OMG, Ouch {Upper Body Workout}

I was going to finish recapping our recent race-cation, but I don’t really have time to blog tonight. I did want to pop in and tell you how much pain I’m going to be in tomorrow. When your lower body is sore because of an injury, it only makes sense to rip your upper body to shreds. Totally logical. It’s like pinching yourself when you get a shot or something. But instead of a little pinch, I did this:

upper body workout

I completed the exact same workout as Ryne for once in my life (well, besides the amount of weight…) and I already know that I’m in for a world of hurt the next time I try to blow dry my hair.

Oh, and in case you’re OCD like me, here is a photo that will really grate your nerves:

bulletin board

I thought I had really nailed down the placement of the papers before I started, but apparently I overestimated my bulletin board abilities. I have shamed all teachers everywhere with this display. Yes, the owl is up for the entire school year. It’s called laziness. On the plus side, my kids cracked me up today. I told them to create crazy dinosaurs, and one of them drew a rockstar. Brilliant. He’s only four! Total savant status, yo.


Alright, well I better get to bed. Maddux, my lovely and amazing toddler, has recently decided that 5 am is a great time to get up in the morning. I usually wake up between 5:30 and 6. Less than an hour difference, but nonetheless depressing.

Question 1: What workout did you complete tonight? I’ll definitely steal it.

Question 2: Does that board make you want to cry? It’s okay, we can talk about it.

Question 3: What type of dinosaur would YOU be? Make it weird.


  1. says

    I might have to get on this upper body workout…fractured a bone in my foot yesterday! 10 days on crutches at least!
    Answer 1: first day on crutches counts as a workout right? Oh and 1/2 hour class before I realised foot was serious
    Answer 2: I feel your pain
    Answer 3: I would most definitely be a flying dino, mainly due to the gammy foot!
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    • Presley says

      I love that you responded to everything! :)

      A fractured bone? I’m so sorry!! Here I am complaining about a sore tendon.

  2. says

    First of all, you are hilarious!! I love reading your posts!! If we lived in the same area we could totally be friends :)
    Your workout looks brutal!! But in a good way. I usually do body pump on Thursday nights, but nursing a back injury so no lifting for me…boo.
    So my workout was cleaning last night…haha.
    Those are such cute dinos! I would let my OCD get the best of me and re-do the board, but that is just me…and not always the recommended solution.
    If I was a dino I would be a Piatnitzkysaurus!
    Hope you have a great weekend and are feeling 100% whole and healthy soon!
    Esther recently posted..Houston 5k Race Recap!My Profile

  3. Megan Gold says

    Love this workout- feeeling sore already!!! My favorite thing is to reward myself a little bit later with something yummy and healthy to eat!!


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