Hurry Up & Slow Down

When I’m in a hurry, I’m an accident waiting to happen. The faster I try to drink a glass of water, the faster I’ll pour it down my shirt. I don’t even want to get into what happens when I use knives. Just stay far away. For years my mom has told me to “slow down” before I kill myself. I’m known for being really clumsy and uncoordinated, so she definitely has a point. For an adult, I’d say I have an unusual amount of scratches and bruises. It’s an issue.

I don’t just need to slow down when it comes to physical safety, though. Every now and again, I have to remind myself to just pump the breaks on a larger scale. I like to try to fit as many things into each day as possible. If I have ten seconds to spare, I’ll try to pencil something in. Guess what happens 99% of the time? I start rushing through things to try to get it all done, screw a few things up, get frustrated and upset, throw my hands up in the air, and open a bottle of wine. It happens. Apparently I need to work on my coping mechanisms as well. Wining is better than whining, though, am I right?


Anyway, today was the perfect example of me trying to do a million things and pretty much sucking at all of them. I won’t bore you with all the details and logistics, but I “had” to try to fit in: going to work, working out, showering, picking M up from daycare, making dinner, going back to my school for Open House, cleaning up, blogging, a million little dumb things that could probably wait, and going to bed. I planned it out to a T. Like, I’m talking to the minute. Which means I left myself zero room for error. Which means I’d obviously screw it up immediately by rushing around, making messes, taking too long on literally everything I attempted, yada yada yada.

I probably should have skipped the run, but I just really wanted to sweat a little. I don’t get to work out as often as I’d like, so I was stubborn enough to think that time would stop if I wanted to get it done. Hilarious. Plus, I just want to take advantage of days when I truly want to run or work out. It was beautiful outside, I didn’t pass out in the heat, and I ran three full miles! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s always a silver lining.


Back to my point. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. And to think I was actually considering applying at my gym to teach a few random classes. Like, when? In what spare time? I might be certifiably insane. Y’all, I really want to stress that I 100% know that I don’t have a difficult life and that all the pressure on me is put there by me. I just get wrapped up in the moment so often and think “YES! I could TOTALLY do that!” Then I get guilty when I’m not doing other big things I should be doing like volunteering or helping others. And then I think “Wait, I can’t do the big things yet because I can’t even get the little things down.”

The little things are killing me right now. I would pay big money for someone to just come match socks at my house. Such a dumb chore. I’ll spend an hour doing something like that and miss out on things that I do like. Lame. For instance, one of the aspects I love about blogging is reading and responding to comments, emails, and Tweets. I’ve been really bad about that lately. Yep. I’ve got too much going on when I can’t even spare a few minutes to do things I enjoy.

So instead of adding things right now, I’m just going to cut out a few “non essential” things. I think I need to either stop blogging or stop cleaning my house. Looks like I’ll be living in filth for a while. But, seriously, any tips on not hating yourself for slowing down and cutting back on a few things? I want this feeling back! I want the lazy me to come around more often. ;)

Weekend Recap: Let’s Get Weird

I can’t believe I haven’t logged on here since I posted this workout on Thursday. I missed you guys. Anyway, this weekend was special because everyone in my little family acted like total weirdos. Of course, this is pretty typical but I never usually catch this much proof on camera. I think most of the snapshots speak for themselves, so I’ll just do this “sentence per picture” style. No further elaboration needed.

Quick! Let’s embarrass our child.



We publicly fought over this, but c’mon, it was avocado with shrimp, cheese, and aioli.

avocado chop chop


I got Ryne to try tempeh by ordering it covered in buffalo sauce.

buffalo tempeh


During M’s nap, I had the choice between accomplishing things or this.



My child saw a cute little girl and creepily watched her eat.



“Maybe she’ll like this.”



I pretty much refused to wear real people clothes all weekend. 



 I didn’t realize bubble guns had learning curves, so now my entire house is sticky.



