Rest Day + Glamping with Skinny Cow

Today is a rest day for me (yep, still going a tad overboard with these), so I don’t have much to say in the way of fitness today. Which works for me, because I am behind on talking about literally everything else. I suppose it’s about time to recap my glamping trip to The Resort at Paws Up in Montana with Skinny Cow. Honestly, it was almost painful to talk about because I wish I was still there. From the moment we arrived, we felt like celebrities. Our driver was waiting with this sign and it couldn’t have been cuter.

glamping with skinny cow

Even our ride to the resort was amazing. It’s about half an hour from the airport, but the time flew by. We were immediately given a welcome package. There were amazing things in it, but the star of the show was the candy. We were starving. Oh, and this was the birth of the Paws Up hand gestures, too. Thanks, Aubrie. Hilarious.


We headed straight to the lobby to check in, and the first thing I noticed was the view. Everything was stunningly gorgeous, and we could not have come during more beautiful weather. After checking in and meeting the Glam/Skinny Cow girls and a few other bloggers, we went straight to lunch. In a tent. It was awesome.


Speaking of the food, we had the most ridiculous meals all week. I now have the motivation to get rich and hire a chef. Or, like, learn to cook for myself. I’m hoping the former happens first.


And those were just a few of my favorite things there. It’s hard to decide when literally everything they brought out at each meal was delicious. A stay at Paws Up includes all of your meals. I’m usually against all-inclusive places, because I want to eat locally. Nope. Not here. I would come to the resort just to eat, and the staff said that people do that frequently.

After our first amazing meal, we checked out our cabin. I thought we would be staying in the tents, but the weather was just a bit too cool at night still. I was pretty bummed out about missing out on those, but the cabins were nothing to scoff at. And by that I mean they were more posh and luxurious than any hotel I’ve ever stayed in.


The décor was certainly rustic, but the cabins were not lacking in amenities. We were spoiled, that’s for sure.


I mean, we even had a car. My friend Aubrie had mentioned that on the website that they included “personal car” as one of the amenities. Like, right after hair dryer. So funny, but so freaking exciting. PAWS UP, y’all. Oh, and whether or not you should have straight or bent fingers was highly debated all weekend. I went with bent, because I’m obviously a ferocious animal with sharp, destructive claws. And I clearly put too much thought into it.


The Skinny Cow “fairies” left us all kinds of fun surprises in our rooms. Robes, slippers, pullovers, hats, lunch totes, picnic blankets, plastic wine tumblers, and all kinds of cute little goodies were scattered all over the cabin.

063 050

I have to say, though, that the best part was the unlimited supply of Skinny Cow candy and ice cream.


We put a hurtin’ on our stash pretty quickly. I know it sounds like all we did was sit in our beautiful cabin and eat amazing food, but I swear we got up and moved around. One of the most incredible parts of the whole glamping experience was all of the possible activities. We did our best to squeeze in as much as possible. We went on a run, rode ATVs, hiked up a rock, went geocaching, relaxed in the hot tub, got massages, and spent time exploring at every possible opportunity.

077photo 1(9)

One of the areas we explored was the campsite where the winners of the #GirlsGoneGlamping sweepstakes will be staying. We posed a lot and pretended to be them. No big deal. Yes, that’s a tub in a tent. I’ll let that just soak in. <- See what I did there.


But really y’all, you need to enter to win this. I cannot stress enough how sweet these tents are. Let’s be real, I’ve said this before but they are nicer than my house.


The campsite we toured also included a gorgeous outdoor dining area right off of the water.


Next to the dining area was a fire pit and what I can only assume was the campsite time out chair. I cracked up when I saw it. I just imagined getting sent there to think about my choices after too many Huckleberry Hounds, my favorite drink at the resort.


The final night of the trip, we ate dinner out in that dining area. It was the perfect way to end the experience. We had great food, great drinks, and great company.


We ate with Courtney and Chelsey, and we were in tears from laughing so hard. In fact, we spent a lot of time with them throughout the weekend and I have to say they are my new favorite people. We’re totally best friends, but they just don’t know it yet.


I really did enjoy meeting every single person that we met, including our fellow “glampers”, the Glam and Skinny Cow team, and the Paws Up staff. I have not been around a more fun and inviting group in my life!


Y’all this is getting long, huh? How bout I just quit rambling and tell you how to win this experience for yourself?

girls gone glamping

Here’s how to win a glamping adventure of your very own:

  1. Pick up your favorite Skinny Cow Ice Cream or Candy. Enjoy it.
  2. Find your individual code to be entered on
  3. Enter to win one of the grand prizes (with drawings every two weeks) and also find out instantly if you’ve won of the adorable glamping gifts!

That’s it! You’ll already be wanting to dive into some ice cream or candy this summer, so why not eat the kind that’s better tasting, better for you, and could possible win you a dream vacation? Exactly.

“You can truly have it all with Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Candy – incredibly delicious and indulgent yet ridiculously sensible! This summer, Skinny Cow is inspiring our girlfriends everywhere to have it all again by going glamping! Think camping with all the glamorous resort frills – bubble baths, candlelight dinners, feather pillows and so much more. Skinny Cow’s Girls Gone Glamping Sweepstakes is taking 9 lucky winners and their besties on the glamping getaway of a lifetime!”

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Skinny Cow via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skinny Cow.


    • Presley says

      Bent for the WIN! ;) I hope you get to go on an amaaaazing trip soon. You should enter to win this one. I mean, someone has to be the lucky one, right?

  1. says

    Looks like an amazing time!!
    I have been entering religiously and still no prizes…not even one…
    But the hubs and I have been enjoying some yummy treats ;) So I guess that is a prize all on its own!
    Esther recently posted..Foamthing new!My Profile


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