Speedwork + Switching Plans

This afternoon’s faculty meeting was canceled, which means I was able to run first thing after work. Most of the time, I’d have to rush to the babysitter’s house, head home, make dinner, and wait until Maddux went to bed. Having the afternoon free was absolutely mind-blowing. I almost didn’t even run, because I just wanted to sit on the couch forever. I decided getting my run over with would be a little more productive, though.

Speedwork was on the plan for today. I ran a .75 mile warm up, 1600 m at below half marathon-goal pace, an 800 m jog, another 1600 m at below goal pace, and then a .75 mile cool down. Not painful, but not super easy either. I played with the incline the whole time because treadmills are the most boring things on the planet. I’m still trying to convince Ryne we need a very small TV in the gym. My Christmas present, maybe?


Speaking of half-marathon training, I finally truly decided on a plan. I was going to incorporate parts of a Hal Higdon plan into a Runner’s World plan. In the end, though, I like the Runner’s World plan more. It’s just more detailed, and that helps me since I’m not good with calculating paces and organizing things like my own tempo runs. I’m lazy and/or not smart enough for right now. It also has a projected finish time for me that’s under 2 hours, which means I’d PR. My slow legs want to do that pretty badly.

half marathon training plan

PS: as I type this, I am eating a gift from above. By above, I mean Chicago. I don’t know if a Chicagoan actually invented this mix, but if so, I need to move there.

chicago mix popcorn

I’ve only been twice, but man, I didn’t see this while I was there. Kinda bitter about it. Where is Chicago hiding the Willy Wonka style factory where they create buttery caramel and rich cheddar cheese corn? I’m imagining something this magical would be created in such a way.

I digress.

Training is going well, ya’ll. I don’t want to be too sure of myself, but I really think I’ll get my sub-2. I’m hoping to shave a few seconds (dare I say minutes?) off below that as well. Cross your fingers for me on January 18, okay? Any of y’all training for a race, too? If so, I’ll cross my fingers and toes for you. Because I’m real like that.


  1. Danielle says

    I’m training for a 12k on December 7th. It will be the furtherest I’ve ever run! You can totally do it. My fingers are crossed for you!

  2. says

    I really like those RW plans too. You’re gonna nail the sub-2, no sweat. And you toootally need a TV in your gym–I feel super spoiled having one but it is AWEsome. (I actually really want a DVR for it, too, but that’s just too embarrassing. You have to draw the line somewhere, or I’d have a private masseuse living down there too.)
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    • Presley says

      So far, I LOVE IT. I just really like how they give you very specific details (like pace). For a free plan, I think it’s one of the best I’ve found. Only time will tell if it actually “works” for me, though!


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