Toddler Trots: My New Favorite Thing

Happy Thanksgiving! This was, by far, the best one I’ve ever had. So much good food, so much fun, and so much adorableness. I think I might have overdosed on smiling. Like, legitimately.

This morning, I ended up signing up last minute for a local Turkey Trot. I regretted the decision when I first arrived, but I ended up having a perfect race. Then Ryne and Maddux came down for the Toddler Trot. Best decision ever.

toddler trot

turkey trot and toddler trot

Maddux had a freaking blast. He came in dead last, thanks to some impromptu dog petting during his first “lap”. We are still proud. I swear to you I don’t know how I’m going to handle it if he ends up playing sports. I used to hate those overbearing, overly proud parents, but I think I’m going to be one of them. He is awesome.

After Maddux’s race, they announced the winners of the 5k. I ended up placing 2nd in the female division. My official time was 23:47. Y’ALL! I finally broke 24 minutes. 22, you’re next. ;) But seriously, I feel like I’ve been wanting this for so long, and then I randomly achieve it on a spur of the moment race in the freezing cold. I don’t do cold, by the way. Just goes to show that you can never anticipate what will happen come race day.


In unrelated news, the only thing I noticed in the above picture was that one of my socks was pulled up higher than the other. OCD much? Anyway, the following pictures aren’t much better. I received a trophy and Maddux received a ribbon. Can I just say that I am so in love with how much work the ladies behind this race obviously put into it. Labor of love, folks. Oh, and I’ve also taught Maddux how to be unprepared for photos. I look like a damn fool (thanks, Ryne!) and Maddux has food on his face (I’ll take the blame on that one). We are embarrassing.twins

I don’t know why I make the worst faces I can think of when the camera pops out, but it’s in my nature. I think I’ve passed it down to Maddux. Poor kid.

So, I swear I was going to keep discussing our Thanksgiving Day in this post, but Ryne is telling me I need to get off of the computer to watch some ghost movie or something. Priorities, y’all. Hope you had a great day, too! Let me know if you raced and how it went. :)

See ya tomorrow when we’re all hungover on mac n cheese.


  1. Brittany says

    Pretty sure I saw you in Kroger today. Didn’t want to do the omg is that you thing though….happy thanksgiving!


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