Home Sweet Home + Meatless Meal Planning

The “Meatless Meals” portion of this post is sponsored by Foodie.com.

We’re back from our vacation but the last thing I feel is totally rested and ready to go for the week. Disney parks are no joke, y’all. That’s some serious cardio, especially when you add in running around trying to make sure your kid gets a chance to do literally every single thing with a long line. Leave it to my child to enjoy all of the random things more. Most popular kids rides? Eh, no big deal. Forcing Stitch to try his snacks? Best freaking part of the day.


That’s basically the Disney equivalent of buying your kid a fancy new toy and then watching him play for four hours in the box it came in. Don’t kids know they are supposed to like the things we want them to like? So rude.

Anyway, I’m truly beat. I haven’t been this tired in a long time. I don’t even have the energy to type of a recap of the trip, much less get my house and life in order. I need to do so much laundry that I’m scared I won’t have anything to wear tomorrow, and I don’t even want to think about the fact that I have zero clue where anything I own is right now. The one thing I was actually able to accomplish was throwing together a meal plan for the rest of the week. I wanted to get that over with tonight so that I can grab everything we need after work tomorrow.

Here’s the problem, though: after traveling and eating what he calls “real” food all weekend, my husband is going to want meat. I hate cooking it, which is why I rarely ever do. I offered up a compromised, which seemed to solve the problem fairly easily. I just have to make all of his favorite “meaty” meatless meals. Things like buffalo “chicken” salads, vegetarian lasagna, black bean tacos, and veggie burgers top the list.

veggie burger

I feel like I’m in such a weird predicament when it comes to meal planning, because I don’t want to make separate meals for us just because I don’t always eat the same things he does. Finding stuff that works for both of us is key. Sometimes that means being extremely creative and other times that means using the old Google machine. I’ve compiled a list of a few of our go-to meatless meals plus a few extras I found recently for some meatless inspiration. Hopefully you can find a new favorite, too.

Check out Mouthwatering Meatless Meals (That Meat-Eaters Will Love!)

by Presley at Foodie.com

One of our absolute favorite meatless meals from that list is buffalo “chicken” added to salads, wraps, or on its own. I typically always have a pack of MorningStar Farms Buffalo Chik Patties on hand. Bake ‘em, chop ‘em up, and you’re ready to go. Well, I slather them in even more buffalo sauce but you get the point. In a pinch, I can pull together a meatless-yet-meaty meal that we’ll both eat. I consider that a huge win, especially since it’s such an easy fix.

I better go to bed now, y’all. The toddler slept terribly last night (way too much excitement lately!) and I’m terrified that it will happen again. I’ll be back tomorrow to actually recap the trip. It was a blast, so I don’t want to leave it undocumented since this is basically a glorified diary. ;) See you later!

Question: What is your favorite “meaty” meatless meal? Do you make it for yourself or to appease a certain carnivore in your life? I need to know these things because I’m nosy like that.

Friday Favorites: This Is Mostly Just Food

Happy Friday! We’re seriously having a blast in Orlando right now. This morning we headed into Blizzard beach after breakfast.

blizzard beach

I was initially a little bummed about the weather until I realized that the overcast skies were the best thing that could have ever happened. It wasn’t scorching hot and the clouds seemed to scare other people off. It was honestly like we had the whole place to ourselves for a while. I’m sure I’ll be slowly rolling pictures out to Instagram and Twitter, so if you want to see some awkward family photos just head that way. There’s nothing I love more than forcing my child to sit still for a million random photo opps. ;)

And, since it’s Friday, it’s time to talk about some other random things I’ve been loving. I’ll go ahead and admit that most of what I’m mentioning today is edible. Vacation makes me hungry.


Initial Necklace

cheap initial necklace

I didn’t eat this necklace, but it did happen to be cheaper than a fast food meal. I snagged this “gold” initial necklace from Jane.com the other day. It was 3 bucks. Yes, it totally looks like it cost that little but I’ve been wearing it to work since I don’t like to wear nice things around four-year-olds anyway. It works out.


Beer Bread

beer bread

I mentioned this beer bread the other day, and I have to admit that I ate it for breakfast smothered with butter every day this week. If that’s not healthy, I don’t know what is. I assumed since it was wheat bread that it would be a little dry but I was so freaking wrong. It’s amazing and you need it in your life as soon as possible.


Cotton Candy Grapes

cotton candy grapes

I really don’t think I need to explain this one. Fruit that tastes like cotton candy? I think they’re overpriced, but they are worth a splurge once in a while. If you can get your hands on some, you probably should.


Baked Pears

baked pears

Oh, look at that. Another sweet fruit on the list. This simple baked pear recipe hit the spot the other day. It’s not necessary healthy, but it is lighter than pie. So there’s that.


