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What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I'm still not ready to post regularly again, but I thought it would be fun to check in really quickly. I swear I have actually done some stuff other than embarrassing myself on a daily basis. I guess I just want to prove that, y'all. Indulge me? Family My toddler is now a full-on kid, and I don't know how or when it happened. He recently told me what an Octagon was and then proceeded to explain to me that if I added red and yellow, I would get orange. He knows so much new stuff everyday that … [Read More...]

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Day in the Life: Two in a Row

Fridaaaay! This week has been a freaking doozy, y’all. Not bad, per se. Just unusual. I originally wanted to share a fun “day in the life” type post this week, because I haven’t done one since I changed jobs. Then all hell broke loose and I had two days that were unlike any typical day. I’m actually starting […]

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My Favorite Bodyweight Workouts

Happy Monday! I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, so I don’t know if I’ll check in here all that much. What I do know is that I miss blogging something fierce. I don’t know how I’ll fit it back into the schedule, but I’ll find a way eventually. Until then, I wanted to do […]

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Simple Strawberries and Cream Smoothie

It’s no secret that smoothies have made an unseasonably early return to my life. That being said, there is something a little different about my latest creation. The star ingredient: cashews. I was recently offered the chance to try out some Silk® Cashewmilk, and I jumped at the chance. I’ve been seeing it pop up on Instagram […]


Around My House

HAPPY WEEKEND! Once again, I let the entire week go by without remembering to post anything on here. Then I logged in and realized that I still have nothing truly interesting or helpful to share. Did I ever used to post workouts and recipes? That seems like such a long time ago. I’m sort of embarrassed that […]