Maddux: Twelve Month Baby Update

This morning, I woke up and had breakfast with a one year old boy. Happy birthday, Maddux!

first birthday breakfast

I can’t even believe it. He’s technically a toddler now, although I suppose he’ll always be my baby. I don’t have many 12 month pictures. There are two reasons for this. 1.) He wouldn’t sit or stand still for anything. 2.) He fell while we were outside and got a pretty nice shiner out of the deal. I cut the photo shoot short at that point. Poor kid. He’s going to look pretty tough at his party tomorrow. ;)


2013-06-09 005 005

Likes: Maddux likes waving at anyone and anything, but he loves waving to cars and trucks. He’s still pretty obsessed with them. He likes rocking in his little rocking chair, but now he thinks all chairs are supposed to rock. He likes to sort through the food on his tray, politely tossing the less than stellar pieces on the floor. He loves to clap for himself for any reason. I love how excited he gets when other people clap along.

Dislikes: He doesn’t really like going to bed recently. He also doesn’t like being told “no”, when his grandparents leave the house, getting bored in the car, or having to wait even a fraction of a second for his milk or his food. Seriously, you better be swift in the kitchen, ’cause he doesn’t play around. He hates diaper changes or sitting still for any reason.

Sleeping: His bed time has gone back and forth recently between 7pm and 9pm. I think teething and trying to drop down to one nap are the main causes. We’re all working on figuring it out and I have faith it’ll become consistent again soon. He usually wakes up about 12 hours after he goes down for the night. He no longer wakes up to eat, but he sometimes wakes up and needs to be soothed for a minute or two. Overall, though, he’s a good little sleeper.


Eating: His favorite foods right now are bananas, grapes, avocado, and peas. He also likes pizza and frozen yogurt, but let’s be real, who doesn’t? I really can’t complain about him in the eating department. He’s pretty easy going about it and will generally try anything. It makes meal time stress-free, because I don’t necessarily have to plan everything out for him. He goes with the flow!

Playing: His favorite game is definitely hide-and-seek. One thing that I find odd, is that he loves to be scared or startled. Jump out from a corner and you’ve made his day. His favorite toys this month are golf balls, the feather duster, baseball hats, and all of my headbands. Hilarious.


Teeth: He’s in the middle of cutting another tooth on the bottom, so his total tooth count is now at 7. This most recent tooth has by far been the worst one for him. He’s had to sleep in the bed with us twice because of it. I complain about it, but it’s actually nice to be able to cuddle with him. During the day, he’s not even close to being still long enough for that.

Talking: He’s actually using less words than he has been in past months. I’m not sure why. The weird thing is, I feel like we still communicate with each other just fine (if not better than before). I’m guessing he’ll get back into using his words when he feels the need. I’m not going to rush him!

Firsts: First real haircut. First time shopping for “big boy” shoes. First time going fishing in the pond. First time meeting his cousin Asher. First time playing on a slide, which is currently proudly displayed in our living room. First time leaving babyhood. I could cry…

12 months

We love him so much. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for him! I hope it is just as amazing as the first!


  1. says

    Happy, happy birthday to your handsome little guy!!! And yes, enjoy every little moment, it goes by SO quickly! My daughter will be turning EIGHT in July and I remember her 1st birthday like it was yesterday. It seems impossible that it was almost 7 years ago.
    Suzanne @ Mixing It Up recently posted..Foodie FridayMy Profile

  2. says

    happy birthday maddux!! i have no idea if there is a correlation but since liv started teething she’s definitely gotten quieter. she still yells in excitement but has limited babbling. maybe a correlation? maybe not? who knows with these kids.
    nicole recently posted..Cho So Good Giveaway!My Profile

    • Presley says

      That could be it! I talked to Maddux’s ped yesterday and he said not to worry about it right now. Thank goodness. I stress over every little thing. Maddux does a lot of yelling out now, too. He’s excited like 95% of the time, haha.

      He said to tell Liv Hi!

    • Presley says

      Good point. Maybe his brain is on overload? OMG, stress is now my middle name. I have got to chill.

    • Presley says

      Thank you!! I hope he doesn’t think I’m a total cheeseball when he’s older. I’m betting he will, though…

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