I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That

I have a “long” run tomorrow. So, naturally, I ripped my legs to shreds tonight. No one ever said I was good at planning. Seriously, though, it was a really good workout. I have a feeling I will be crying through my hilly nine miles tomorrow.

As usual, I took a perfectly simple workout and made it a tacky, themed piece of… beauty. ;)

lower body workout

The sad thing is, I totally passed down the poor-planning trait to my son. I really don’t think he ever thinks before he acts. It’s somewhat refreshing, totally scary, and often times hilarious. I think 9 times out of 10, he shocks himself with the things he does. I definitely don’t understand how this happened…

failing to plan

I love him so much, but he is completely reckless. Is this just a toddler thing? I don’t want to be overprotective but I also don’t want him to beat himself up every single day. Ryne and his brother were freaking nuts as kids, and I’m starting to get a little worried about Maddux. He might have a dangerous mix of my lack of foresight and Ryne’s daredevil tendencies. That’s a horrible mix of traits, huh? We are in for the ride of our lives with this kid. Moms and dads, please tell me you can relate.

Oh, snap. It’s after 9 pm. I better get off the computer and go watch some Christmas movies. You know, priorities and stuff. Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow! Let me know if you’re one of those folks. :)


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    I can relate. I have a 22 month old hooligan and his middle names are trouble, danger, and daredevil. I’m hoping its a phase…it may be wishful thinking.


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