Facing A Fitness Fear: SUP + #PropelFit

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Today was my last “full” Wednesday in school. If that isn’t cause for celebration I don’t know what is. ;) Instead of boring you with the workouts I haven’t really been doing lately, I thought I’d talk about the most exciting one I took part in this month.

Recently Propel launched the “Add Flavor Challenge”. First up on the agenda? Facing a fitness fear. Initially I thought, “Please, I’m not scared of a workout. I’ll try anything!” It took me maybe five minutes to realize that there are actually a ton of things that would freak me out. Activities including water topped the list, because I’m deathly afraid of swimming anywhere near any type of wildlife. I seriously think this is a rational fear, though, so I have no qualms about admitting it. Me in the ocean with sharks? Heck no. This is as far into the water as I like to get.


I figured a “safer” place to start would be the river. [Side note: I totally forgot about gators, snakes, and snapping turtles at the time. Snapping turtles don’t play. I mean, you could lose a toe, you guys.]

What I’m trying to say is, I pushed my fears aside and chose an activity that took place on the water. I signed up for three hours of stand up paddleboarding, or SUP if you’re cool like that. Before embarking on a three hour tour, I made sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If I learned anything from ol’ Gilligan, it’s that you should always be prepared. Propel is packed with vitamins and minerals, which meant I was ready to go. Scared out of my mind, but ready to go nonetheless.

After we packed up and gathered our gear, we slowly waded in with our boards. Okay, fine. I was the only one that went in slowly. Let’s just say, I hate that mushy stuff. There could be all kinds of creatures lurking in there. You know it’s true.

After a few botched attempts at standing up (what? I had to find my sea legs!), I finally figured out how to balance long enough to actually paddle for a while. Eventually, I got the hang of it. Sort of. I was like a mannequin out there, but at least I was still dry.

The only time it got dicey in the beginning was when a boat would fly by. The trick? Steer into the wake and paddle a little harder. It worked most of the time, but I totally just sat down and gave up once or twice. I wanted to prevent falling in the water more than anything. To me, that would have been a nightmare. I just kept picturing scenes from Anaconda and Lake Placid. So, I obviously had legitimate and realistic concerns.

Bonus: all of that freaking out lent itself to an intense workout. Fun fact: if your body is as tense as possible, it makes moving a lot more difficult. I took a Propel break after a while, which also meant I struggled to balance, hold an oar, and twist a cap off. Multitasking has never been a strength of mine.

I probably floated a quarter-mile down the river before I quenched my thirst. But, man, what sweet relief.

Y’all. I felt like such a SUP champ. This is me prematurely celebrating, which was definitely a rookie mistake.

After a while, the guide mentioned that he also teaches yoga out on the boards. Okay, cool. I was game, because in my mind I was obviously a SUP professional at this point. Riiiight. Anyway, I survived a plank pretty easily.

I attempted whatever-the-heck this is, but barely. All you yogis can fill me in on the pose in the comments. Pretty please?

Then I attempted wheel pose and FELL IN THE WATER. I saw my life flash before my eyes, but luckily no cold-blooded beast found me before I could fling myself back on the board. Everyone was dying laughing afterwards, so apparently I’m awesome at falling. Got to be good at something, I guess. I celebrated my skills by rehydrating with an ice cold Propel when we safely returned to land. You know, where I belong.

Check out this sweet video they made for me. I feel like it’s extremely similar to the ones showing babies’ first steps.

But seriously, I’m so glad I gave SUP a chance. I had a blast, worked on my balance, and didn’t get eaten. I’d say it was an all-around success. I’ll definitely try it out again, just never on the ocean. Ever. I’m sorry but some fears aren’t meant to be faced.

The next fear I am facing? Weightlifting. Like, legitimately building muscle and strength. I always toy around with the idea but then eventually give up for one reason or the other. The biggest issue I have is feeling ridiculous trying to curl 10 or 15 lb dumbbells when everyone else is crushing much more. I basically just quit to save myself the embarrassment. Honestly, I need to suck it up. The “Face Your Fitness Fears” Challenge is so perfectly timed for me. No room for shame in my game, y’all. Strength is about more than just muscles, right?

Question: What is one “fitness fear” you’d like to conquer? I think you should do it. Just saying.


  1. says

    So fun! I can just picture myself falling into the water on one of these things. I’ll just imagine I look as graceful as you did. ;)

    My next fitness challenge: getting certified in Body Pump! I’ve heard it’s a pretty grueling weekend, but I’m stoked for it. By the way, Body Pump is a great way to get on the strength training wagon! ;)
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Summer is My Favorite Season to EatMy Profile

  2. says

    I used to SUP in california all the time. It is so fun.
    I can relate to your next facing your fear challenge of lifting weights. I recently decided to add this in and felt really intimidated by the others lifting heavy weights and me with my 15 pounders. But they inspire me to keep trying!
    Jenn@ Mark My Miles! recently posted..Thank you for the brave!My Profile

    • Presley says

      Off to change my feelings of intimidation into inspiration! <- I took something intelligent you said and made it totally corny. I ruin everything.

    • Presley says

      I actually had fun at Crossfit, since everyone was too busy racing around to look at me. I feel like people sometimes “hang out” in the regular gym and it makes me nervous. haha I’m so paranoid.

  3. says

    Strength is so personal. I use to worry that I wasn’t lifting heavy weights in the gym either, but I eventually realized I was lifting heavy for me and pushing myself as hard as I could. Go for it :)

  4. says

    Oh my gosh that looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I would definitely add that to a list of “fitness to do’s” for me!
    I would probably say a fitness fear of mine would be…cutting my half marathon time down. It’s a HUGE goal of mine, but it’s also a bit scary, since I’ve had hip issues running faster in the past. But I’ll make it happen! :)
    Shannon recently posted..Thinking Out Loud: Pinterest MusingsMy Profile


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