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My Bump, My Bump…

…my lovely baby bump. Check it out:

We loved every awkward second of taking these maternity pictures. I’d have to assume that posing us is similar to posing Barbie dolls. Not because we look awesome, but because we are stiff, make only one expression, and absolutely could not do it on our own. Thanks again to Paige, the same lovely lady who took my bridal portraits! She’s a rock star.

Now I’m going to scrounge up some breakfast, get ready, and head to the farmer’s market with my parents. Ryne is out golfing with a friend… but later tonight we are going to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! Our “real” anniversary is the 11th, but Monday celebrations are lame. Am I right? Can’t wait to go get our grub on later!

Hope y’all have an awesome Saturday!

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25 Responses to My Bump, My Bump…

  1. your picture are beautiful!

  2. I love these pictures — so pretty! Happy (early) Anniversary!

  3. girl, you are GORGEOUS! i hope i look as good as you when i’m pregnant! :)

  4. gorgeous pics!


  6. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!! Wow! These pictures are just stunning!!!

  7. Such amazing photos! I just got back from the farmers market myself, they make Saturday’s pretty great!! HAPPY (early!) ANNIVERSARY! :)

    • So true… I just wish ours was bigger! I want to go to a real deal farmer’s market sometime… I need to live in a bigger city!

  8. Oh my, Presley these look AMAZING! Have a wonderful anniversary celebration!

    • Thank you! We were just trying to get our model on like y’all did recently… those pictures were great. SO cute!

  9. The pictures look great!

    Happy Anniversary!

  10. Awesome pics! She did a great job. Plus, I love the awkwardness of pictures haha. I think I’m the queen of awkwardness; like, “am I suppose to be smiling now?” hahahah

  11. [...] We took our first family photos! [...]

  12. These pictures are FABULOUS. I love them! And happy belated anniversary :)

  13. Love the pictures. They turned out beautifully. I can’t wait to see mine.

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