We grill this every week now, but I’m really upset that I forgot green onions.

grilled pizza


In addition to trying to one-up each other when it comes to being embarrassing, we also really did have a lot of fun. Ryne and I had a date night to Friday to Bees Knees, we had a family date night on Saturday to Genghis Grill, grilled out on Sunday. When we weren’t eating, we filled in the time between with swimming, shopping for cheap toys, and heading to the park.  When it comes to weekend workouts, I did a little better than usual. Friday night we did some squats before dinner (that’s a weird sentence), Saturday included some doggy paddling in the pool (I can’t actually swim), and Sunday I ran sprints and did a workout similar to this one (just, like, less of it). It was a good weekend, if I do say so myself. What was the highlight of yours?!

Get Moving + Cardio Core Circuit

Today after school, I practically begged myself to get up and get moving. I knew I’d feel better if I worked out than if I didn’t, but I still had trouble talking myself into it. Luckily, I have a really simple workout in my back pocket at all times. Not literally, but you get the drift. It includes a few fun moves, like twisting knee tucks. They kind of make you look like a drunk frog, but whatever.

twisting knee tucks

After my quick circuit, I felt so good that I actually kept working out. I went to the gym and took a class. I know. My mind is blown, too. I don’t work out for days and then I do more than I have all month. I guess sometimes you really do just have to force  yourself to get going. Momentum is real, y’all.

Cardio Core Circuit

And now for a breakdown of the moves:

Twisting Knee Tucks: Begin this move in plank position, with your feet together. Quickly jump your feet towards your right hand and then back out into plank position. Repeat on your left side. Continue alternating sides until your time is up.

V Sit Ups: Lie down on your back with your legs together and your arms by your side. Raise your shoulders off of the ground and lift your legs to about a 45 degree angle. Brace your core and lift yourself into a “V”. Your legs can remain extended or you can bend them as you sit up. I need to work on keeping my torso straighter and my core tucked. My body rejects these. Keeping my arms a bit higher would help.

Plank Jacks: Get into push up position. While bracing your core, jump your feet out as wide as you can and then jump them back together. This is one of my favorite ways to easily spice up a boring old plank. Oh, and sweat a lot.

Alternating 2-Point Plank: Begin in plank position, with your feet hip-width apart. Keeping your torso as straight as possible, lift your left leg and right arm so that they are parallel to the ground. Hold for a few seconds and lower. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

High Knees: Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Lift your right knee toward your chest and quickly place it back on the ground. Do the same with your left. Continue to alternate knees as quickly as you can. Seriously, this is really just running in place while trying to look goofy by slapping your knees into your chest. No big deal.

Plank Side Walk: Begin in plank position. Cross your right hand over your left while you step your left foot to the left. Then step your left hand and right foot to the left, so you’re back in plank position.That’s a lot of lefts, y’all. I hope you followed that, because I did it and I still just got confused. Thank goodness for the pictures.

Mountain Climbers: Get into push up position with your right leg toward your chest. Explosively switch positions of your legs, kicking the right leg back while tucking the left leg under your chest. It’s basically like running parallel to the ground, at least that’s what I tell myself.

Well, it’s 9 pm (aka my bedtime) so I better go. Let me know if you try this one! I know I did it before I lifted weights, but I think it would work better as a “finisher”, you know? It’s also just fine by itself, though, I promise. :)

First Day of School Stuff

Today was the first day for my four-year-olds. They are adorable, hilarious, and definitely not used to being at school all day. Let’s just say I don’t think one of my boys was familiar with the proper use of a urinal. I mean, I could see how that would be confusing. I’m trying not to die laughing just thinking about our custodian just shaking his head after assessing the damage. That being said, I wouldn’t say today was a total failure.

first day of pre-k

Let me stress total failure up there. While work went okay, I pretty much fell apart at home. I had big plans to get on here and brag about how I worked out after working with them all day. What was I thinking? It’s 8 PM and all I want to do is go to bed. Maybe our lucky t-shirts weren’t so lucky, y’all.

lucky shirts

Then again, I am getting to go to bed soon. That’s a win, right? Always a silver lining, folks. Always. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes now. I might be back on here or I might not, I might work out or I might not, I might stay sane or… yeah. See y’all soon!


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