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Harder Than It Looks {Stability Ball Workout}

Still not running. Still bitter about it. Just kidding, I’m dealing with it better than I thought I would be at this point. The half is 10 days away, so I’m just hoping to be able to run it at all. The fact that my foot is still hurts just while standing or walking around isn’t a huge positive. I’ve tried to limit the time I spend on my feet, tried icing and stretching, and tried wearing different shoes but nothing has helped so far. I’m going to call a PT tomorrow night if it still hurts after work. What are the chances that I just have a tendon issue that resolves itself by tomorrow? Not good?

Since I couldn’t run tonight and I was still sore from GRIT yesterday, I decided to play around with my new stability ball. My abs were literally the only thing on me that didn’t ache tonight. Well, until I did this (and totally didn’t make one word plural):

stability ball workout

I did each of those as many times as I could and then repeated it for another round of torture.

These moves are harder than they look! Pikes are no joke, and I’m pretty sure I fell off of the ball about 10 times trying to do them. I can say with full confidence that tomorrow will be a total rest day unless I can run. Then, if you need me, you’ll find me pounding the pavement. Or tripping over my own two feet. One of the two. Seriously, though, it would be amazing to jog even a half a mile tomorrow. If there is a running fairy, I’d like her to grant me that wish.

In honor of how poorly I handled the pikes, here are three other things that are harder than they look:

1. Accepting the fact that I can’t run right now, even though I feel like I should. Tried coffee. Ended up with wine.



2. Pretending that I didn’t tear up when he held my hand today. I acted all tough about it on Instagram, but I am a sap at heart.



3. Teaching a class of four-year-olds how to say “collaborate”. It took about fifteen minutes of practicing before we even got close. We’ll get there.


What about y’all? Attempt anything new recently that was way harder than you thought it would be? Happens to me about 10 times a day. I think I overestimate my abilities pretty regularly. ;)

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23 Responses to Harder Than It Looks {Stability Ball Workout}

  1. The exercises look so simple just written there – sometimes core exercises sound so easy but they’re tough!!
    And that’s hysterical that you taught that to your class – the little things…. :)
    Sammy @Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted..BloglovinMy Profile

  2. Well I had high hopes to de-stress myself this new year and not worry about thins quite as much but already 2 weeks in and we have faced some crazy stressful stuff…ugh! I’m going to keep plugging at it though!
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted..Healthy Mexican Quinoa RecipeMy Profile

    • I’m working on ditching the stress, too! It seems like it always gets worse before it gets better. ;) Hopefully you’ll have some good downtime soon to relax!

  3. Sorry to hear you’re still in pain close to your half! I really hope it turns around for you. Love love love the hand picture of you and Maddux:)
    Heidi @ Idlehide recently posted..Thursday Thoughts: 01/09/14My Profile

  4. I was looking for a good stability ball workout–definitely going to try that!
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..First WIAW of 2014My Profile

  5. That hand holding pic is precious. So cute! My half is 23 days away and I have a pain in my shin that is making me reallyyyy nervous. Fingers crossed!!!
    Runner Girl Eats recently posted..Going back to collegeMy Profile

  6. That workout looks pretty dang hard to me!! But maybe it’s just because I do ONE of those exercises, sometimes, if I’m lucky … maybe I should work on that.

    Love that quote!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..01/09/13: Thursday ThoughtsMy Profile

  7. Stability ball workouts! I do love them, but my own ball is headed towards pancake shape. It needs more inflation.

    The preciousness of baby hands & feet make my heart real melty ‘n stuff. squeeeee!!!
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Colloidal silver for ear infection, eye infection, pink eye. (how it healed Greedy Baby)My Profile

  8. i’m attempting to not go crazy due to our FOURTH snow day in a row!!!! you think it’d be nice, but itz too cold / snowy / icy out to do anything!!!! (i have gotten in my workouts each day though!!)
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Join FitFluentialMy Profile

  9. Girl my abs are crying just thinking about doing that work out! I need to get a stability ball and make this a weekly thing. I think with all my running, my abs get neglected and one sit up makes me sore for days. Not really. But I imagine that’s how bad it would be!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted..Blogger Feature: Daily Cup of KateMy Profile

    • I know having a strong core would make me a better runner but I still always end up skipping ab workouts. I need to work on that! We’ll make each other get it done, haha.

  10. Ball passes kill me.
    Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family recently posted..Day in the Life: First Day of SchoolMy Profile

  11. Presley
    Oh I know how you feel! I injured my right calf a while ago and it took me almost 6 months before I could do any serious running. Well, you just have to take it slow and follow doctor’s orders. Believe me, you will run again soon. It’s better to take your time and build up slowly then to try to speed up the process and then injure yourself all over again (ugh…that’s what I did.) Here’s to great success in 2014 for your healthy return to running(tip your wine glass now.) :)
    Irving recently posted..RUSHFIT Work Out!My Profile

  12. Sorry to hear you can’t run right now; Im sending you good thoughts and hopefully you will recover soon! Attempting to not wear makeup or heat style my hair for a little bit has definitely MUCH harder than i thought. But I know it is better for my skin and hair so for now Im working on it.
    Lyric recently posted..Eating up the LeftoversMy Profile

  13. […] work with the stability balls, which looked a whole lot like this ab workout I posted a while ago. It hurt in a great […]

  14. Uhhhh yep those pikes are TORTURE. Ouch. I can’t get past 10 at a time. Great workout though!

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