I Sound Ridiculous + Three Miles That Weren’t

Y’all, I sound like a complete freak right now. It’s a fun mix between 80 year old man and 12 year old boy. It’s deep and scratchy with random squeaks comically placed throughout. It’s really fun to answer the phone right now. I was supposed to run three easy miles tonight, but my head feels about as heavy as a lead elephant. That’s totally a thing, probably.

Instead of complaining about how my sweet, precious students repeatedly get me sick, I’ll just show you a picture of Maddux with a goat.


They were at the restaurant we ate at last night. Who doesn’t love random goat encounters? If that’s not enough cuteness, how about a cowboy elf with a miniature recliner? I know. It’s amazing. It’s at my parents’ house and I think we need one at our house, too.

wild man

To top off the best night ever, we watched Christmas Vacation while I didn’t run. Notice a trend here? I started feeling less than stellar yesterday afternoon and it didn’t get any better. I kind of wish I would have run yesterday feeling a little bit sick instead of skipping both days. Oh well.

christmas vacation

Oh, and just because I’m extremely proud, this is what we did in 4k today. Beginning letter sounds! Yes, this is the excitement that is my life. Jealous?

pre k

Well, I’m about to turn on Netflix, pass out, and probably mouth-breathe all night. I’m wild. I’m supposed to run 12 miles tomorrow. I sincerely want to give it a shot. I know that technically if it’s “above the neck” you can run, but I am what people like to call a huge wuss. We’ll see how it goes. I love how I was just talking about forcing myself to work harder and here I am taking a break. I’m hilarious.

Hope y’all have a great weekend! We have a Dirty Santa party to go to, so I’m all kinds of excited. I hope there are a bunch of super weird gifts because that would make my night.

Question: How sick do you have to be before you call off a workout? I pretty much sneeze once and throw in the towel. ;)


  1. says

    I really just can’t get over that photo of Maddux in his PJ’s and cowboy hat – TOO CUTE!

    Sorry you’re not feeling well! It’s never fun. I typically just go with what I’m feeling. If my body feels strong, but I just have a head cold, then I’ll typically go with my workout. But a lot of the times when I have a cold, my body feels like crap too so then I just skip it. I’m a wimp too. ;)
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    • Presley says

      Crashing and burning is no good! I feel like EVERYONE needs footie pajamas and a cowboy hat. I think the world would be a better place, haha.

    • Presley says

      I probably should have done that but I just did ten sloooow miles while watching a movie. Probably walking to most people. ;)


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