Well, That Worked Out

Remember how I said I was taking today off from work? I’m glad that was the case already, because ol’ Maddux decided he didn’t want to sleep last night. From about 1 am until 4 am, we watched movies, drank milk, and cried a little. Well, the crying was mostly me but you probably already knew that. He ended up sleeping from 4 am to 8 am, so we were running off of very little steam today. We were both also a little grumpy.

The only cure for that was to bake cookies, obviously. It worked for about 30 minutes before we were both over it.

christmas cookies

Fun fact: it is extremely hard to decorate cookies with a toddler. I held him while doing a few of these and I bet you can tell which ones. The droopy looking ornaments on the tree are my favorite. I’m pretty sure I have a future in cookie design. PS: when you mess up your designs, just make them tie dye instead.

christmas cookies

Anyway, I’ve had a headache all day. Look at me, whining on the blog again. I’m not sure if it was from lack of sleep (a likely culprit), too little coffee (because, obviously, it wasn’t from too much coffee), or the amount of cookies I consumed (which was necessary for quality assurance purposes).

So, all of that was just to basically explain why I’m not posting anything tonight. I have a few half written posts that I am probably going to stare at for about five minutes before I call it a night. If you just can’t stand the thought of missing out on any of my asinine ramblings, you can read my guest post on Kim’s blog. Spoiler alert: I use the words douchey, ass, and hell. I know, I am such a rebel.

Have a great Tuesday! Hopefully I’ll be coming back tomorrow talking about how much amazing sleep we got tonight. I have some speed work to do tomorrow, so I’ll need all the help I can get. ;)


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    Broken sleep is the culprit to LIFE!!! Whenever Nia has rough nights, I feel like I was hit by a truck the next morning! Which makes me think I should head to bed now just in case I’m reawakened shortly…


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