Friday Favorites: Traveling Edition

Happy Friday! Still totally haven’t worked out. Still totally okay with that. It is what it is.

Ryne, Maddux, and I drove to North Carolina this morning. I feel like we’ve been constantly on the go lately, and I didn’t have a post planned for today. I’ve seen a million “Friday Favorites” and “What I’m Loving” posts in my reader lately, so I decided to basically steal that idea. Plus, I kind of had a lot of fun sharing my current favorite beauty products the other day. Might as well do the same thing, except with things that make traveling a little bit easier for me, right? (I included a few affiliate links, but I actually use all of this stuff on the reg. Do people still say on the reg? Break it to me gently if they don’t.)


And, yep, I’m that weird person that keeps everything right at my feet in the passenger seat.


Stuff That Makes Traveling Suck Less

1. A huge, all-purpose bag. I reviewed the Apera Performance Duffle bag the other day and I’m still obsessed with it. It’s definitely my new go-to travel bag. I can basically fit my life in all of the pockets, so it’s legit. Oh, and it’s pink. Need I say more?



2. Cheap, comfortable flats. I snagged these black flats at Target for 20 bucks. They are seriously the best traveling shoes, because they somehow find a way to be comfortable even though they’re thin enough to toss into any bag. Love them. I’m 99% sure I’ll be going back for the nude color now. [Edited to add: I have witch feet. If you struggle to find cheap flats that are narrow, you’ll like these.]



3. Miniature beauty products. The best part of packing for a trip is having an excuse to buy tiny versions of your favorite things, obviously. I found this lip stuff (honestly, what do you call it? colored Vaseline?) when I was buying tiny shampoos. It’s, like, the size of a quarter. Be still my heart.




4. Gallons of dry shampoo. Am I the only person who ends up looking like a complete grease-ball after riding in a plane or car? It sucks the life out of me, I swear. I know I’m late to the dry shampoo party, but I’m really glad I figured it out. There are a million different brands, but this one one works just fine for me.



5. Entertainment for days. I am in love with Spotify, and I think upgrading is totally worth it. We don’t have unlimited data on our phones, and I like being able to play my playlists offline. Today we were digging Disney. “Let it gooooo, let it gooooo!” Yup. I’m that mom.



Honorable Mention


Cracker Barrel! I feel like we eat at one on literally every single vacation. Side note: It is physically impossible to take a picture with a toddler in that place. So much stuff to look at and/or break in there. That was my “This isn’t going to work, is it?” face.

Question: Do you have a essential item you always take on vacation? A specific place you eat on the road? I swear my trips feel scripted sometimes…


  1. says

    HaHa – I do the same thing in piling so much stuff by my feet that I have to put my feet on some of the crap.
    I’m one of those travelers that just likes to get there so we tend to do food that we can grab and eat on the road – I’m not really a patient traveler!!!
    Kim recently posted..Things That Make You Go Hmmm…..My Profile

    • Presley says

      I never leave room for my legs.

      When Maddux is older, I have a feeling we’ll be the HURRY UUUUP travelers. Right now we just try to time everything around naps in the car. ;)

  2. says

    I bought those same black flats, along with the nude flats! I think I wore the nude ones 3 times this week and the black once. Some of my friends were complaining that the shoes were not comfortable enough, but I sit all day and switch my shoes out, if I’m going to take a walk at lunch.

    • Presley says

      Yeah, I probably wouldn’t use them for long periods of walking. More as a “toss-on” in the car or plane! Although, I do wear them all day at work, so… maybe my comfort levels are weird. I’m pretty much a barefoot redneck.

    • Presley says

      Hashbrown casserole and biscuits = my life.

      Dry shampoo is my new favorite thing! Plus, it helps give me a little boost in the ponytail department. My flat head appreciates that.

  3. Laura says

    We must have very differently shaped feet ;) those shoes tore my feet apart! I love the way they look (and the price!), but I has to pitch them!

  4. says

    Love dry shampoo!!! I’m all about the old school Psst! and Pantene’s new dry shampoo. Life savers! Not gonna lie I’m going to have to snag a colored Vaseline for myself!!! I’m out in Cali so there’s not really any Cracker Barrel’s out here but when I’m in the south – I always want to stop by for a biscuit and some apple butter!!!

    Ps the time change totes messed up my work out schedule so I say blame that!

  5. says

    Dannng I remember buying dry shampoo like a year ago thinking it would solve all my life problems. It actually made my hair look greasier. Like seriously what is wrong with me? Haha I tried to take a picture of my toddler’s feet with her new shoes on. Yeah we all know how that turned out. Love the bag!
    Syd @ Through the Thin of it All recently posted..Five Things Friday 3.14.14My Profile

    • Presley says

      Oh, no! Maybe try a different brand? You could buy the travel size to test it out. That’s how I try things. ;)

  6. says

    I am the passenger pack rat. We just came back from a road trip and I swear we had to clean out more from the front of the passenger seat than the rest of the car! We always stop at Tim Hortons (I’m in Canada) because you can use the bathroom and leave if it suits your fancy and nobody gets mad, and there is almost always something to eat for everybody.
    Amalia recently posted..I’m finally on vacationMy Profile

    • Presley says

      I don’t know why I feel like EVERYTHING needs to be that close to me. It’s ridiculous.

      Well now I need to go somewhere in Canada just to check it out.

  7. Jen says

    What did you think of the smell of the dry shampoo? I’ve never tried it before and had the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak kind sent to me to sample. It works great, but I’m not a huge fan of the smell. Might be because I’m prego too or maybe they all kind of have a funky smell at first??

    • Presley says

      The one I bought smells more clean/fresh (and slightly like the average hairspray) to me than anything else. It’s not bad! Maybe change brands? Browse the travel/sample size aisle for the small bottles. :)


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