Excuses: The Motivation Killer

Ready for some honesty? I’ve been struggling to get back into working out. The reason? I’m making a ton of excuses for myself.

I’m too tired.

I’m too busy.

I’m not feeling it.

I just had a baby.

I need to rest.

Seriously, I could go all day. Making excuses for myself has become a convenient way for me to skip a workout. I need to get my motivation back! I’ve signed up for a few races, but I’ve yet to start training for them.


I know that just signing up for the races isn’t enough. I need to get excited about them. I think the key to getting excited is to find a buddy, find a training program, and find something special about each race. For the color run, my friends and I are going to totally 80’s it out. Neon headbands and side ponies maybe? The other two races are going to be vacations for me. I’m getting so excited to pin down the details!

So there ya have it. I have some buddies to run the races with (but I could always use more! ;)) and I have something “fun” planned for each race. Now I just need to train. Any recommendations for training for a 5k or half after taking some time off?

(PS: I know that some of my “excuses” are legit. Sometimes I’m so tired that I swear it would be unsafe for me to sprint on the treadmill or lift a heavy ass weight. However, I need to realize that I could walk or stretch, though. I need to remember that some exercise is better than no exercise. I’ve already realized that a shorter workout still counts, but now I need to learn that less intense workouts count, too.)

I will get my motivation back! Now if I could just invent away to run while sleeping…


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    I’m having a difficult time getting back into my workout routine after going on my honeymoon, so I can’t imagine how difficult it must be after having a baby! I think races are a great way to get back into it, but it does take a lot of motivation!

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    No worries! I’m sure it the motivation will begin to come back to you! Especially as you are already seeing results and improvements. There’s nothing quite like a good nights rest though and I know you aren’t getting many of those. I also know that as much effort as it takes to get out and exercise, I always recognize it was worth the effort after the fact. I feel better, stronger, happier, and more satisfied. If I skip out I end up feeling even worse for it!

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    Sometimes our body just needs that rest, so maybe it’s a good thing you haven’t been too motivating lately. I’m sure you’ll get back on track though, and than you’ll feel awesome :) :)

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    I wanna run the Rock ‘n’ Roll half…that would be amazing. I kinda joked that I wanna run a half in January. Too soon after baby?!?

    I wish I had people who would wanna run races with me (after baby, I mean). Maybe we could hook up to run one together when I’m down in SC for 2 weeks end of April!!!


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