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Masters Monday + I’m Done Walking

Yesterday morning, Maddux and I got ready bright and early. We had an exciting event on the agenda: The Masters! Practice rounds started yesterday and we were jacked to get to go in. Side note: I just bought a new camera and I totally haven’t figured out the timing. My #selfie game is not on point these days.


We met my dad over at the National, and the weather turned out to be even worse than I expected. Check my hair out, y’all. Woof.

This is Maddux’s “third” year at the tournament. I went when I was pregnant and he got to go in as a baby. That kid thinks he owns the place.

masters 2014

Obligatory Masters shot.

masters 2014

Hi, Jason Day. Fancy seeing you here.

masters 2014

It was a little too early for the cheap beer. Oh well, maybe next time.

masters 2014

Around 11, as we were heading out, we heard the sirens. They ended up canceling the rest of the day because of the weather. Lightning + golf = no bueno. I’m glad we got a chance to walk around for a while! In related news, I am done walking for, like, forever. After a theme park and a golf course, I’m ready to take a break.

Get ready for the blogging segue of your life, folks…

How can I go buy myself birthday clothes without walking around the mall, you ask? I know you didn’t really ask that, but let’s all pretend you did. Well, STITCHFIX, duh. They send the clothes directly to your house. Boom.

Okay, but seriously, I basically hated the thought of this service. I mean, I have to pay $20 for someone to send me clothes and then I have the option of buying them. Um. Right. Anyway, I know that the twenty bucks would go toward the clothes I chose to purchase, but what if I hated it all? I’d be out twenty bucks. I try to be nothing but honest on here, and I have to say I would never have tried this out on my own. Like, legitimately never in a million years. I pretty much cringe at the thought of wasting even a dollar.

Then, randomly, a few months ago I got a Klout perk for a $20 Stitchfix credit. Well played, Stitchfix. Well played. That credit means I wouldn’t have to pay for the clothes to be shipped to me, and if I wanted something out of the fix, it would be twenty dollars off. Way to reel me in. My fix came in yesterday.


Now here’s where I need some help. I am not really that great at picking clothes out for myself. I’d live in running shorts if I could. Ryne usually helps me shop (really), and we argued over a few of these items. Actually just the shirts. So instead of being an adult and choosing for myself, I’m deferring to y’all. You choose the shirts I keep. You spend my money. Ah, it feels good to take the pressure off of myself.

Let’s start off with the definitely yes. I love, love, love these pants. From the fit to the color, they are perfect. Keeping these.

stitchfix pants

Then let’s all laugh at the definite no. Kidding. I actually think this is a really pretty dress, but the fit isn’t right for me. A different style with this fabric would have won me over.


Finally, the maybes. I seriously just can’t decide which shirts are worth keeping. I love the idea of each of them, but I can’t tell which ones work for me. Heeeelp. PS: Sorry for putting my face in these.

stichfix shirts

So, there you have it. My first fix. It was semi-successful I’d say. I don’t know if I’ll order another box from Stitchfix. I mean, I have to figure out what I’m even going to keep from the first one. And in all seriousness, I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Thanks for your help in advance. I’m lost here.

I better go get ready, though. I have a day-date with my friend Aubrie for lunch, celebrity-stalking, and then the gym. Perfect day if you ask me. :)

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34 Responses to Masters Monday + I’m Done Walking

  1. Loooove the pants!

    Out of the 3 shirts, I like the middle one. You could dress it up with the new pants, nice shoes, and jewelry and also dress it down with just leggings and a casual scarf. Win-win, I’d say!

  2. I definitely agree with Michelle – the shirt in the middle is a keeper! The other two shirts are just so-so. Love the jeans!

  3. I like the shirt on the left and right, especially the navy blue blouse on the right! and love the pants!
    chelcie @ chelcie’s food files recently posted..Soup, Salad, and SpinMy Profile

  4. The Masters looks so fun! I want to check it out sometime. So beautiful…even with the rain.

    The jeans are super cute and I like the shirt in the middle…adorable for a comfy weekend look. The other 2 are cute, but lack shape and you’re a small girl so they kind of swallow you up.

  5. I like the middle shirt! I gave my sister and mom StitchFix gift cards for Christmas and my sister got the same shirt and I loveee it whenever she wears it. Comfy + cute!
    Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers recently posted..Shoulder Shredder WorkoutMy Profile

  6. I’m partial to the 2 tops on the outside. (Or should I have just said exclude the one in the middle?) I love the pants, too. I need to wander into the world of pastel pants this year because I, also, would live in gym clothes (read: I do). So jealous of the Masters. Tyler’s dad is there today. I already told Tyler that I want to be there next year. No excuses!
    char eats greens recently posted..a family day + my garmin doesn’t love meMy Profile

  7. I LOVE the navy shirt! it is so adorable! and then the one with the colorful chevrons is adorbs!

  8. I vote the pink and blue one on the left and the one in the middle.

  9. I like the shirt in the middle and can’t make up my mind about the navy blouse. I like it but it almost seems like a little too much fabric for your frame. I’ve been wanting to try out Stitch Fix too but have had that same battle with the $20 because I’m very picky about clothes!
    Do you live in Augusta or just across the GA/SC border?
    Brianna @ I run He tris recently posted..Do as I say, not as I do.My Profile

