How I Feel About 2014

If the rest of 2014 is anything like today, I’m in for one hilariously awful ride. Let’s discuss my embarrassing start to the new year.

1.) I got a perm yesterday. First of all, I’d like to just say that it was definitely a decision that needs to be filed under quarter-life crisis. I mean, I guess I just wanted a change. Next thing you know I’ll be driving a new convertible and flirting with all the pretty young thangs around town. Back to my point, I woke up today looking like I’m auditioning for a crappy remake of Splash. I tried to beat my hair into submission with randomly placed rollers. It didn’t work. Ultimately, the whole point of the loose perm was so that my hair will hold different styles better, so maybe it’ll still work out in the end. For now, though, I am a poodle. I apologize that I’m forcing this image on you. Still friends?

hot mess


2.) I got nailed in the face today with a small wiffle ball. Surprisingly enough, those things can catch a lot of speed. I have a bruise on my left eye to prove it. While it sucked, I think we can all agree that it’s a positive that it didn’t hit me in the hair. We never would have found that ball.

3.) I started off the New Year by eating an entire loaf of French bread smothered in butter. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I just feel dirty. I love me some bread and butter, but eating enough of it to feed a family of 8 is probably overkill. If it’s possible to have a carb hangover, I have that right now. When running doesn’t make you feel better, you know you’ve eaten yourself sick. Usually after a run, I feel like I could eat an elephant. Right now, I just want to curl up and drink water. Apparently, proper fueling is not my strong suit.


Speaking of my run, I ended up actually following the training plan for this one. It went a little something like this: 1 mile warm up at 6, 3 miles at 8 with half mile jogs in between each mile, and 1 mile cool down. Since I’ve been doing a lot of training on the treadmill recently, I aim to keep the incline between 1 and 3 the entire time. It helps a little, but I should still probably get back out into the real world soon.



PS: I thought about making some goals for 2014 and listing them tonight, but I’d rather just pretend it’s still 2013 today and start all over tomorrow. I might just be crazy enough to pull that off. If you see me Tweeting HAPPY NEW YEAR tomorrow, just play along for my sanity’s sake. See y’all tomorrow and Happy FAUX-YEAR’S Eve! It’s a real thing.


  1. says

    This post had me giggling.

    All of my treadmill runs have destroyed me this winter (even with an incline). I ran outside yesterday for the first time in a while and knew I was in trouble at mile one. Sounds like you are keeping the intensity on your treadmill runs, though! I tend to get treadmill lazy.
    Carson recently posted..2013 Goals Reviewed and 2014 GoalsMy Profile

  2. Madison says

    Dude, this post was hilarious. I read it, then made my brother read it out loud to me so I could hear it again while simultaneously sharing it’s hilarity with him. Hilarious. I love that you thought to get a perm and that you ate an entire loaf of bread. You are rapidly becoming my fave blog. Good luck with the hair tomorrow!

  3. says

    You make me laugh! New Year’s round two? I’ll take it considering mine was pretty uneventful, and by uneventful I mean; I curled up in my PJ’s and watched 30 Rock until 10pm (I know party animal) then fell asleep before twelve.

    Ps. I am also a poodle (Naturally, curse you curly hair.) and recommend John Frieda hair serum to help tame the poodle-ness.
    Lyric recently posted..Almond Butter Spaghetti Squash BowlMy Profile

  4. says

    I permedy super straight hair once and ended up
    Crying almost every day for 6 months. Since then, I have done as little to my hair as possible for fear of a repeat!

    I spent the last week food prepping like a champ and making great food choices on the toughest situations only to melt down yesterday and booze all of my calories away during a New Year’s dinner. Not my best choices… Maybe I should take a do-over too!!! Happy New Year :)
    Sarah MomRunningonEmpty recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

    • Presley says

      That does NOT make me feel better, hahaha. Kidding. Who knows how badly I damaged my hair at this point. Crossing my fingers it’ll start to improve.

    • Presley says

      I’m starting to see that taking the time to curl parts of it makes a huge difference. Gotta go get me some mousse now. :)

  5. says

    Your running routine sounds great, I mean the drive to get up at 6AM to start your routine is dedication! You have inspired me! Thanks for the encouraging post!

  6. says

    I’m not officially starting my new year until Monday. Having New Year’s Day and starting all that resolution stuff just doesn’t work for me on a Wednesday :)

  7. says

    I love this – back in the day (when I was young), I used to have long hair and I always got spiral perms!!! Fun times!!! (if I had long hair now I probably still would so it wouldn’t be so straight!)
    I hope you had wine with the bread!!!
    Kim recently posted..The FitBit ForceMy Profile

  8. says

    Don’t feel bad about the perm! It should hopefully work itself out within a week or two. I notice that my hair goes ape shit when I get it cut and then realizes everything is going to be okay. It’s always more unruly and crazy after having a baby. Keep playing with it!
    Kayla recently posted..Pomegranate Lemon Chia RefresherMy Profile

    • Presley says

      If nothing else, this new hair will teach me patience. That’s a positive, right? haha Thanks for calming me down about it. :)

  9. Lauren says

    I have pin straight hair and tried to get a perm years ago and it wouldn’t even take! I’m jealous you got something out of it!! After having my first baby I sonehow got one spot on the back of my head that has a slight wave to it right at the root and it is absolutely ridiculous. It looks like I have a bump it haphazardly placed!!

    • Presley says

      I seriously love your bump it reference! :) I think it took better at my roots than at the ends. They kind of just look fried, haha.


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