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Busy, Busy, Busy + Football Game Workout

I feel like I’ve been super busy this week, but it’s just that “fake” busy that people are always talking about. The kind where you are just rushing around doing nothing of real importance and then complaining about it to anyone who will listen. Anyway, that’s just my weird way of telling y’all that I didn’t have a post planned for yesterday and I still don’t have one today. Whoops.

I did share a post recently on the FitFluential blog, so I’ll share the image and pretend like it’s new information. This is the perfect workout for when you just aren’t all that into the game. It happens.



For a complete breakdown of the moves, head on over to the original post. I hope to have some new content pretty soon, but I appreciate your patience in the mean time. I have so many ideas for fun workouts, but I haven’t gotten off of my butt to take pictures or write them out. See y’all soon!

Question: Would you work out during the game? Let’s just say, with the way my team is playing, I need a distraction. Kidding. Sort of.

Halloween-Inspired Superhero Workout

I kind of can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, and I certainly can’t believe we are already 1/4th of the way through October. Halloween is almost here, y’all! For once in my life, I have the costumes ready and waiting for us. In the mean time, I’ve been dressing up during my workouts.


I’m totally kidding. That would be weird, even for me. In honor of the impending holiday, I did create a fun Superhero Workout. With the exception of the ball slams, it requires no equipment. It’s a great last-minute workout when nothing else sounds very enticing. I mean, how can you not want to be a superhero? Let’s be real, it’s everyone’s lifelong goal.

superhero workout

  And now for a breakdown of the moves:

Catwoman Plank Pikes: Get into plank position on your elbows. Using your core muscles, lift your hips and butt into a “V”, without bending at the knees. Your head should drop between your arms as your lift yourself up, so that your neck and back are aligned. Slowly lower yourself back into the plank position. Repeat!

Batman Squat Punches: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your fists protecting your face. This is obviously a real fight. Squat down with your weight in your heels. Punch with your right fist and then return to standing. Squat down and punch with your left fist. That’s one rep.

Spiderman Push Ups: Get into standard pushup position. Lower your body to the floor, while simultaneously lifting your right foot off the floor and reaching your knee toward your elbow. As you push your body back up, place your right foot back behind you. Repeat with your left leg. That’s one rep.

Hulk Med Ball Smashes: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lift a medicine ball directly overhead. With your arms slightly bent, slam the ball into the ground as forcefully as possible. Pick up the ball and repeat!

Superman Back Extensions: Lie face-down with your arms stretched out in front of you. Squeeze your lower back muscles, lifting your chest and legs off of the floor. Pause then slowly lower your chest and legs back toward the ground. This move is one of my favorites to use toward the end a workout!


Okay, fine. I know I said that dressing up would be weird, but I almost wore that mask for the entire workout. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. You’re welcome. Have a great night, y’all!

Question: What was your all-time favorite Halloween costume? I’m going to have to go with Mary Poppins. It was so legit, you guys.

Playground Workout + Vacation Time!

This past weekend, we headed to the park before dinner to get some of our energy out. As you can see, we have some work to do on our see-sawing skills.

see saw

While my little man was playing in the sand, I filmed a quick workout to share with y’all. Lately a lot of my workouts have been inspired by watching the kids at recess, so it’s only fitting to film one at an actual playground. This one is perfect for when you have a few adults watching the kids, because you could take turns completing it while they’re busy playing away.

The workout is meant to be completed as a twenty-minute AMRAP (or “as many rounds as possible”), which means you basically bust you you-know-what the entire time. The point is to get through as many rounds of the workout in the time allotted, while still watching your form of course. The trickiest one for me was the swing knee tucks. Sand is probably the worst surface ever for trying to hold yourself steady. I’m just pretending it was a fun challenge or something. Whatever works. And remember that I am a CPT, not your doctor. Please don’t make any crazy changes to your routine without consulting a physician first.

Playground Workout

And now for a breakdown of the moves:

Step Ups: Lift your right foot off the ground and place it on the bench. Lift your left foot off the ground and use the muscles in your legs and core to lift this foot onto the bench as well. Really squeeze those glutes at the top. For real, squeeze the heck out of ‘em. Step back down one foot at a time and repeat.