Crest 3D Whitestrips

crest vivid white

Until I start taking my coffee through an IV, I’m going to need to keep whitening my teeth every once in a while. This is the first time I’ve tried the Classic Vivid strips. I like that it’s thirty minutes once a day. I can handle that. Who knows if my teeth are actually whiter, but at least I’m trying here.


Fall Flowers

fall flowers

I just want to say that, yes, I’m basic for this. Flowers this time of year are just so pretty. I love that mums are indestructible and cheap, too. Yay, fall! I also like lattes, leggings, boots, and scarves, which makes me just another predictable twenty-something female. Might as well own it, I guess.


Levi’s Mid-Rise Skinny

levi's midrise skinny

I was sent these Levi’s Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans from Women’s Health Magazine recently and it was perfect timing. Have I mentioned that fall is on the way? ;) I’ll need all the skinnies I can get my hands on in order to not have to shove my regular jeans into boots. It’s the little things people. PS: These jeans don’t get all saggy during the day, which is a huge plus. They actually keep their shape, which is hard to find in such affordable jeans. I feel like I’ve said “YOU NEED THIS” twenty times already in this post, but you should at least go try a pair on at the store. Trust me.

Now I have to go get cleaned up because we’re heading into Epcot this afternoon. Apparently there’s some wine and food thing going on right now, but that has nothing to do with our plans. Kidding. It’s all about the wining and dining tonight. Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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Thursday Thoughts + PUMA Fitness

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of PUMA.

Happy Thursday! We’re currently making our way down to Daytona as I type this up. I figured I might as well do something semi-productive instead of annoying my family like I have been so far. Apparently, people don’t like it when you sing Disney a capella for hours at a time. Haters. Time for some Thursday thoughts!

1. Road trips necessitate copious amounts of caffeine. I’ve never tried this in the White Mocha flavor before, but it’s delicious. I don’t even care what’s in it.

2. We’ve already watched Frozen twice: once last night and once today. At this point, I feel like I could put on a one-woman Frozen show. I know the whole daggum thing. I bet most of you other parents are in the same boat. I’d say that I’m annoyed, but at least I have an entertained toddler. Totally worth it.

3. Speaking of my toddler, I’m a little scared to go on a two-family trip. I mean, no one wants to have the “bad kid” out of the group. Obviously, it would be awesome if they all behaved but c’mon. Someone’s going to act up and I don’t want to be the one saying “He’s neverrrrr like this, I swear!” over and over again all weekend. And does this look like the face of a kid who’s going to be on his Ps and Qs? I think not. ;)
Wild Child

4. For some reason, I actually really want to get in some good runs on this trip. Normally I say that and then do almost nothing. This time, though, I really mean it. I have that whole Hat Trick thing coming up and I really don’t want to have to be scraped off of the street when my legs stop working after the 10k. For real. Having said that, I only ran a mile this morning. Yep. A single mile. I am so screwed.

5. Another reason I’m excited to work out is NEW GEAR. I was lucky enough to be able to try out two PUMA looks, one from their performance line and one from their fashion comfort line. I like them both so much that I couldn’t even choose between the two if I had to do it. Real talk.

First up was the fashion comfort look, which is easily my new favorite lounging around or running errands outfit.
puma fashion comfort

When I initially unboxed this outfit, I thought I was going to hate it. I am not usually a fan of relaxed-fit gear, but I have totally changed my tune. This might be the most comfy set of clothes I own, and I really do think it still manages to look 100% put together.

  • Gym Loose Tank Top: Fair warning, this top is pretty see-through. That being said, I think it hides enough flaws to be totally wearable. Just wanted to be honest. The loose fit makes it absolutely for layering, though, so you can add a pop of color under it if you wanted more coverage. The wicking finish makes sure your sweat doesn’t stay on your skin, so that’s pretty awesome. While this tank is paired with sweatpants for this outfit, it would also work perfectly for even your toughest, sweatiest workout. Promise.
  • Studio Capsule Pants: Y’all, I thought I was going to hate these with a fiery passion. Then I put them on. Now, I dare someone to try to take them from me. They are crazy comfortable, which means I’m obsessed and will for sure buy another pair in the future. These are also made with dryCELL technology, so they’ll wick away sweat if you wear them before, after, or during your workout.
  • Narita V2 Shoes: These shoes are fashionable and fast. I love that I can wear them around town and then head out on a sprint interval run right when I get home. They are lightweight and breathable, yet provide enough cushion to support my tired, achy feet running around all day. Can’t beat that.

puma fashion comfort

The next look is all about performance, but it’s still fashionably and comfortable if I do say so myself. Excuse my nerdy posing, y’all.
puma performance

