Friday Favorites: Theme Park Fashion

I know. “Theme Park Fashion” is a weird thing to talk about, but hear me out. We’re in the Magic Kingdom today, and  I want to be comfortable, prepared, and decent looking. I mean, there are going to be lots of pictures for the whole family memories thing. Anyway, I compiled a little list of the things I’m wearing today. Leave me a comment if you have suggestions of your own!


Light Layers

It’s supposed to get into the 80s today, but I always end up freezing when we head indoors to eat or ride certain rides. The best part about using a scarf to layer is that I can also drape it over Maddux’s stroller for some shade while he (hopefully!) takes a little catnap. I’m wearing a scarf similar to this one, but I got it for much cheaper at Forever21. I know I don’t belong in that store, but I don’t care.



Comfortable Shoes

I was recently sent these pink Reebok Skyscapes, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to make the best walking shoes. They are the perfect mix of adorable and comfortable. I’ll be reporting back on these babies soon, so keep an eye out for that!



Cross-Body Bag

We’ll have the stroller for storing large items, but I still want to toss a few smaller things in my purse for quick access. I’m planning on keeping my credit cards, phone, and camera in a cross-body bag. I love that style the most for walking around and keeping things safe. I have a patterned Vera Bradley bag that I’m taking, but I love this one even more.

cross body bag


Hair Ties

I always start the day of walking around with my hair down, but it typically ends up in a ponytail about five minutes into the day. I love how these nautical-inspired ties are cute enough to give your sweaty ponytail a little bit of style. I just have the plain colors, so I’ve got to update my hair tie collection soon. Obviously.

hair ties


I better get going! We still have a long day ahead of us. Everyone just cross your fingers we don’t have any meltdowns, from myself or Maddux. See y’all later!

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    • Presley says

      I’m so glad we got to try the Skyscapes out. They aren’t something I’d typically look for, but I am really thankful to have them now.

  1. says

    I like to think that theme park fashion is a specialty of mine (which clearly has gotten me far in life). You are so right about layering. It’s always burning up outside, but freezing in the restaurants. Also, tennis shoes are a must. I’m always blown away by the footwear selections I see people wear to theme parks.
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