Wednesday Rambles

This is kind of like Thursday Thoughts, only it’s not Thursday and I can’t guarantee that I’ll be forming coherent thoughts. By the way, thank you to everyone who reached out after my last post! My mom’s surgery went well and she’s looking super fly, so I think that’s a good sign. She’s now gearing up for chemo and radiation, which is what I like to refer to as the one-two cancer punch.

Anyway, here are my half-thoughts-half-rambles. It’s all I have the brain power for right now.

1.) Sometimes coffee mugs just say it all, don’t they? I feel like, all things considered, I’ve pretty much nailed it this week. Well, I did get lost driving to my CPR class yesterday, arrive late, and then realize that I was actually just shy of about 24 hours early. Maybe I don’t deserve to have this mug after all.

like a boss

2.) Am I the only one that should absolutely just stay in bed when I’m preoccupied with a million thoughts? I put trash in the sink and a dish in the trash, I don’t even want to get into all the things I’ve spilled or dropped, and I clearly started getting my days confused. This is troubling.

3.) Back to that CPR class. I didn’t realize it was going to be five hours long. I ate breakfast beforehand and grabbed a snack from the vending machine during class, but I still could have eaten this rubber dummy if we had been in there much longer. I’m just saying. That should have been in the course description. On the plus side, I am now prepared to save lives but only if you aren’t bleeding. No amount of training will make me not faint.


4.) I only have a few days left to study for my NASM test. I’m laughing thinking about it because I have been doing worse when it comes to studying this past week than I have the entire time I’ve known about the test. I hope I can pull it together. I have actually been working out some this week, so hopefully that’s totally the same thing as studying to help people work out. I realize it’s not, but I’m just trying to soothe myself.

5.) This week also marked my baby’s first week of actual daycare. Monday morning he was so excited to go to “skoo”. He wore his backpack, picked out his “boo shoos” to wear, and clapped his little hands the whole way there. Now when I ask him if we wants to go to school, he looks at me like I’m an idiot. I guess the novelty wore off. He’s only two and he hates school. I can’t wait until he’s a teenager.


Coincidentally, that is the same exact face I’m making right now thinking about how much of a mess I am. Tomorrow, I’m coming for you. I just have to figure out what day you actually are first.


  1. Alycia says

    Glad to hear Mom is doing well! Cancer is a beotch. Here’s to kicking it’s butt!

    Must be something about this week. I am a freaking mess. When you figure out what tomorrow is, please share! :)

  2. Nicole says

    Tell your Mom to kick that cancer’s ass! (Or whatever is appropriate to say to your Mom. ;) )

    Hang in there girlie! One day at a time, one hour at a time. You are strong!

  3. says

    I’m a fainter too! It eliminated a lot of job choices early on, so that kind of made decision making easier. I bet you’re fine for studying,too. Cramming in the last week doesn’t matter as much as time you’ve put in before, so it’ll all work out.
    Alexis Teevens recently posted..Summer Running…Having a BlastMy Profile

    • Presley says

      Ha! It totally narrowed my choices when it came to careers, too. And teaching little kids is STILL pushing it some days (hello, puke).

  4. says

    Good Luck to your Mom! My boys go through phases with school. Preschool was a chore but once my oldest got into Kindergarten he was fine and now he’s going into 2nd grade and LOVES it. My youngest on the other hand keeps telling everyone he’s going to Kindergarten in the fall when really he has another year of preschool! Darn those January Birthdays!

    • Presley says

      The test was NOT BAD! But definitely know each muscle’s concentric action. If you KNOW those, you’ll be fine.


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