Friday Favorites: Race Sponsors {Giveaway}

One thing I didn’t really mention about this past weekend, was all of the awesome race sponsors I got to meet and new products I got to try. All of the brands we’re so generous, and really helped make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Seriously, I cannot say enough about how lucky I felt to be a part of it all! I wasn’t actually required to post about any of them, so I’ll just share some info about my favorites.



Janji has found a way to provide quality running products while helping people all over the world. For each item purchased, someone in need receives the food or water they so desperately need. I love that the premise was that runners fuel and hydrate for each run and race, while people all around the world are just struggling to survive. And if buying adorable, functional running clothes can actually help people, count me in.

janji running shorts

I met one of their super sweet interns at the expo and ended up getting to try out a pair of their shorts. I was blown away by how cute they were. I know that’s not really the point of the brand, but it sure doesn’t hurt. I’m wearing them today, and I must say they are pretty close to perfect. They are light weight, short but not wedgie-ville short, and have the perfect little pocket in the back. If you’d like to try out something from Janji for yourself, they are currently offering 20% using the code Thayer20 while shopping on the City Sports website.


Sparkly Soul

I’ve seen the Sparkly Soul brand all over the freaking place, but I never snagged any of the headbands for myself. Big mistake. They gave each of the bloggers a special edition “Heartbreaker” band, but I ended up liking this thin pink band from my friend Dani even more.

sparkly soul

She has converted me to a Sparkly Soul lover. I kind of want to be just like her. I digress. If you’re on the hunt for a headband that stays put, check this brand out.


The Stick

The most amazing and awkward product award goes to The Stick. I don’t know what I’m doing with my hands in the picture below, but I think that means it was working.

the stick

I used it before and after the half and had zero issues with soreness. I was actually pretty scared because I’d only gotten up to 8 miles before the race, so I was sure I was going to be in pain. I don’t know exactly what to credit for that, but I imagine that The Stick didn’t hurt. Some of the other bloggers picked up the TriggerWheel, and that thing was incredible. I’m going to need to get my hands on one of those.


Health Warrior

I found my new favorite bar, y’all. Health Warrior’s Chia Bars are absolutely addicting. We sampled a few flavors, but the Apple Cinnamon ended up being my top pick. That being said, I didn’t taste the Chocolate Peanut Butter, so that might be some stiff competition.

Health Warrior

They are choc full of chia seeds, which makes me happy. I just found them at my local Earth Fare, so I’m all kinds of excited about that.


Finagle a Bagel

I feel like bagels at races are hit or miss. They’re either the best thing you’ve ever eaten or they’re rock hard jail food. I was pleasantly surprised to find perfect cinnamon bagels at the end of each race.

Finagle a Bagel

According to Finagle a Bagel’s website, they were actually French Toast bagels. Okay, quit being perfect, you guys.


City Sports

Last but not least, I was introduced to City Sports. I initially thought it was just a brick-and-mortar type deal, but I was definitely living under the proverbial rock. They have a legit online store, full of all of the clothes, shoes, and accessories you could ever need. They generously gifted each of us the perfect purple tank. I wore mine for the longest 10k of my life. I think the gorilla liked it, so that’s all that matters.

City Sports Tank

So, there you have it: all of my favorite stuff. One of the best parts of any race weekend, in my opinion, is testing out all the gear and food. Before this weekend, I hadn’t tried out a single thing on this list. Now, I’m hooked on all of them. It’s an issue, especially since I can’t even get those bagels near me. Mail them my way, anyone?

Now, I swear I’m not going to just sit here and talk about all this great stuff without sharing the love a little. While we were at the expo, I entered to win a gift card to City Sports. Lo and behold, I won! Instead of being a total Scrooge and tucking it away for myself, I thought it would be better to give it to one of y’all. After all, I wouldn’t have even gotten to go to Boston if it weren’t for you guys. I totally owe you for that.

Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win a $100 Gift Card to City Sports. A winner will be picked by the end of next Friday. I’ll announce the winner shortly after. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now, I’m off to enjoy the weekend with my boys. Since we didn’t get to “officially” celebrate our anniversary, I hope I have an excuse to dress up a little at some point. That rarely happens, so we’ll see. Have a great one!

Disclosure: Friday Favorite posts may contain affiliate links from time to time. I seriously appreciate any and all support for Run Pretty!


  1. Starla B says

    Those chia bars do look so,so amazing! I would love to put this towards some new running gear like shoes! This is so awesome! I could also use a few million of those sparkly head bands!

  2. Elizabeth W. says

    Oh man I am in desperate need of a new Yoga mat. My cheapo one is crumbling under the pressures of bikram…

  3. says

    I’m currently stress fractured, so I could use anything to cheer me up and get me excited for my healthy return to running (hopefully sooner than later!)

  4. abigail says

    Oooh I would definitely get some new running tanks with this! It would be nice to train in something new for my upcoming 10k!

  5. says

    I need new running shoes after I pop this baby out so I can get back to running! So, I’d definitely use it to replace my current very, very worn out pair.
    Chelsea recently posted..It GrewMy Profile

  6. Rebecca says

    I need new running shoes and some more tanks pretty bad…doing laundry twice a week for running tanks is not fun. Haha

  7. JJ says

    I would get some new running tanks. My collection is looking pretty sorry at this point and could use some updating. Also, I’m obsessed with the stick! It is the best and I use it after every run.

  8. Bailey says

    I seriously need a new pair of running shoes!! Planning/paying for our wedding has made it nearly impossible to justify spending the money on running shoes right now!!

  9. says

    You’re so sweet to give away your giftcard!! I’d get the Under Armour Fly-By Short Sleeve – super cute! Aren’t those chia bars yummy?! I totally just tried them for the first time 2 days ago. There’s a chocolate peanut butter flavor?? I must try it ASAP!
    Whitney recently posted..Friday Favorites 6/13My Profile


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