, which means I have about .03 seconds before I face plant into the computer. Have a great night!

First Things First: Stop Eating Crap

It’s no secret that I haven’t felt like myself lately when it comes to living a “healthy lifestyle”. I have skipped all but a couple of workouts, I’ve lost track of how many donuts I’ve consumed, and I feel like someone attached lead weights to my feet and filled my brain with jelly beans. I don’t know why I thought of jelly beans right there, but I’m assuming it’s the sugar talking. Anyway, nothing that I’ve done to snap myself out of this funk has worked. But I know what I’ve been doing wrong, y’all. I’ve been continuously trying to force myself to “fix” everything at once. I’ll try to eat clean, work out, and blog more often. At the same time. Then I get discouraged when it doesn’t all fall into place like it should. It was a failed mission from the beginning. I’ve decided to tackle one thing at a time now, and I’m pretty sure I know where all of this negativity started: my diet.

myfoodpyramidGiven the fact that I’ve treated sugar as a main food group lately, I’m not surprised that I haven’t felt like working out or, you know, thinking. I’ve been a mess, and there is no other real solution other than to monitor my junk food intake. I’m not going to nix everything forever, but I should probably limit myself to one dessert a day or something. I will work on the wine later. Remember, this isn’t an overnight fix.

Anyone have any fun (<- Using that term loosely here) low-to-no sugar challenges for January? I’ll join in! Go ahead and find a workout challenge for me for the month of February. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

PS: Happy New Year’s Eve! (I refuse to accept the fact that my wanting to overhaul my diet has anything to do with the changing digit in the calendar. This is totally something I’m doing. Couldn’t possibly be related to cheesy resolutions. Nope.)