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Post-Baby Body: Week One Update

Yesterday I posted the baby’s one week update. I guess today it’s my turn! This one is a little bit harder to publish, though. I feel and look a lot better than I was expecting to one week postpartum, but it is still a little weird to look at (and touch- it’s squishy!) my new body. Everything is just different. It doesn’t help that I look like I’ve been hit by a truck. Hello, tired eyes! I’ll spare you a pick of those, and hit you with this instead.


I tweeted this about a week ago:



That pretty much sums up how I feel right now. My mind is blown. First, my day of delivery measurements shocked me. I knew I had grown, but I hadn’t realized just how much. And now, a week after delivery, I’m shocked at the progress I’ve already made. It may not look like much, but it’s just the push I need to keep it going for the next 9 months. It took 9 months for me to gain the weight, so I feel like I should give myself at least that long to get back in shape. Notice that I didn’t say “to lose the weight”. I don’t think that the number will be a factor for me. I’m much more interested in (hopefully!) seeing some definition again! That being said, I am going to track the numbers for now. It’s just an easy way to stay on track and keep up with how I’m doing. Hopefully once I can truly workout, I’ll be tracking my progress by repetitions, speed, and weights. That is a much more “me” way to keep track. Anyway, here are the week one stats:



Speaking of working out, we went on our first family walk this morning. I got nice and sweaty… and it felt good. I can’t wait to slowly get back into walking, because walking leads to running! (I definitely just said “running” in a Forest Gump voice. Not weird at all. :))



I really miss feeling like myself, and I think getting back into running will really help me out. It’s only been about a month since I ran, but it feels like much longer. And judging by how tired I got during our walk, it’s going to be a long road to get back to where I was. Just with everything else, though, I’m giving myself plenty of time to get back to my old “normal”. If I can’t get there, I’ll just make a new normal. Sounds about right to me!

Speaking of feeling like myself, I just generally feel blah. Is that a scientific term? I’ve had a lingering headache since I left the hospital, my back aches, and I just feel so run down. Most of that must be from lack of sleep, but the back aches are definitely from breastfeeding. I need to learn how to sit up straight, but it’s just difficult to find a comfortable position. Ugh. Anyway, enough whining for today! Ryne is home for the weekend, so I think it’s time to hand the baby off to dad and try to take a nap. :) Rocking Friday night, huh? Hope y’all do something exciting tonight and tell me all about it!


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26 Responses to Post-Baby Body: Week One Update

  1. I told you you’d lose 20 lbs immediately! Haha. And you’re looking fab. Have you tried nursing laying down at night? It seriously saved my life. I still do it in the morning since it takes me that 10 minutes to wake up.

  2. You look fantastic! I’m looking forward to following your progress!

  3. I’ve been following your blog for a while now & was very inspired with how you stayed active throughout your pregnancy. I am due in October and still able to run & take classes at the Y. I am looking forward to watching your progress post-baby. I am the most worried about that because I want to jump right back in, but I know I should take it slow. Congratulations to you on your beautiful baby boy.

    • I hope I can really start exercising soon. Walking is already a bit boring now! But you are right, it’s better to take it slow!

  4. Wow – go girl! You’re looking so great for only 7 days out! I can’t wait to hear about your progress and how the little one grows.

  5. You seriously look great! You already have a patient attitude with the process and I think that’s key to success in this case :-) Random question, but what stroller/car seat combo do you have? I still can’t decide on one! :-x

    • I think it is the Baby Trend Expedition ELX. I might have the letters wrong, but that sounds about right :)

  6. You look awesome! I love your attitude about your new “normal”; I hope I can emulate it after I have kids one day!
    I’m not sure how serious your headache is, but you may have an
    “epidural headache”. You can read more information about it here, in case it continues to linger a bit:http://www.epidural.net/what-is-an-epidural-headache.htm

  7. you look AMAZING! :)

  8. You’re incredible – and you seem to be in great, realistic frame of mind about everything. You know your body just went through an amazing thing, and it will be back to normal soon enough! :)

  9. You look great! You will be back to feeling like your normal self in no time. And I love your Forrest Gump reference :)

  10. Considering the progress you’ve made in one week, I’m sure you’ll be back to normal in no time. I hope running comes quickly :)

  11. I love how you’re like, “I need to learn how to sit straight up” as I’m slouched over reading your post hahah.

    I think I’ll be scared to take measurements. I hope guys appreciate the things our body must do to carry their child. I’m sure you’ll body will be back in 9 months – I love that mentality about the 9 months thing. I think I’ll try the same thing!

  12. You’re doing great!!! ….I am scared to know what it will be like once I am the owner of my own body again but you’re giving me hope and encouragement even though I still have a tad under two months to go….. Take care and I hope you find some rest. :)

    • I was terrified to look in the mirror after I had him. That’s just sad, I shouldn’t have felt that way! All of us preggos and new moms should be proud!

  13. Hunnie, you look incredible!! Keep up those family walks, an you’ll be back in shape in no time :)

  14. I love it! You look amazing and you have the best attitude. Go slow and steady. I’m definitely going to learn from your example! Excited to see your progress!

  15. You look great! I’m glad you are giving yourself 9 months. What kind of stroller do you have? I love it!

  16. Just found your blog and I love it! Maddux is adorable and you look awesome! :)

  17. You look absolutely amazing! And good for you for posting the picture–it’s great to see how real women make progress post baby. I always see actresses that lose all their baby weight in like 2 weeks–so unrealistic! Keep up the amazing work and congrats on your baby!

    • I honestly don’t know how they do it! They must have full time nannies, get a lot of rest, and not eat enough for breastfeeding. haha I eat everything in sight!

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