Birthday Workout

Hey y’all! Ready for some not-so-exciting news? Tomorrow is my birthday! The older I get, the more I realize that I’m the only one who actually cares about that. In honor of my ever-increasing age, I thought I’d pop in with a mostly fun/ridiculous birthday-themed workout.

If you’re like me, you just want to party and eat cake. What? It’s true. If I work out on or near my actual birthday, you can bet I want to get it over with quickly. Some people run their ages in miles and some people throw parties at their favorite fitness class. I do burpees and call it a day. To each his own, right?

birthday workout

There you have it. The only workout I’ll be completing from now until Sunday, I’m sure. See y’all later. Hope you have a great weekend!

Question: Do you/would you work out on your birthday? I do if I have some spare time. If not, I don’t even give it a second thought!

On Rest Days, We Wear Pink

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

Happy Friday’s Eve! Or Happy Thursday, if you’re boring like that. I’ve spent yesterday and today completing errands that I’ve put off for, oh, a year or so. I know it’s so cliché but when it warms up, I feel like it’s time to stop living like a hobbit and actually get my “chores” done. I won’t bore you to death with the list, but the most exciting thing was calling someone to finally get our backyard together. Now I don’t have to hope people won’t look out of our back windows when they come over.

Anyway, other than being a total baller when it comes to checking things off of my to-do list, I haven’t done much. I’ve had two awesome rest days (after this killer class!) complete with soaking up the coffee sunshine. Side note: drinking a Vanilla Macchiato is like drinking straight up icing. I’ll let you decide how you feel about that.


We don’t just drink coffee on rest days. We also wear pink. Pink Reebok Skycapes, to be exact. Aren’t they just adorable?

reebok skyscape

I’ve been living in them lately. They are easily the most comfortable walking shoes I’ve ever owned. I actually wore them for 8 hours at Disney last weekend without a hitch, so you know they’re legit.

Reebok Skyscape Review

Oh, and Miranda Kerr wears them while she sleeps. I mean, hello, if you weren’t sold already…


The whole “sleeping in them” thing isn’t such a stretch. They’re made using the same materials and soft molding process as lingerie, which means they provide the same level of lightweight comfort.

Here are the rest of the stats:

  • 5.0 ounces (Yes, really!)
  • Foam material & seamless construction (Welcome to Comfort City.)
  • Low-cut design for added mobility (Move it, girl.)
  • Unique architecture for support and comfort (Did I mention they were comfortable?)
  • Minimal rubber accents only where needed (Did I mention they were light?)

Another HUGE plus of these shoes is that they are machine washable. They got pretty nasty in Disney World but I washed them when we got home and they came out looking brand new. They recommend you remove the laces, but I kept them in. #Rebel.

If you’re interested in snagging a pair for yourself, you can find them online or in-store. Reebok has a few great colors to choose from or you can even design your own. I think I need another pair, don’t you? In addition to giving you a million choices, they’ve also compiled a list of five ways to wear the Reebok Skyscape.

How would you style them? I’ve only worn them with my go-to shorts/tank combo, but I’d like to try to dress ‘em up a bit. I’m not sure I have the nerve to try, though. Help me out here!

Oops, I Did It Again + Paying It Foward

I don’t think I mentioned this but I terminated my contract at my “big name” chain gym. Originally, I signed up for childcare reasons, but I ended up kind of hating it after a while. There were times where it seemed way too chaotic and unsupervised for me to feel safe leaving Maddux in there. When I quit, Ryne and I were both really excited to be saving some money.

But then I just signed up for another gym anyway. Oops. This time, though, I went back to an old favorite. It’s a small, locally-owned studio that offers amazing classes like Barre, Spin, Piloxing, TRX, and Shockwave.

oxygen fitness studio

The only one I hadn’t tried was Shockwave. Until yesterday. I ended up forcing my friend Aubrie to go with me, since I was somewhat petrified of what the circuit-style class would include.


It ended up being a lot of fun. Sweaty as all get out, but fun none-the-less. By the end of the class, we were pretty gross. Sweat angels for everyone!


Which is hilarious, because we made plans to go straight to dinner from the gym. A few baby wipes, squirts of liquid soap, and sprays of dry shampoo later, we ended up pulling off a miracle. We might have smelled, but at least we looked decent.

gym fresh

After we did our makeup and curled our hair in the tiny dressing room (<-quite entertaining), we headed to dinner at French Market Grill. We totally turned our day date into an all day affair.

