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Toddler Trots: My New Favorite Thing

Happy Thanksgiving! This was, by far, the best one I’ve ever had. So much good food, so much fun, and so much adorableness. I think I might have overdosed on smiling. Like, legitimately.

This morning, I ended up signing up last minute for a local Turkey Trot. I regretted the decision when I first arrived, but I ended up having a perfect race. Then Ryne and Maddux came down for the Toddler Trot. Best decision ever.

toddler trot

turkey trot and toddler trot

Maddux had a freaking blast. He came in dead last, thanks to some impromptu dog petting during his first “lap”. We are still proud. I swear to you I don’t know how I’m going to handle it if he ends up playing sports. I used to hate those overbearing, overly proud parents, but I think I’m going to be one of them. He is awesome.

After Maddux’s race, they announced the winners of the 5k. I ended up placing 2nd in the female division. My official time was 23:47. Y’ALL! I finally broke 24 minutes. 22, you’re next. ;) But seriously, I feel like I’ve been wanting this for so long, and then I randomly achieve it on a spur of the moment race in the freezing cold. I don’t do cold, by the way. Just goes to show that you can never anticipate what will happen come race day.


In unrelated news, the only thing I noticed in the above picture was that one of my socks was pulled up higher than the other. OCD much? Anyway, the following pictures aren’t much better. I received a trophy and Maddux received a ribbon. Can I just say that I am so in love with how much work the ladies behind this race obviously put into it. Labor of love, folks. Oh, and I’ve also taught Maddux how to be unprepared for photos. I look like a damn fool (thanks, Ryne!) and Maddux has food on his face (I’ll take the blame on that one). We are embarrassing.twins

I don’t know why I make the worst faces I can think of when the camera pops out, but it’s in my nature. I think I’ve passed it down to Maddux. Poor kid.

So, I swear I was going to keep discussing our Thanksgiving Day in this post, but Ryne is telling me I need to get off of the computer to watch some ghost movie or something. Priorities, y’all. Hope you had a great day, too! Let me know if you raced and how it went. :)

See ya tomorrow when we’re all hungover on mac n cheese.

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28 Responses to Toddler Trots: My New Favorite Thing

  1. Awesome job on the 5k!! That is a GREAT time!! Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving!

    That video of Maddux is probably the greatest thing I have seen all day! :) So cute!
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun recently posted..Happy Thanksgiving!My Profile

  2. Congrats on your PR! A toddler trot sounds adorable — I wish our local turkey trot included one.
    Kristin @ W [H] A T C H recently posted..THANKSGIVINGMy Profile

  3. Excellent time on the 5K! Congrats girlfriend!! We’re gonna rock this 1/2.
    christina recently posted..The Friday Five 11.29.13My Profile

  4. Quite possibly the cutest video I’ve ever seen! Love how he’s giggling the whole time! Congrats on your placement!! That’s awesome! Unexpected PRs are the best!
    Kaila @healthyhelperblog! recently posted..Thanksgiving Day 2013My Profile

  5. Congrats on the great time!!! I love running random races. The pressure is off, so you can really just see where you are fitness-wise. Pumped for you!
    Alexis T recently posted..Thankful: A Thanksgiving RecapMy Profile

  6. He is so cute!

  7. Great job in your race!! That’s awesome!

    And I can’t even handle the cuteness in that video. The giggles kill me!
    Courtney @ Don’t Blink. Just Run. recently posted..Let’s Talk Jellybeans, or What Are You Going To Do Today?My Profile

  8. Good work on the second place!! And that is the cutest video ever! He’s so happy running!!!

  9. Congrats on your PR! No race for us, but I did manage to sneak in a nice 8 mile run – it was amazing. I love running on Thanksgiving, I feel like it’s the best day of the year to run:)
    Courtney @ Our Latte Love recently posted..Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

  10. Pretty sure I saw you in Kroger today. Didn’t want to do the omg is that you thing though….happy thanksgiving!

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  12. Wow great time for your 5K! That is awesome. Maddox is so cute running and laughing at the same time. I wish I was able to run and laugh but mostly I think I am running and grunting :) from pain!
    Melissa@ My Peach Life recently posted..Miles of ThankfulnessMy Profile

  13. I would love to place for a 5K. I have way to many dream crushing thoughts in my head lately. I need to correct that!! The vid of Maddux is so cute. Tell Nia to hurry up and walk already!!!
    char eats greens recently posted..five things friday!My Profile

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  15. You’re a beast!!! Dang! Congrats!! The video’s not loading for me but I bet Maddux is insanely cute. Way to start him young!
    Kim @ healthy nest recently posted..Thanksgiving scenesMy Profile

  16. […] sound like the worst day of my life. I will definitely be running it again next year. Just like the Thanksgiving race, I’m hoping to make this one a tradition. Both of them are fun and support great causes, […]

  17. […] in both the half and 5k. <-Yes and yes. Although barely. I think I’ll blow those times out of the water in 2014.Wishful […]

  18. […] sound like the worst day of my life. I will definitely be running it again next year. Just like the Thanksgiving race, I’m hoping to make this one a tradition. Both of them are fun and support great causes, […]

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