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WIAW: My Comfort Food

Happy Wednesday, or as I like to call it: day two of my summer vacation! It’s been a while since I typed up a WIAW post, but what better time is there than the present to hop back on board? I actually managed to take a picture of all my eats yesterday (although some were taken with my phone… oh well). It’s easy to spend time photographing your meals when you have absolutely nothing else to do. Well, that’s a lie, I had things I could have done. I just didn’t do them. Maybe today? Or tomorrow? I know I’m probably just being lazy, but I really want to enjoy these last few weeks before the baby arrives! Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting!


I woke up yesterday in total celebration/relaxation mode. There was nothing I wanted more than a big plate of french toast! I topped my toast with melted peanut butter and white chocolate chips. I added a bit of syrup after I snapped a picture, too. I mean, I was indulging… might as well go all the way! I also ate a side of fresh fruit, so I think that evens it up. Food math. It’s real.


berry juicy

A few hours later I wanted a snack, but I still felt pretty “full” from breakfast. Juice for the win! I had a big glass of Naked Juice Berry Blast. Tastes much better out of a real glass than the plastic bottle. Plus, it was a good excuse to eat crushed ice. ;)


Apparently the theme of yesterday was carbs. I was craving a grilled cheese once lunch time rolled around. Mine included jalapeno white cheddar cheese, havarti cheese, tomatoes, and grilled onions. It was ridiculously good. I also had a small (I love my tiny bowls!) of tomato bisque. It was gloomy yesterday, and this was the perfect rainy day meal.


Ryne and I went to my Memaw’s for dinner. She had meatloaf, tilapia, shrimp, fried squash, potatoes, corn, and salad. So much food! I had everything but meatloaf and fish, which I’m sure you can tell from the photo. However, I’m pretty sure Ryne had a little bit of everything. We both noticed that when we walked up to her house it smelled like a restaurant. She had options for everyone!


After dinner, I “sampled” a little bit of all of the (apparently very blurry) sweets at my grandma’s. When in Rome, right? I had half a donut, a slice of cinnamon sugar cake, and a scoop of cookies and creme ice cream.

Yesterday was definitely a day of comfort foods, but I did also workout so it’s all good. My first day of summer vacation wasn’t too shabby. Hopefully today will be sunny, because I desperately want to go to the pool! I’ve got my fingers crossed. What do y’all have planned for today?

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19 Responses to WIAW: My Comfort Food

  1. that toast sounds so delicious, and your grilled cheese made my mouth water! i’ve been craving grilled cheese lately too… maybe i’ll have to pick up some nice cheese (i’m thinking st. andre brie) at work tomorrow and have one ASAP!

  2. that grilled cheese sounds amazing!

  3. Prego’s must think alike– I bought sourdough bread the other day to have grilled cheeses tonight for dinner, but yours looks wayyyy more fancier than anything I’ll come up with, haha! And that french toast…amazing!

    PS Happy to see that you’re still working out, you’re 10 weeks ahead of me and it’s a good source of inspiration to keep going!

  4. So jealous of your eats – looks like a great food-day! :)

  5. That grilled cheese looks phenomenal. Looks like grilled cheese made for a grownup :)

  6. you can’t go wrong with carbs and comfort food! :) and strong work at still getting your exercise in! i’m sure it’s not always easy this far along!

  7. Now that’s my kind of French toast! :D

  8. That dinner pic looks fantastic! Makin’ me hungry for a late lunch… part II :)

  9. you eat all my favorite foods :D
    so glad i found your blog! haha. Seriously that french toast is calling my name.

  10. All of your food looks so good, but I really want to make that French toast!

  11. Yum to that grilled cheese…awesome ideas to put in it!

    Gawd, I want a donut, but since most of them have milk and eggs, I’m SOL. I ned to find a good donut that doesn’t have those ingredients.

    Now I’m incredibly hungry…and I just had some cereal. Time to carb-up for me! haha

  12. I love making super grilled cheese! Cheese + bread = pretty good, but add in some veggies, a variety of cheeses, or even some bacon and wow, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it :)

  13. Oh I’m a HUGE crushed ice eater too! I literally beg my friends to go to this particular Mexican restaurant in Miami because of their crushed ice. It’s so soft there!

  14. The french toast looks delicious!:)

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