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HAPPY WEEKEND! Once again, I let the entire week go by without remembering to post anything on here. Then I logged in and realized that I still have nothing truly interesting or helpful to share. Did I ever used to post workouts and recipes? That seems like such a long time ago. I'm sort of embarrassed that I haven't just shut this whole thing down now that it's nothing more than a glorified diary. I'm giving myself one month to get it together. If I don't, I'll pull the plug. Deal? Until then, … [Read More...]

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Weekend Recap: Dips, Donuts, & Dancing

Somehow it’s already Tuesday, guys. I sort of remember Monday happening, but at this point I’m not entirely sure it did. Since the week has definitely gotten started, I guess it’s time to recap the weekend. That also flew by. Two sentences per picture works for me. Oh, you have a salad bar? Great, I’ll […]

Hilton Head Beach Walk 5

Friday Favorites: The Ultimate Round Up

Prepare yourself for the laziest Friday Favorites post ever, you guys. Honestly, though, I kind of wanted to share some old ones that I had forgotten about. Each of the following FF posts made it into my top five for a reason. If you need some reading material this weekend, check ‘em out. Beach Essentials: […]

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Las Vegas + SMS Summit

Last week I attended a social media marketing conference in Las Vegas. When your job sends you on “vacation” you can’t really complain, now can you? I’m kidding. I worked some, too. I swear. The conference, Social Media Strategies Summit, was a mix of informational and motivational. I think it’s easy to get tunnel vision when […]


Valentine’s Weekend Recap

Because, yes, it should last the entire weekend. I like to over-celebrate holidays, y’all. Since Ryne and I were able to spend some time together while we were in Las Vegas, we made our Valentine’s Day plans all about the toddler. This is still technically a weekend recap, so I’m going to write it in […]