Not Even A Week

Well, I’m not even a week into my half marathon training plan, and I’ve already switched it up. I was supposed to run four miles tonight, but I took a class instead. I’ll run tomorrow on what was supposed to be a cross-training day. Hopefully. I am the worst.

Back to that class. Tonight I went to Barre. Y’all, I have missed that class so much. No one missed me and my uncoordinated poses, though. I need a quick lesson in all things eloquence if I’m going to keep attending. You’d think I’d get the hang of it, but I swear I never do.


Tomorrow I’ll run and hopefully continue getting my life back on track. I still have plans to actually schedule a NASM test date for June, but I’m trying to pick a good time. You can definitely wait longer to choose a date, but I think having it set in stone will motivate me to read more than a paragraph of information at a time.

PS: If you’re also studying to become a CPT through NASM, please check out this legit study guide Kim made. It’s so perfect and organized, it makes me want to marry it. Actually, for anything smart and informative, head to that blog. I’m serious. Go now.

Anyway, I better go shower since I’ve yet to do that all day today. Yep. Today was a dry shampoo and headband kind of day. Days like this make me thankful those two things were invented. Did I look good? Nope. But did I at least look like I tried a little bit? Maybe. Close enough for me.


My appearance is similar to everything else I do in life: mediocre at best. Just kidding. I actually try a lot of the time, okay? I swear.

See y’all later! I have a fun birthday-themed favorites post tomorrow. Fun for me anyway. Not so sure how entertaining it will be to everyone else. Have a great night!


  1. says

    If it makes you feel any better, I rarely EVER try to look good on work days. I never wear eye make-up (and am always told I “look tired” as a result) and my hair always goes up into a bun. I just tell myself that I have nobody to impress and would rather spend an extra 15 minutes sleeping.
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    • Presley says

      You should try one if you get the chance! I swear it makes muscles hurt that I didn’t even know I had. Congrats on ACE! :)

    • Presley says

      Exactly! I know it’s totally fine but I just feel like it’s ridiculous that I can’t even go a few days without doing it, haha. Such a rebel.

  2. says

    I looove me some barre. I have a dream of opening my own studio someday and calling it The Mini Barre. Mostly because that just sounds cool…but it would also be sweet to own a studio. (I think??)

    Also, you are so cool and nice to mention me and my little study guide. Let me know how many embarrassing glaring errors you find in that thing!
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  3. says

    I love how you’re not afraid to switch it up if it works for you – thats awesome. Also, I really want to try barre, but I was never graceful and/or a ballerina… so theres that. I am going to put it on a to-do list for this summer!
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