Weight Plate Workout

Nothing like logging on to the ol’ blog to post a workout when you haven’t worked out, am I right? Yeah, that means I’m taking yet another “rest” day today. Which really just means I ate too much hibachi rice and need to go sleep it off. Am I the only one who can barely function after eating that much? I swear there is no such thing as portion control in circumstances involving food cooked on those huge grills. This is actually starting to get a little embarrassing, because I definitely didn’t mean to get on here and write a paragraph about my dinner. Whoops. What can I say? I get sidetracked easily.

Anyway, I completed a fun weight plate circuit about a week ago. See? I actually work out sometimes, y’all. This one was a keeper, so I should probably attempt it again soon.

weight plate workout


For the pictures, I used a 10lb plate. For the actual workout, I switched between that and a 25lb plate depending on the muscles worked. My shoulders and triceps are just not prepared for more than the 10, because I’m a huge wimp. It didn’t help that I was sweating so bad that I could barely grip it. You’ll see my insane hand placement in the pictures. I make myself so proud sometimes, you guys. ;) And since I’m already making fun of myself, I might as well add on that I’m no braniac MD. You should check with your doc before switching up your routine too drastically!


weight plate workout


Now for a breakdown of the moves:

Overhead Lunges: Stand with your feet together holding the plate in front of you with both hands. Lift the plate overhead and step your right foot forward into the lunge. Push through your right foot to return to standing. Repeat for a total of 20 lunges, alternating legs as you go.

Push Ups: Complete 10 push ups, making sure your chest meets the plate on the way down. You can complete them on your knees if you need to, like I usually do after the regular ones start making me cry.

Single Leg Deadlifts: Stand with your feet together holding the plate in front of you with both hands. With your left leg slightly bent, begin lifting your right leg behind you. As you lift your leg, bend forward at the hips and lower the plate toward the floor. Return to standing while contracting your glutes and pushing your hips forward. Do that 10 times per leg. Complete them without the weight if you need to practice balancing.

Overhead Tricep Presses: Lift the plate above your head with both hands. Bend at the elbows to lower the weight behind your head. Make sure you keep your elbows close to your head and your core engaged. Press the weight plate back overhead by straightening your arms again.

Squats with Bicep Curls: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding the plate in front of you. Bend your knees and shift your hips back to lower into a squat. While in the squat position, complete a bicep curl. Return to standing and then repeat for a total of 10 squats and curls.

After putting this post together, I realize that I’m actually excited to find some time to work out tomorrow after work. Let’s see if that excitement lasts, though. I am really struggling with the fact that I can’t just do stuff whenever I want anymore. Summer break is such a tease. You should all yell at me on Twitter tomorrow to make me get it done, okay? I’m serious. I’d do it for you!


  1. says

    Ooooh good idea! I have weight plates downstairs in the basement too! This is one of the last weeks I can add new stuff to my workouts before it gets too close to Chicago. This would be handy to do while we move as I don’t need much for it!
    Tina Muir recently posted..The Big RevelationMy Profile

  2. Steven J Price says

    Hi Presley, thanks for sharing this weight plate workout. I’ll definitely share this with my wife. She gave birth six months ago and she told me she wants to go back to the the gym. But I told her to do some exercises at home first. She’s so conscious about her body.


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