For dinner, we both got the shrimp and feta salad after we shared an order of fries for an appetizers. Keeping it classy, y’all.

french fries

After dinner we made a few stops around different Augusta bars. I told you we were classin’ up the evening. Anyway, we were basically hoping to see some sort of athlete or celebrity in town for the Masters. We failed miserably.

However, we did meet an incredibly nice and generous man at a random Sunglass Hut tent. We were just chatting about teaching and working out, when he bought us each a pair of sunglasses. Seriously. He said that he was paying it forward because of all the hard work teachers put in for children like his. We told him that he definitely did not have to do anything like that for us, but he insisted. Mind blown.

We’re still kind of in shock over the whole thing. I have these beauties now, but it makes me feel a little bad since I didn’t buy them myself.


I guess that just means it’s my turn to complete a random act of kindness. I’ve done small gestures before but this makes me want to do something bigger. I know it’s just the thought that counts, but I feel like there’s something I could do beyond the little things. We shall see!

Question: Have you been the recipient/giver of a random act of kindness? Have any ideas on ways to pay it forward?

Masters Monday + I’m Done Walking

Yesterday morning, Maddux and I got ready bright and early. We had an exciting event on the agenda: The Masters! Practice rounds started yesterday and we were jacked to get to go in. Side note: I just bought a new camera and I totally haven’t figured out the timing. My #selfie game is not on point these days.


We met my dad over at the National, and the weather turned out to be even worse than I expected. Check my hair out, y’all. Woof.

This is Maddux’s “third” year at the tournament. I went when I was pregnant and he got to go in as a baby. That kid thinks he owns the place.

masters 2014

Obligatory Masters shot.

masters 2014

Hi, Jason Day. Fancy seeing you here.

masters 2014

It was a little too early for the cheap beer. Oh well, maybe next time.

masters 2014

Around 11, as we were heading out, we heard the sirens. They ended up canceling the rest of the day because of the weather. Lightning + golf = no bueno. I’m glad we got a chance to walk around for a while! In related news, I am done walking for, like, forever. After a theme park and a golf course, I’m ready to take a break.

Get ready for the blogging segue of your life, folks…

How can I go buy myself birthday clothes without walking around the mall, you ask? I know you didn’t really ask that, but let’s all pretend you did. Well, STITCHFIX, duh. They send the clothes directly to your house. Boom.

Okay, but seriously, I basically hated the thought of this service. I mean, I have to pay $20 for someone to send me clothes and then I have the option of buying them. Um. Right. Anyway, I know that the twenty bucks would go toward the clothes I chose to purchase, but what if I hated it all? I’d be out twenty bucks. I try to be nothing but honest on here, and I have to say I would never have tried this out on my own. Like, legitimately never in a million years. I pretty much cringe at the thought of wasting even a dollar.

Then, randomly, a few months ago I got a Klout perk for a $20 Stitchfix credit. Well played, Stitchfix. Well played. That credit means I wouldn’t have to pay for the clothes to be shipped to me, and if I wanted something out of the fix, it would be twenty dollars off. Way to reel me in. My fix came in yesterday.


Now here’s where I need some help. I am not really that great at picking clothes out for myself. I’d live in running shorts if I could. Ryne usually helps me shop (really), and we argued over a few of these items. Actually just the shirts. So instead of being an adult and choosing for myself, I’m deferring to y’all. You choose the shirts I keep. You spend my money. Ah, it feels good to take the pressure off of myself.

Let’s start off with the definitely yes. I love, love, love these pants. From the fit to the color, they are perfect. Keeping these.

stitchfix pants

Then let’s all laugh at the definite no. Kidding. I actually think this is a really pretty dress, but the fit isn’t right for me. A different style with this fabric would have won me over.


Finally, the maybes. I seriously just can’t decide which shirts are worth keeping. I love the idea of each of them, but I can’t tell which ones work for me. Heeeelp. PS: Sorry for putting my face in these.

stichfix shirts

So, there you have it. My first fix. It was semi-successful I’d say. I don’t know if I’ll order another box from Stitchfix. I mean, I have to figure out what I’m even going to keep from the first one. And in all seriousness, I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Thanks for your help in advance. I’m lost here.

I better go get ready, though. I have a day-date with my friend Aubrie for lunch, celebrity-stalking, and then the gym. Perfect day if you ask me. :)

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