  10. Aw I didn’t know you’d be in town for the Master’s. How fun! Sorry it was rained out for you though. It seems like there is always one day during Master’s week where we get awful storms.
    Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie recently posted..You Know It’s Master’s Week When…My Profile

  11. You scored on the jeans for sure! So cute! As for the tops, I really like the first two. I love a nice flowy top(especially when it’s hot outside) and striped are always a win. Which ones did your husband love/hate?! Let’s see how right on he was!
    Suzanne @ Mix it Mom recently posted..May Your Days Be Merry and Bright!My Profile

  12. Those jeans are adorable! I’m slightly jealous. :p I like the top in the middle best.
    Whitney recently posted..Flashback To FridayMy Profile

  13. How fun that you got to go to the Masters!

    As for the tops, the one on the right is my top favorite. The other two I like as well, but if you’re only wanting to choose one, I’d definitely say the right one is a winner. Otherwise, I’d say go for all three!

    Loving your extra blonde locks by the way!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Gluten? Dairy? Paleo? Vegan? So Confusing!My Profile

  14. Hi there!
    First of all, good for you for jumping on a Klout perk.
    I’m not crazy about any of the tops, but obviously the pants are awesome. Get those!
    Ashley @ A Lady Goes West recently posted..Comment on Sensational sweet potato smoothie by EmilyMy Profile

  15. I love the third one!!! The first one is also cute but maybe with different pants?

  16. The middle and the navy are my favorites – they look so good on you!

  17. I’m loving the navy blouse on the right and I think the middle shirt is super cute too.
    Ange @ Cowgirl Runs recently posted..Boots, Movies and Gelato – Oh my!My Profile

  18. LOVE the shirts on the left and right! I’d say both are super cute and worth keeping :)
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Tortilla Veggie “Meatball” Pizza for One (Vegan)My Profile

  19. I really like the shirts on the left and right!!

  20. I like the middle shirt the best! Love the pants – they are my style!!
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted..Time for Some TempoMy Profile

  21. I’m loving the middle and one on the right!! Not a huge fan of the one on the left :) But of course you look gorgeous in everything!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted..5 Reasons Why I’m a Fan of Running With a FriendMy Profile

  22. I love all of the shirts! But then again, I am probably more indecisive than you are. So glad you tried the service! I love it! :)
    Heather @ Housewife Glamour recently posted..Super TroopawsMy Profile

  23. Omg, look at Maddux’s little outfit! :-)

    I actually kind of like the dress! LOL

    All of the tops look great–go for all three! ;-)
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..Tuesday TangentsMy Profile

  24. The middle shirt and the last one! I
    Carrie @Eight Crazy Soles recently posted..Weekend & More ~ April 6thMy Profile

  25. I say HECK YES to the pants…but all da shirts are too big :( It’s because you got a cute face, lil waste, and a big behind.
    Lee recently posted..Mocha Latte Breakfast QuinoaMy Profile

  26. Keep the middle one! The other two are too shapeless for you! Love the pink pants!

  27. I would keep the chevron top and return the other two, but I agree with the poster above me, they all look a little big on you. Love the pants!

  28. I vote for the blue shirt on the right, it would totally go WITH those salmon pants! Adorable.

  29. First of all, your eyebrows look amazing. Just thought I’d throw that out there. I know mine are too thin but how do you make them grow? Life is hard.

    Secondly, I love that pink jacket. That’s really predictable of me though.

    Thirdly, I’m kinda surprised at Stitch Fix’s choices for you! That dress, what??? I’m on Team Middle Shirt, but honestly, if you don’t love them or you’re unsure, I say send em all back. And the pants, definitely (because pink)–I’m actually planning on buying an almost identical pair in maternity, haha.
    Kim @ healthy nest recently posted..20 weeks + gender revealMy Profile

  30. I’m with you, I think this service is nutso BUT the more I hear about it and the more I realize how much I HATE to shop, I am super tempted. LOVE those coral colored jeans and the center shirt. I am all about causal stripes these days.
    Runner Girl Eats recently posted..WTF?! WednesdayMy Profile

  31. Ha, your hair still looks beautiful – but that humidity weather stuff ALWAYS angers me! Agreed on those pants, absolutely wonderful! I really like that grey striped shirt in the middle! :)

  32. My husband was totally jealous when he creeped over my shoulder and saw the pictures from The Masters. By the way, your legs look awesome in those shorts, girl!

    I loooove the pants, and I like the shirt in the middle. I got one similar in my fix at the end of January. I really liked it, but only ended up keeping 1 dress. I love the model Stitch Fix has going. I just wish I had more funds available. ;-)

  33. A little late, and I’m sure you already made your decisions, but I love the shirt in the middle and the navy shirt! The shirt on the left, I like, but if you don’t want to keep all three, I would get rid of that one. I definitely think StitchFix gets better every time, as they get to know you more and more. I have my 3rd one coming in a week, and I can’t wait! :) But, I’m also a lazy shopper, who ultimately gets overwhelmed when I go into stores. haha!
    Katie recently posted..Saturday Brunch TalksMy Profile

  34. […] on. Let’s discuss the fact that I got sucked in to playing dress up again. I honestly thought that my first Stitchfix (<-affiliate link) experience would be my only one. […]

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