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Not Even A Week

Well, I’m not even a week into my half marathon training plan, and I’ve already switched it up. I was supposed to run four miles tonight, but I took a class instead. I’ll run tomorrow on what was supposed to be a cross-training day. Hopefully. I am the worst.

Back to that class. Tonight I went to Barre. Y’all, I have missed that class so much. No one missed me and my uncoordinated poses, though. I need a quick lesson in all things eloquence if I’m going to keep attending. You’d think I’d get the hang of it, but I swear I never do.


Tomorrow I’ll run and hopefully continue getting my life back on track. I still have plans to actually schedule a NASM test date for June, but I’m trying to pick a good time. You can definitely wait longer to choose a date, but I think having it set in stone will motivate me to read more than a paragraph of information at a time.

PS: If you’re also studying to become a CPT through NASM, please check out this legit study guide Kim made. It’s so perfect and organized, it makes me want to marry it. Actually, for anything smart and informative, head to that blog. I’m serious. Go now.

Anyway, I better go shower since I’ve yet to do that all day today. Yep. Today was a dry shampoo and headband kind of day. Days like this make me thankful those two things were invented. Did I look good? Nope. But did I at least look like I tried a little bit? Maybe. Close enough for me.


My appearance is similar to everything else I do in life: mediocre at best. Just kidding. I actually try a lot of the time, okay? I swear.

See y’all later! I have a fun birthday-themed favorites post tomorrow. Fun for me anyway. Not so sure how entertaining it will be to everyone else. Have a great night!

About That Hat Trick Thing

Yesterday I mentioned I was stressed out about getting behind on, well, everything. One of those things was training for an upcoming race festival complete with a half, 10k, and 5k. I’ve decided to switch gears and not race any of them at all. I know what you’re thinking. “Presley, you’ve never actually raced in your life.” You got me there, folks. Just kidding. My idea of racing is just running somewhat faster than usual. Since, you know, I’m not actually fast or anything.

So now I’m totally just going to run all three for fun now for several reasons: 1.) I haven’t been running lately, 2.) I don’t have a ton of spare time in the upcoming weeks, and 3.) I’m really nervous for three daggum races in one weekend. There, I said it.

Here’s the new plan, which I based off of the awesome SmartCoach plans from Runner’s World:

half marathon training plan

Oh, yeah. Low-mileage for the win. To a lot of runners, this is like 8 weeks off from running. To me, this is exactly what I’m capable of right now. Gotta just do what you can, right?

For the cross-training, I’m hoping to do a lot of Shockwave, TRX, yoga, and spinning. Even though I loathe that last one, I know it’s good for me. Tempo runs are something I always have trouble with, so I threw them in there to force me to try for once. Speed can be anything from mile repeats to HIIT. Whatever I’m feeling that day. Pretty simple stuff, right? And, yes, I included two rest days because I’m all about being honest with myself…

I didn’t proof-read any of that chart or this post, so please yell at me when you find a glaring grammatical error. I deserve it.

Seriously Slacking

Y’all. I cannot get back into a groove to save my life. Last week was Spring Break, so I guess can’t break the “it’s almost summer!” haze I’ve been in. I’m behind on studying, training, cleaning, planning, blogging, responding, emailing, and like twenty other important work and life related gerunds. I totally bit off more than I can chew for this time of year. I may have forgotten that I like to slack off when the weather gets nice.


At least I’ve been doing okay in the workout department. By “okay”, I mean some have actually happened. Last night I even went to TRX for the first time in forever, which was painfully obvious when I was basically in tears after the warm up.

Oh, and I’ve also done a phenomenal job of teaching my son all the important facial expressions in life. Clearly my priorities aren’t completely skewed.


So, yeah. It’s about time to buckle down. I’m starting to think I need to choose one area of my life and get it back together. Just not the cleaning. Yuck. Maybe I’ll call NASM and actually set a test date. If that doesn’t snap me back to reality, nothing will.

Question: How do you regain focus? Full-steam ahead or one thing at a time? I tried to dive in head first this week and it has totally blown up in my face. I accomplished nothing and I’m more stressed than ever. Love it.

Mission Morning Workout: Accomplished

Just popping in to say that I worked out this morning! I am probably a bit too excited about it, but whatever.


Sure, it was just a quick upper body workout. It honestly took me maybe 20 minutes, but that is 20 minutes of working out that probably wouldn’t have happened if I waited until tonight. I’m hoping to repeat this feat tomorrow. I realize that people do this every single day and all, but it’s big time stuff in my world.

That being said, I need more exciting workouts if they are going to happen when I’m still asleep. I miss functional fitness type stuff, but it seems so much louder than just lifting weights the boring old way. Is there such a thing as quiet functional fitness moves? Someone seriously needs to market a DVD like that to moms. I would buy that in a heartbeat. And that’s all I got for tonight. See, I’m so glad I already worked out because I am worthless after 8 PM.

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