Chin Ups: Find a horizontal bar and grab it with your palms facing you. Your hands should be about shoulder width apart.  Lift your feet off of the ground so that you are hanging straight down from the bar. Then lift yourself up as far as you can, using your biceps and back. Get your chin over the bar if possible! Lower yourself back to hanging and keep it going.

RLE Split Squats: Lift one foot and place it on the slide (or bench) behind you. The top of your lifted foot should be touching the slide. Squat down, while keeping your abs contracted and your chest up. Lift back up and repeat the process until you’re done with all the reps for one leg. Switch legs and repeat.

Swing Knee Tucks: Place your feet in the seat of a swing. Lift your knees from the ground and get into push up position, keeping your core tight and your body straight. Pull your knees toward your chest. Return to the starting position by extending both legs out again. Repeat!

Sprints: If the playground is pretty big, a lap around might suffice. If you’d rather not stray that far, just do high knees for thirty seconds. That’s equally as painful when done correctly.


While this would have been an awesome workout for me to do this week in our backyard, I have to admit that I haven’t worked out at all this week. Whoops. I’ve been way too amped up about our Disney trip. So if you try it while I’m gone, please let me know! I’d love to hear what you think.

Speaking of our trip, we’re actually heading out of town right this very second. Tonight we’ll be staying with Maddy and her family, and in the morning we’ll all be heading to Orlando. Caravan style. I can’t wait to see the kids exploring the parks together, especially since they are all pretty close in age. If y’all have any last minute suggestions for us, feel free to send them my way. Okay, I’ll quit rambling now and actually get in the car. See y’all later! :)

The Recess Workout: Make Fitness Fun

Hey y’all! Remember when I talked about filming a workout on Monday? Well, I guess it’s time to share that bad boy. Honestly, I had fun coming up with this one because I based it off of things we do at recess. I taught my kids how to play hopscotch last week and they loved it. While I was hopping back and forth, I realized that it was actually a killer workout. Fitness can be a blast when it’s in the name of fun, you know? You can also learn that way, but that’s a post for another day. Sight word hopscotch, for the win.

sight word hopscotch


The following workout is a circuit, so it’s very similar to what I always post. The main difference is that it includes moves that remind me of the types of games we played as kids. Tossing a ball? Yeah, totally nailed it back then. It just seems a bit harder now that I’m doing it with a med ball. ;)


And now for a breakdown of the moves:

Med Ball Sit Up Tosses: Lie flat on your back with knees bent, holding a medicine ball above your head. Contract your abs to lift your chest toward your knees, keeping the medicine ball overhead. Lower the ball to your chest and throw it into the air. Catch it and slowly return to the starting position. It’s the ultimate game of catch, y’all.

Cross Jacks: Stand up with your feet more than hip-width distance apart and your arms straight out to your sides. Jump up while crossing your right arm over your left arm and your right leg over your left leg. Immediately reverse the motion and return to the starting position. Repeat with your left arm and leg on top of your right. Essentially, this is just a jumping jack that makes you look a little nuts.

Med Ball Lying Leg Raises: Lie on your back and place a medicine ball between your ankles. Start with your legs elevated, with your feet almost directly above your hips. Allow your legs to drop straight down as far as possible without touching the floor. You’re fighting gravity here, people. Immediately bring your legs back up to the starting position.

Hopscotch Squats: Squat down with feet about hip-width distance apart. While remaining in a squatted position, jump your feet together. Continue jumping in and out (kind of like hopscotch!) while making sure you stay in as deep a squat as possible.

Crab Walk Toe Touches: Lie on your back and then lift yourself onto your hands and feet into crab position. Step forward with your right arm and leg, then immediately step forward with your left arm and leg. It’s just your basic crab walk from elementary school, if you remember those! Lift your right leg and reach your left arm toward it above you. Take two more “steps” and then lift your left leg and reach toward it with your right arm. It sounds way more complicated than it is when I try to type it out.

Hope your Wednesday is going well! If you try this workout, let me know! I didn’t realize how much stronger I was as a child until I tried crab walking again. Tough stuff.

Question: What workout or exercise is most FUN to you?

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