  • Gym Tank 3: While this tank is pretty fitted, it’s also very flattering and smoothing. It’s thick enough to even out all my lumps and bumps, you know? I wore it while running all over the park and it didn’t ride up or make me feel self-conscious like some super fitted tanks do. It’s make with LYCRA® SPORT yarn, which provides recovery power, fit, and freedom of movement. It has mesh inserts to keep you cool and a built in bra to keep you from sagging. What? Truth.
  • Gym ¾ Tight: This is my first pair of patterned running capris and I doubt it will be my last. I always thought black = slimming, but I’m digging the extra excitement that comes along with a good print. They felt thick enough to hold me in at all the right points yet thin enough to keep me cool during a workout. The only thing I’ll say about PUMA tights, is that I tend to have to go a size down if I want them really tight, so I try to keep that in mind when ordering them.
  • Mobium XT: I’ve tried a different pair of Mobium shoes in the past, and I have similar thoughts on this pair: I like them a lot, but they do take some getting used to when you run in them. They kind of have a “bump” in them that cradles your arch like a baby. That’s a weird way to explain it, but you get my point. Once you get used to it, they are awesome. They are also very fitted, which I like when I’m trying to run “fast”. They have great grip, are pretty adjustable thanks to the Mobium bands, and they’re really freaking pretty. That’s always a plus.

puma performance

Sorry for all the awkward back shots, but the backs of the tanks are the best parts! Of all of the stuff I’ve tried, my favorites are the performance tank, the capsule pants, and the Narita shoes. I highly recommend each of those.

Right now we’re settling into the hotel trying to figure out what to grab for dinner. Eating out three times in one day is pretty amazing, y’all. I mean, no dishes! I could get used to this. ;)

Question: what is your go to pair of sweatpants? I clearly ask the tough questions around here.

Playground Workout + Vacation Time!

This past weekend, we headed to the park before dinner to get some of our energy out. As you can see, we have some work to do on our see-sawing skills.

see saw

While my little man was playing in the sand, I filmed a quick workout to share with y’all. Lately a lot of my workouts have been inspired by watching the kids at recess, so it’s only fitting to film one at an actual playground. This one is perfect for when you have a few adults watching the kids, because you could take turns completing it while they’re busy playing away.

The workout is meant to be completed as a twenty-minute AMRAP (or “as many rounds as possible”), which means you basically bust you you-know-what the entire time. The point is to get through as many rounds of the workout in the time allotted, while still watching your form of course. The trickiest one for me was the swing knee tucks. Sand is probably the worst surface ever for trying to hold yourself steady. I’m just pretending it was a fun challenge or something. Whatever works. And remember that I am a CPT, not your doctor. Please don’t make any crazy changes to your routine without consulting a physician first.

Playground Workout

And now for a breakdown of the moves:

Step Ups: Lift your right foot off the ground and place it on the bench. Lift your left foot off the ground and use the muscles in your legs and core to lift this foot onto the bench as well. Really squeeze those glutes at the top. For real, squeeze the heck out of ‘em. Step back down one foot at a time and repeat.

Chin Ups: Find a horizontal bar and grab it with your palms facing you. Your hands should be about shoulder width apart.  Lift your feet off of the ground so that you are hanging straight down from the bar. Then lift yourself up as far as you can, using your biceps and back. Get your chin over the bar if possible! Lower yourself back to hanging and keep it going.

RLE Split Squats: Lift one foot and place it on the slide (or bench) behind you. The top of your lifted foot should be touching the slide. Squat down, while keeping your abs contracted and your chest up. Lift back up and repeat the process until you’re done with all the reps for one leg. Switch legs and repeat.

Swing Knee Tucks: Place your feet in the seat of a swing. Lift your knees from the ground and get into push up position, keeping your core tight and your body straight. Pull your knees toward your chest. Return to the starting position by extending both legs out again. Repeat!

Sprints: If the playground is pretty big, a lap around might suffice. If you’d rather not stray that far, just do high knees for thirty seconds. That’s equally as painful when done correctly.


While this would have been an awesome workout for me to do this week in our backyard, I have to admit that I haven’t worked out at all this week. Whoops. I’ve been way too amped up about our Disney trip. So if you try it while I’m gone, please let me know! I’d love to hear what you think.

Speaking of our trip, we’re actually heading out of town right this very second. Tonight we’ll be staying with Maddy and her family, and in the morning we’ll all be heading to Orlando. Caravan style. I can’t wait to see the kids exploring the parks together, especially since they are all pretty close in age. If y’all have any last minute suggestions for us, feel free to send them my way. Okay, I’ll quit rambling now and actually get in the car. See y’all later! :)

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